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      Thursday, March 16, 2006

03:33 PM - 03/16/2006
I'm sad

The topic: And then there were thirty three


She’s gone.   She was gone by 3:15.  There was no question about her health at the vet’s office.  No exam at all. 

You see, Annie was down to two pounds.   The vet was amazed at this.  That she was still standing and alert.  That she was still….alive. 

I told him that I’d felt that there was something beyond the kidney and thyroid problem that was affecting her.  I think there was some sort of brain damage or disfunction.  He said that was entirely possible.  His mother’s cat died of a brain tumor at the age of nineteen.  He said the cat started doing all sorts of weird stuff.  Like Annie. The walking around in the yard?  She hasn’t wanted outside in years.  The constant crying?  That wasn’t right. 

He also stated that it can be hard to treat what she had successfully.  He said when you treat one of the diseases, it can make the other one worse (remember, she was hyperthyroid and in renal failure).

As usual, he sedated her first, he let her get relaxed.  It took a while because she was fighting it, but when she finally laid down, she was on her side and stretched out.  Like relaxed cats do.  I haven’t seen her do that in months.  It was nice to see her sleeping, even though I knew it was induced.  Then he shaved a spot on one of her front legs and gave her the final injection.  She was gone within seconds.  Finally at peace.

He said I’d made the right decision.  No question, no doubt, I did the right thing by her. 

That hasn’t sunk in yet, there’s that “did I do it too soon?” reverberating in my head, but that won’t last forever.   I do know that she’s better off now than she was this morning. 

I’m thankful I took the video of her in the yard this morning and the pictures of her in the office. 

I’ll miss my little Annie Nanner.  I already do.

Here are some of the pictures I took of her during the day:

Annie wants to drink, but can't keep her balance

Resting her head on the water bowl

She tries to sleep, but won't let her head drop

Sadly, Annie is the first cat that Handsome will cuddle with. He just started this last week.
This is the last picture I took of Annie.


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12:11 PM - 03/16/2006

The topic: Annie’s crashing


It’s become obvious the fluids aren’t helping. She’s been wandering around this morning, inside and out, just crying.  She can hardly stand up.  If another kitty comes by her and headbutts her, even gently, Annie is having a hard time keeping her balance.

I called the vet.  Her appointment is at 3 this afternoon.  Unless there’s some sort of miracle between now and then, I’ll be saying goodbye to her.

Her life has no quality anymore.  None. 


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