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      Thursday, August 10, 2006

11:04 AM - 08/10/2006

The topic: I just dropped Bart off at the vet’s


I was finally settling in to have my first morning cup of coffee when he came stumbling into the living room.  I mean stumbling.  He seemed very disoriented and was having a hard time keeping his balance.

I grabbed him up and held him and he just held on to my shoulder, purring.  I called the vet, said I’d like to bring him in.  I did.

Please, say a prayer this is nothing serious. 

A Little Bit Later

Of course, I come home, do a websearch for “cat suddenly disoriented” and find it might be “Feline vestibular disease” which comes on quickly and leaves quickly.

Remember, that’s what we thought Annie had at first.  *sigh*

And He’s Home

Vet didn’t find anything awful with him, said it was probably the vestibular disease.  Since Bart isn’t doing badly, we now just wait for it to resolve itself.  He said that some vets prescribe Dramamine when it’s really bad and the kitty can’t eat, but Bart isn’t that bad.

So, we dodged something there.

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