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      Saturday, August 19, 2006

06:58 PM - 08/19/2006

The topic: Well, it’s back up


But I have no idea why.  I did change out the old card to a new one I had on hand from a couple of years ago (which I found out is no longer supported).  I reinstalled the win98SE software.  I changed out the ethernet cable to the modem. 

It didn’t help that our internet also went out while I was working on the old computer.  I thought I broke things good.  But I could still access the laptop and Brian’s computer, so I knew the router was working as it should.

Whew, what a day.

And to make matters worse, the people behind us were playing the same fricking CD they were playing last weekend at a very high volume.  It was a warm day and it made me absolutely miserable to have to shut the house up so I could think.  Those people are at least my age, they should know better.

Anyway, we think someone went over and said something to them (or her) shortly before four this afternoon.  Because the volume came down, then it was just turned off. 

Then we went shopping.

When we came home,  I started working on the old computer again and was thrilled on one of the reboots when one of the programs activated.  That meant I was accessing the internet.

Then I had to find out why the new computer would not burn to a CD.  I did a system restore to the beginning of the month and it still didn’t work.  I found out in WMP that there’s actually a place to allow the drive to burn to a CD.  How that got changed in all three burners is a mystery.

But we be back!

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10:33 AM - 08/19/2006

The topic: Bad tech day


I have no connection to the internet on the Gateway.  The Gateway runs three of the webcams.

I don’t know why this is happening.  I’m working on it.  If it turns out to be the card is bad, I’ve got a new one. 


I didn’t need this.

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