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      Sunday, April 02, 2006

12:18 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: Daylight Savings Time

I hate it.  I absolutely hate it.  I’ve always hated it. 

Brian told me yesterday morning that he heard on a radio talk show that it was done for retailers.  Because people like to spend money in the daylight.

I always thought it was for the farmers, but like Brian said farmers don’t work by a clock, they work by the sun.

I’m having a hard time moving this morning and it’s not because of lack of sleep, it’s because it’s not what time it’s supposed to be. 

PDT = weeks of dragging for me.

12:22 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: Bladder infections

Ciara isn’t the only one. 

Katie has a bladder infection.  She’s been peeing in front of us and the other morning there was a small amount of urine on my foot stool, with a distinctly pinkish tinge.  I’ve been watching her for the past couple of days and she’s got a bladder infection, no question about it.

I started her on amoxicillan.  I hope I can finish the course, because Katie Boogins does not cotton to being held or touched by humans unless it’s her decision. 


12:25 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: Bedmates

Brian is up at the property this weekend and I’ve got the house to myself.  As well as the bed.  ]

I’m one of those people who has to get up during the night to pee.  It’s usually between midnight and one o’clock.  I’ve always done this, I don’t believe medication would fix it.  I think I do it because when I was a child my father would beat me if I wet the bed (I don’t know what else you’d call getting hit in the butt with a belt multiple times).   So, when I feel I’ve got to go during the night, I get up and go.

Anyway, that feeling woke me up this morning and I was on the edge of the bed.  When I got up I looked at the bed and there were four cats lined up along my body and one cat on the other side of the bed.  The cats lined up where from where my shoulder was down to my ankle.  When I got back into bed, I got into Brian’s side.  Ha!  Fooled them!   Slept until five.  Oh, wait, until six.  I guess I “slept in” this morning. 

Then why am I still so tired?  *yawn*

12:30 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: It’s a really nice day

I took a little nap on the loveseat and when I woke up, I brushed my teeth, made the bed and opened up the house.  I figured the fresh air might revive me.  *yawn*  I’m still so tired. 

Looking out of the office window, I watch the leaves on the tree spinning in the breeze and I can hear them rustle over the sounds of the neighborhood mowing lawns.  I love the way they sound.

The gardener finally showed up around three Friday and he’ll be here with crew on the 10th.  I’ve got to keep the cats inside for this. 

The only area we want done is around the pool.  It’s abundantly clear that I’m not going to maintain it.  And neither is Brian.  Well, this gardener does all the work, then will come by once a month to maintain.  On a schedule.  He won’t just drop by when he’s not busy doing something else. 

Brian doesn’t want him planting anything, he just wants the weeds kept down around the pool.  The gardener told Brian “this grass is hard to get rid of” and Brian said he knew.  If it was easy, don’t you think we’d have kept it down ourselves?  Pulling weedy grass is just something we don’t do.  We get hot on it (as previous entries into the journal would attest), but then we just don’t do the followup.

Maybe this year will be a nice pool year, without all of the weeds.  Since we don’t have to worry about them. 

12:44 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: Ciara

I think the rest is helping her.  She’s walking a little better, but she’s still sleeping a lot. 

She’s got an appetite when I give her wet food, she doesn’t seem all that interested in dry right now.  I haven’t seen her drinking water at all. 

I put a stool by the chair so climbing down from it isn’t so stressful.  Watching her, I noticed she can get up better than get down.  So, it’s hurting her to jar the front part of her body.  Might it be her back?  or is it just the leg?  I don’t know for sure, but chances are pretty good she’s going to TED (the evil doctor) tomorrow.

I wish I’d been more vocal about this when I took her in a couple of weeks ago.

      Monday, April 03, 2006

09:01 AM - 04/03/2006

The topic: Ciara

Ciara continues to get better.  Yesterday afternoon, she went outside and slept in a little catchair for hours.  When I got the cats in for the night, I let her stay out (it was still light outside, damned daylight savings time). for a while.  I kept checking in on her and at one point, she spent close to fifteen minutes grooming herself, spending most of that time cleaning the ear that had the ointment put in it. 

