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      Friday, March 03, 2006

03:24 PM - 03/03/2006
The current weather is raining

The topic: Memories


This weather brings back memories of DeeJay. 

DeeJay hated the rain.  And he would bitch about it.  When he wanted to go outside, he made it clear that he wasn’t happy with the precipitation.

He’d go to one door (there are three leading to the backyard), usually the door in the laundry room.  This door used to have a catdoor in it.  He’d open it part way, see that it was wet outside, then start grumping about it.  You know that cat growly, whiny noise they make, the one that lets you know without a doubt that the turn of events isn’t a pleasing one.

He’d come back inside, then go to one of the sliding doors, where he’d yowl until someone opened the door.  He’d look out and see that same damned precipitation.  Once again, he’d let us know he wasn’t happy.  Then he’d go to door number three.  Same thing.  Sometimes he’d venture out the garage catdoor with the same resulting grouching at us, as if it was our fault.

As smart as the cats sometimes are, sometimes they aren’t very.  DeeJay and the rain and the doors was one of those times when it was so obvious that kitty cats don’t process data the way we humans do.  DeeJay just never understood it, why every door led to rain.

I sure miss him.

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02:18 PM - 03/03/2006
I'm listening to the soundtrack to the movie "Dave"

The topic: Bad morning


Annie had a very restless morning.  She spent the majority of the morning outside, which didn’t excite me.  I kept worrying about her getting too close to the pool and losing her footing. 

She did end up down by the pool.  I brought her in the first time, but she went back out and didn’t do anything but watch.  She drank some water from one of the drains down there and then just sat there, facing the sun, eyes closed.  She looked peaceful, so I just let her be.

She finally came inside a little before noon. She’d been outside almost four hours.

I think her bladder infection is back.  This is what happened before she was diagnosed and although amoxicillan helped her while she was taking it, when she was off of it for a few days, her problems started back up again. And that’s why she had been on amitriptyline.  But the doc said amoxi, so that’s what I’m giving her.  I started her back on it last night after she exhibited some of the symptoms I’ve come to connect with her bladder problems.

I gave her fluids mid morning and I guess they’re helping, because when she came in, she ate a little bit, then she finally laid down and she’s sleeping right now.

Poor little thing.

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