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      Monday, March 06, 2006

10:52 AM - 03/06/2006

The topic: Warranties


Okay, last year I found out one of the speakers in our television wasn’t working.   When we bought the television, we also got the extended five year warranty to go with it.  The TV got fixed and it didn’t cost us anything.

Well, last month, the remote sensor went out.  The guy came out, looked at the television “we’ll order the part, let you know when it comes in and make an appointment to fix it”.  Okay.

Since the majority of our television watching is done via the satellite receiver, the only times this is a bother is when we have to turn the television on or off.  Oh, and set the volume if we’re watching a DVD or local television (which also gives us another opportunity to get off of our couch potato butts and change the channel).

I got the call last week, the part was in, they could come out this morning and fix it.  We didn’t go walking because we had to get the set ready.  I had to pull down all of the DVDs off of it and Brian had to get it away from the wall.  He vacuumed all of the dust from behind the entertainment center and wiped down the back of the tv set.

Brian leaves for work, I wait. The guy shows up, unhooks everything from the back, takes the back off the television off and finds where the new sensor goes.  It won’t go.  The old sensor was a two pronged part.  The new sensor is a three pronged part.  The television only takes two prongs.  He calls the office, tells them the problem.  Yes, the set is the one on the sheet.  He’s told that the old part had been “upgraded” to a new part.  But that “upgraded” part will not work in our set.

“So, if they can’t replace the sensor, does that mean we get a new television?” I ask the repairman.  He looks at me.  He didn’t know.   I figure it’s a valid question.  I call Brian to let him know the guy is almost finished.  He said he’d come home after changing the oil in the worktruck.  I told him the problem.  He asked me “So, if they can’t replace the sensor, does that mean we get a new television?”  

I laughed.  Great minds, you know.

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10:43 AM - 03/06/2006

The topic: Stuff Handsome eats


We went shopping yesterday afternoon and had a fairly late lunch at the new Roadhouse Grill in Santee.  I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad and Brian had a cheeseburger, fries and a side salad.  They also serve peanuts in the shell and you’re supposed to just toss the shells on the floor.  Yeah, right. 

Anyway, we weren’t all that hungry at dinnertime, so I made some of the TGIF appetizers I had in the freezer.  The chicken quesadillas and the potato skins.  While the oven was pre-heating, I got out a cookie sheet, one of those Airbake ones, the kind with no lips on the side.  And, as I found out, also easy for snatching.

I set the sheet on the stove and left the room.  I heard a noise and came back to see this:

Handsome chowing down on one of the frozen potato skins.  Maybe it felt good on his teeth and was yummy to boot.

This morning, we also found out that Handsome likes orange juice. 

*lol*  Crazy cat.


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