I held her for a while this morning and rubbed her head and face, scratching behind her ears and on her neck. She purred and purring is a healthy thing.  There was an article in the paper a while back (I’ll try to find this online) that said cats who purred got better more quickly than cats who didn’t.  The article said it’s supposed that the low level vibration helps the body recover.  The purring was music to my ears and I did my best to keep her doing it.

She ate about a quarter of a can of AD (nothing wrong with her appetite) and she stretched on the scratching post, maybe working some of the kinks out.  She’s not as active on the post as normal, though. 

Of course, I’m still wondering what might have happened.  It’s possible she tried to jump up on the desk and in her weakened state, slipped and fell onto the floor. Which doesn’t have any carpeting, it’s just cement.  It wouldn’t have been a long fall, but if she did it just right, she could be pretty sore.

I started giving her Arnica on a regular basis thinking it couldn’t hurt and just maybe it would help somewhat. 

But she is improving so I’m going to hold off taking her to the vet at this point.

      Wednesday, April 05, 2006

11:21 AM - 04/05/2006

The topic: Going to the vet tomorrow

I got up this morning around three and checked on Ciara. She wasn’t in the catcam chair, Handsome was in it alone.  I checked throughout the house and finally found her on a cat condo in the garage.  When I got up after four to let the cats out (it was raining), I noticed she’d moved condos. When I got up to open up the house, she’d moved to the old comforters I keep on the floor.  In reality, this was the best place for her, no climbing needed.

She’s looking better, her fur isn’t so scraggly, but she’s still got problems, so I called the vet to make an appointment for her tomorrow.  I don’t know if there’s much they’ll be able to do for her, maybe they can give her something for the pain.

I miss her wandering around the house and rolling over for bellyrubs when she sees you coming.

Plus, if the vet looks at her and takes x-rays, at least I’ll know what the problem is and quit worrying about it so much.

11:26 AM - 04/05/2006
The current weather is rainy

The topic: Rainy mornings

It’s been quite a while since we woke up to the sound of rain.  Usually it’s tapered off by the time we get up. 

This mprning, when I opened up the house, I also turned off the heater (so that would have been before 5:20) and I went back to bed.  I didn’t wake up until after 6:30, which is the longest I’d slept in, in years.  We sleep with the windows slightly open to get some fresh air during the night.  This morning, we also got the sound of the wind in the pines and the sound of the rain.  It was really peaceful. 

I asked Brian if he really had to go to work, since it would have been the perfect morning to stay in bed and sleep, then go out to breakfast. 

He agreed, but he had to work.  We got up a little after seven and started our days.

Now, I don’t know what I want to do.  I don’t feel the urge to do anything, really. 

So, what’s new?

      Thursday, April 06, 2006

12:22 PM - 04/06/2006
We found two dimes and four pennies on our walk this morning

The topic: Ciara

Well, the vet took whole body x-rays.  And he could see nothing obviously wrong, no broken bones or tumors.

So, she’s home and on pain management (metacam) for now.  He asked if it was more lameness or pain and I had to go with pain.  Like I said before, her breathing is a little faster and she’s not sleeping well (when I look at the archived catcam pictures, she’s very restless).

Hopefully, she’ll be back in form by the end of the month.

Poor little girl.

      Friday, April 07, 2006

02:18 PM - 04/07/2006

The topic: Ciara

She’s doing so much better! 

She was up and around last night after getting some metacam in the late afternoon.  She climbed up on the desk and she wanted to be held, being as squirmy as she usually is!  This morning, she came into the bedroom and family room and only limped a little.

I watched her sleeping in the chair late this morning and her breathing was much, much better.  I was doing the “one Mississippi, two Mississippi” as I watched her sides and it’s really slowed down.   Now, she looks like the other cats when she’s sleeping.  And she’s closing her eyes when she sleeps, not leaving them half open.

I’ve got all of the webcam pictures being saved and when I was going through them (I have the program I view them with being set to go to the next picture every quarter of a second)  it looked like a little movie and she hardly ever looked completely relaxed.

