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      Thursday, March 23, 2006

09:37 AM - 03/23/2006

The topic: Springtime


It’s 9:40 and the temp outside is a comfortable 67°. 

I think this year I’ll spend more time outside than in.  I went outside and sat on the wood by the doghouse on the bank and ate a Clementime orange and just listened, looked and breathed in the scent of spring.

I’m ready.  I’m so ready to be outdoors.  Once upon a time I spent every minute I could outside, but somewhere along the line, I moved in. 

I like it better out.  It’s nice out there.

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08:02 AM - 03/23/2006

The topic: Kitty cat updates


Well, Chandler is doing fine.  The Advantage and the worm pill obviously did the trick.  He’s not licking his butt and he’s back to playing and being lovable.  I’m glad that was an easy fix.

Ciara, on the other hand, has some issues best addressed by the vet.  There’s something doing with her ears.  They’re very itchy and when I put a Q-tip in one the other day, some cheesy looking crud was on it.  So, it’s not mites (which would be black crud), but maybe some sort of infection.  Thinking back to her early days here, that worries me a little.

I started giving her amoxi on Tuesday night and when I gave her the pill last night, I noticed how horrible her teeth are.  There’s no question that this little girl needs some dental work.

Then there’s the matter of the rapid moving eyes.  I kind of think she’s done this all along, just not as pronounced as it is now.  Whatever, I’d like the vet to look at this. 

And I’d like him to check out her legs, the ones that had been weak, to see if there’s anything ongoing.

Then we come to her IBD.  I don’t know if IBD ever goes away completely or if she just had the symptoms, but I’ve cut way back on the prednisone she was getting (gradually, though) and she’s pooping nicely and without the interference of the steroid, her cold symptoms have finally gone away.  She’ll most likely need to have a blood test or something to make sure that she can go off of meds.

I’ll call to make an appointment this morning.  I don’t really want to take her today, though, I was gone shopping all day yesterday and I like to have a day to regroup.  *lol*

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07:56 AM - 03/23/2006
We found a penny on our walk this morning
I'm listening to Paul Brown

The topic: Ahhh….


It is so nice to not feel like crap. (No offense, Lair.)

Yesterday was a wonderful day. The first good day I’ve had in months.  The intestinal problems are gone.  I just have to not fall back into the old habit of mindless eating, which shouldn’t be too hard if I make myself recall how terrible I was feeling.  From the bloating and indigestion to the horrible heartburn I was having. 

The sun was out, we had a great walk and life just felt good if you know what I mean.  There was a load off of my shoulders and out of my gut and things were how they should be.

We had another good walk this morning.  I kept yapping the entire time and at times I was pretty breathless (long hill), but I kept up the pace and didn’t pass out.  *lol*  It was a great refreshing walk.  Worked up a sweat.

So, right now, life is good.


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