Today, she was relaxed.  Woohoo!

I called the vet to let them know she’s doing good.

02:23 PM - 04/07/2006

The topic: Some anniversaries this week

One of them sad.  Rusty died on April 2, 2002. 

And then the happy anniversary.  Two years ago on Tuesday, April 4, 2004, Little Bit gave birth to a litter of five kittens under our bedroom window.

We kept Ross and Rachel.  I’ve got some pictures to upload that I took of them this week that I’ll share later.

02:27 PM - 04/07/2006

The topic: Coolamundo for October!

I found out a couple of days ago that they’ve got Mickey’s Halloween Treat going again.  It’s a fun little thing, Brian and I went in the past, then quit going because of time restraints,  then they quit having it.

Well, I guess last year, they tried it again at Disney’s California Adventure.  From what I read, it wasn’t a big thing, more of a testing the waters.  Well, they’re having it again this year and one of the nights we’ll be up there for my birthday.  Brian and I talked about it last night and thought it might be kind of fun to go.  But it costs extra to get in.  What they do is shut down the park, get everybody to leave, do the decorations, then let people who bought tickets in for the night. And it’s the only time that adults can wear costumes to a Disneyland park.  (You can’t leave and go over to Disneyland in costume.)

So, because we thought it would be a different experience for us all, Brian said we could spring for everyone’s tickets.  See, right now, they’re only $19.00 for passholders, when purchased in advance.  And there are a limited number of tickets available, which is nice. 

First I had to make sure I wasn’t alone on the idea of this being fun.  *lol*  I made a bunch of phone calls this morning and found out I wasn’t.  All of the others I spoke with thought it sounded like a great idea.  Then I had to get the tickets.  I made a preliminary list of who might becoming and came up with about twenty plus people.  Problem.  You can only get eight tickets per passport.  I got eight on mine, signed Brian up for the passholder website, purchased eight with his passport. That gave us sixteen.  Then my Anaheim bud, Allyson, said that she would get the other eight. 

If we don’t use them all, we’ll scalp the leftovers in front of the park.  *grin*  (Not really, I think if it becomes obvious that we’ve got more than we need, I’m sure we can find some buyers at one of the Disney forums.) 

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this.  Something new for the group!

02:40 PM - 04/07/2006

The topic: Sleep

Yanno, knowing that Ciara isn’t dying of cancer and that she doesn’t have any broken bones, sure helped my stress level.

I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in months, not without the aid of Excedrin PM, which leaves me feeling a little logey in the morning.  Well, I had a great night’s sleep last night.  Only got up once, my regular toilet trip.  I slept soundly the rest of the night.

It would have been great, but I did something to my knee and it’s pretty painful.  *sigh*  I just know one of these days I’ll feel human all the way again.  I just know it.

      Sunday, April 09, 2006

08:17 AM - 04/09/2006

The topic: Catcam

Look who’s back!

Lisa is back on the catcam chair.  Ciara is almost back to her old self,  and doesn’t want the warmth and comfort of the catcam chair (besides that it’s probably the lowest sweet spot for a kitty cat, much less jumping and climbing to get into it).

Imagine my surprise to see our own Miss Lisa Violet curled up in it this morning.

And Ciara is on the bed right now.

08:19 AM - 04/09/2006

The topic: Projects

Now that I’m sleeping better, which leads to feeling better,  I’m going to get back to work on some of the projects I’ve started.

Of course, there are the income tax forms.  We’ve got the money to pay them now, so I’ll have get printed out today and in the mail tomorrow. That will be a load off.

And I’ve got the DVD from the Disneyland trip last year to make.  I’d like to have that done by the end of this week.  Enough procrastination.

And this week, I’ll finally go live with my little personal auction site.  It’s kinda sorta like eBay, except for the checkout.  The winner will get an email from me with instruction on how to pay.   That will make it more work, but unless it’s a lot more work, I won’t worry about it too much.

I’ve got lots of stuff that I plan on selling.  I’ve got some funny figurines, I’ve got a huge “crazy cat lover” mug, some cat shirts,  cat/small dog baths, cookbooks, an electric cat bed (they don’t have them anymore where I got mine), a cat carrier on wheels,  teeshirts, notecards, Benny’s Finest Kind catnip (there’s some still left, even though it’s not up at the store) and jewelry I’m making.

I would have already started, but I showed the necklaces I’d made on a forum and was asked if there were earrings to go with.  No, I hadn’t even thought of that, but I did think on it and I’m going to try my hand at earrings.  I ordered the parts and I’ll start putting some together today.

Then, I’ll get the auctions up and running.

Here are the necklaces I’ve made so far (the dime is there to give an idea of the size of the beads).  I’m using mostly sterling silver at this point, with lots of Swarovski crystal beads.  Of course, there will be more description on the individual auction pages.


I've got two more laid out, waiting to be strung. I'm pretty excited about this. I hope they sell.

08:56 AM - 04/09/2006

The topic: Stuff Handsome eats

My defrosting dinner, damnit!

Thursday, I took some frozen hamburger out and put it in a sink full of hot water to defrost.  I had to add water every once in a while, but before long, the meat was getting to the point I could put it in the frig.  I was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and I happened to look over to the counter.  A strange noise had caught my attention. 

Chandler was on the counter, his back to me and he was looking down onto the kitchen floor.  The noise was an odd crinkling noise and I got up to investigate. 

And what I found was Handsome working on the bag that had been in the water.  He’d somehow braved the water and retrieved the bag.  But he just couldn’t do the ziplock, so he was pulling it apart with what remains of his teeth.  I chased him, trying to get it away from him and realized I really needed a picture of this.

After I took this picture, I took the baggie away from him, put it in another bag and sealed it and threw it away.

Yeah, I could have been nice and let him have some, but you don’t get rewarded for stealing what was to be our evening meal.

He’s such a goofball.


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      Wednesday, April 12, 2006

10:03 AM - 04/12/2006
The current weather is absolutely beeyooteeful

The topic: The outfronts

Carla is AWOL again.  I haven’t seen her since the beginning of last week, here for food one morning. 

And KittyMeeze is hanging around here during the day (and I think the night).  I haven’t seen him across the street since last week.  I don’t know that this means, but I think it means he doesn’t have access to Carla, wherever she may be. 

Anyway, a couple of months ago, it looked like something nasty was happening to one of KittyMeeze’s eyes.  It started on the bottom, a little redness and the area under the cornea turned cloudy and white.  This progressed over a couple of week’s time and I knew for sure he was going blind in that eye.

Well, the other morning, I looked at it, couldn’t see it very clearly since it was dark outside, I just had the pale green light from the flood that’s pointing out of the entry way.  And it looked like it was getting better.  I got a closer look yesterday and the cloudy whiteness is all gone.  Not a sign that there was anything out of the ordinary with that eye.

It never seemed to hurt him, I never saw him squint or blinking like it bothered him.  But I’m glad it’s gone. 


      Thursday, April 13, 2006

09:54 AM - 04/13/2006

The topic: Overstock.com

Last year, when I started working on the Disney October DVD, I did a search for new to me Disney music.  Found some really nice stuff.  Yeah, I know copyright and all of that, but I give these DVDs to folks who were at the meet and don’t charge anything for them.  I’m sharing the memories.

So, this year, I do the same thing.  Look for music I don’t have.  Found some Japanese imports (apparently, they like their Disney).  I ordered one from Amazon, I got one on eBay and thought I’d ordered one from Overstock.com, for ten dollars less than Amazon had it. 

Yesterday, the final CD got here.  The one from Overtstock.  It is not the one I ordered.  I ordered a CD of Disney song covers.  This one is the Tokyo Disney Sea opening day CD.  Color me disappointed. 

The invoice/packing slip included states this is what I ordered.  Oh, yeah?  I surf on over to the Overstock website, log in to my account.  This invoice does not match my order.  I went to their live chat.  At one point, I was told, that’s what you ordered.  Uh huh, it is NOT what I ordered and what kind of BS was that, that they tried to tell me something like that? 

What the hell is this, the old bait and switch?  I don’t want this CD.  I want the one I ordered.  Then it comes out.  They’re out of stock on the CD I ordered.  Lovely.  You’re out of stock so you just automatically replace it with something that has the same word somewhere in the title?

Anyway, they’re going to refund my money, send me a shipping label to return this one and while I was waiting for the info, I went over to Amazon and bought the CD there.  Let’s hope it doesn’t magically disappear again.

And Overstock.com?  I won’t shop there again.

10:05 AM - 04/13/2006

The topic: Credit cards

You know I’ve been hit by fraud twice this year.  Citibank is right on top of theirs, but I wasn’t having the same luck with my Chase Disney card.

I initially reported potential fraud on February 3rd.  Even though I called before the charge was authorized (the company who was providing the service called our house, I told her repeatedly I would not authorize it, I didn’t make the purchase, I wouldn’t pay for it), it somehow still made it through.  We immediately cancelled my card and two weeks later, I called again wanting to know when the paperwork for the fraudulent charge would get here.  “It takes about two weeks.”  Two weeks later, I called again.  It finally got here in the middle of March.  I filled it in promptly, both Brian and I signed it and I sent it back.

Still, the $530.03 charge remains on the card as a balance due.  I’m not going to pay it.  Then there’s the interest.  It’s been on the card since February, after all.  I called again on it last night.  I talked to the accounts department, who put me through to the fraud department.  And she passed me on to the fraud department, saying something about a credit on the account.  (WTF, I thought I was already at the fraud department….)  I relay the story to the guy on the phone.  He needed my old account number, I don’t have it.  But he was able to go backwards from my current account number.

Wow, look at that, a credit balance.   For $530.03.  Lovely.  They were able to transfer the balance due amounts, but not the amount credited from the company who originally made the charge.  He said he’d transfer it.  I asked about finance charges.  He credited those, too.   I asked how long the credit had been there.  “Oh, a couple of weeks.”

Lovely, just lovely.

At least it’s one other thing off of my mind.


02:55 PM - 04/13/2006
We found a quarter and four pennies on our walk this morning

The topic: Spring fever

I think I’ve got it.  It’s really hard for me to concentrate on any one thing.  I keep getting sidetracked.  This is not a good thing, because I’ve got lots of things I want to do. 

Monday, we had new gardeners, to work around the pool.  Once again, the grass had overtaken the area.   I took some before pictures (Brian always asks why I take pictures when it looks so bad; I always reply that I like to see the difference in the before and after).  The gardeners were here for about five hours and it just amazed me what they did:

Brian is so happy with the way it turned out that he’s all gung ho to work out there.  As a matter of fact, he’s going to stay home this weekend, put in sprinklers and add some more flat areas with the stones set along the bank by the fence.  I think he said two more.  Then he wants me to plant flowers in that one area along the fence and he’ll put sod down on the flat areas.

It will look nice when it’s done.

The gardeners will be coming once a month, on a set day for a set price, to maintain the area.  Wow. That would be awesome, I think.

03:09 PM - 04/13/2006

The topic: Stuff Handsome eats

Brussels sprouts


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      Wednesday, April 19, 2006

08:50 AM - 04/19/2006
I'm listening to Will Downing - Soul Symphony

The topic: To protect and serve


Brian wanted to do some photo editing last night, so I figured “teach a man to fish…”

I sat here playing the game Gold Fever (my second time playing it and I’m doing much better this go round, now that I know what I’m supposed to be doing) and pausing it to give him instruction. It always amazes me that this man, who is so intelligent and has exhibited logical thinking on many occasions, has such a hard time with computer programs.

Anyway, photos were finally printing after 10:30 last night and anyone who knows us, knows that we’re usually fast asleep at this time.  When the photos were finished printing, over an hour later, we closed down the computers, went into the family room, turned off the tv, got a final drink of water, then off to bed.  I glanced out the rain glass on the front door, just checking to see if maybe KittyMeeze was there and imagine my surprise to see a human walking in front of the wrought iron gate that opens to our outside entry way (it sounds way fancier than it is). 

Stupidly, I throw open the front door.  Good thing it was a cop.  I don’t know what he expected to find behind the bushes in front of our house, which leads one to later speculate.  Later speculation can be fun, but sometimes it’s not a good thing.  *lol*

Anyway, Brian followed me out and we were told that there had been reports of a loud party, that you could hear from about a half mile away.  He told us where they could hear it and we told them we hadn’t heard anything.  They thought maybe it was our house because of the lights out front.  hahahaha.  The entry light is a blue flood light (shines into the front hallway in the house, white light would be way too bright) and the motion sensor light is green.  Since it hits our bedroom when it comes on (which can happen when a critter jumps on one of the vehicles), once again, white would be too bright.

And like I told Brian, look at all of the vehicles in the driveway.  Two Mustangs, two Broncos, the Ranger and one Escape.  Looks like party central. 

We listened from the bedroom as they took their leave and we counted cars.  There were three and one was a K9 unit.  I guess they were expecting a pretty rocking party.  Since they sat there for a few minutes, Brian wondered aloud if they thought we’d told everyone to be quiet until they left.

      Thursday, April 20, 2006

04:13 PM - 04/20/2006

The topic: I can’t stand it any longer

I’m going to back up the computer and wipe the hard drive and reformat it and set it up from scratch.  It’s got so much crud on it that it’s very, very slow and it’s making me crazy. 

I’ll move everything to one of my external hard drives, so that if something doesn’t work, I can muddle through the old stuff on that drive.  I’m not looking forward to this at all.

But I will like having a more efficient machine, that’s for sure. 

If you don’t hear from me for a while, well, I’ll probably be in the other room going “buhbuhbuhbuh buh buh buhbuhbuh….”

      Friday, April 21, 2006

08:41 AM - 04/21/2006
We found a dime and a quarter on our walk this morning
The current weather is overcast with a heavy marine layer, a little drizzle

The topic: While I wait for the backup to finish

And when the backup finishes I’ll start the descent into the blackhole of reformatting and setting all of the programs I use back up, here’s a little kitty cat update.

Katie was getting extremely difficult to pill and she still had the blood in her urine.  It was simple enough to pop the pill down her throat, I’d catch her sleeping.  Well, she quit sleeping.  She’d see me coming, then take off.  Yesterday morning, I tried a Pill Pocket (I got them a while back).  She went for it.  She ate one last night.  She had one this morning.  Hopefully, she won’t catch on that there’s medicine in that smooshy treat. 

It’s kind of funny to watch her eat one, it reminded me of the candy, Dots.  You know how it gets stuck on your teeth and it takes forever to scrape off with your tongue?  That’s what Katie eating the treat reminded me of.

I took Ciara to my chiropractor last Monday, it helped her a lot.  She’s still pretty sore, I did get a med refill from the vet, but he does not want her getting this stuff every day.  I guess it’s not good for the kidneys or something.  Anyway, I haven’t given her any of the refill, but I have been massaging her back.  I was supposed to take her back today, but I don’t think I’ll have the time, unless the reformatting goes very smoothly, which I highly doubt. 

I will take her in Monday if I don’t make it today.

Benny has started to do the dominate thing with the other cats.  He mounts them.  I don’t know where this is coming from, he’s never done this before.  I hope it’s not some sort of physical problem.

You may have noticed a new kitty cat on the catcam chair.  That’s Marco.   Brian and I spend our evenings back here in the office and recently, Marco started coming back here, too.  And he can be a pest.  He likes to walk from one desk to the other, he’ll lay down and grab the fingers operating a mouse and just hold on.  Eventually, he’ll lay down, but there are many cries of “Marco, stop it!” until he does.  Frustrated, I picked him up and put him in the empty catcam chair.  It would seem he liked it there, because every once in a while, he’s back in it. 

That’s nice.

So, back to watching the backup.  It took over fifteen minutes this morning to boot up.  That’s not good. That’s not good at all.

04:02 PM - 04/21/2006

The topic: It’s not going well

Formatting, reinstallation of Windows was a breeze.  Got all the hardware and peripherals working with minimal trouble. From start to finish, two and a half to three hours.

Then it was time to reinstall some of the programs.   I couldn’t access them on the backup drive.  I didn’t save them as data files, they were saved as burned images.  Now I have to go back to square one.  Turn the backup files back into what my hard drive looked like yesterday.   And then, I’ll try saving my files again, only this time, to a DVD disk or something.  *sigh* And once that’s done, I’ll start all over!  Crap.

Funny thing, I thought I had saved most of what was there as data files.  Twice.  In different directories.  And it pisses me off that apparantly I didn’t.

Right now, I’m trying to burn a restore disk so that I can access the backup files.  And I can’t get the damned thing to burn.  Grrrrr…..

      Saturday, April 22, 2006

09:40 AM - 04/22/2006

The topic: It’s official

I’m in hard drive hell.

Everything was fine until I tried to restore those files.   My last correspondance with Iomega tech support was at 11:30 last night.  I reinstalled some of the programs I still had access to (that I’d saved as files, not images) and finally made it to bed around 1:00 last night.

When I came on this morning, my computer advised me that I had some important Windows updates and I went ahead and let them get installed.  I was going to just leave the computer, but I hit the wrong button.  Instead of turning off the monitor, I turned off the computer in the middle of the service pack installation.  Big mistake.  Big.  Huge.

I had to uninstall what portion had already been installed and in doing so, lost much of what I’d done yesterday and last night.  Read that, the computer wasn’t working properly.  Again.  And whatever happened, it was no longer reading from the D drive on its own. 

So,  frustrated and having reached the point of “the hell with it”, I put the Windows reinstallation disk in the D drive and rebooted.  It didn’t reboot to the disk.  *sigh*

I shut down, restarted and forced the damned thing to boot from the D drive.   At this point, I’ve reformatted the hard drive and Windows is almost reinstalled.  Before I add anything, hardware or software, I’m going to let Windows take care of its updates.

Then I’ll take it from there.

In my email this morning, there was a message from Iomega support giving me a link to download a CD burning program that will (hopefully) allow me to make a working bootable recovery disk.

My fingers are crossed.

      Thursday, April 27, 2006

11:24 AM - 04/27/2006

The topic: Crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP

It’s been a busy week for me.  The reformat went smoothly this past weekend, but the re-installation of programs did not. I still have more to add (like the software for the Occasional cam). Then, last Friday I found out we’d have someone visiting tomorrow. Well, I can’t have a stranger walking into our home without a thorough cleaning first. And that’s what I’ve been doing this week. Restoring Windows and washing windows at the same time.

Today was to be an easy day. There are a few things left to do, none of them labor intensive or time consuming. I got up this morning, made Brian’s lunch, started some more laundry. I looked out the living room door and saw Little Bit jump from the top of the cathouse and go inside. After this, I took a shower.

Out of the shower and in my robe, I came back to the office and read some forums and combed out my hair. Then I got dressed. I got a cup of coffee and came back here to drink it. Meanwhile, Rachel kept talking to me. Usually she’s vocal when she’s hungry, but there was plenty of food in the bowl. I just ignored her.

A little while later I went outside and lo and behold, there was a kitty cat on the other side of the fence. Trying to get in? It looked like one of the kittens. Or worse, Little Bit. I went into panic mode. I got all of the cats in and gave them treats and did a lock down. I counted kitten heads. All accounted for, but there was no Little Bit. Then I called Brian. He suggested opening the gates so that she could come in that way. So, I opened the gates. And waited. And watched.

I didn’t see her. 

About an hour later, I look out the office window at the cathouse.  Hmmm….curious, I went outside. I look in the top story and there she is. Little Bit. As calm as you please. Not looking at all like a kitty who’d just gotten home from an adventure.

So, now I’m wondering if that wasn’t Little Bit at all, but some strange kitty. And Little Bit just sat in the cathouse, watching me go nuts. I had looked inside, but from a different angle and it’s entirely possible she was in there the entire time.

Oh, well, we’re safe now, but I sure hate that adrenaline rush at that first possibility of an escapee.

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