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      Monday, March 28, 2011

02:38 PM - 03/28/2011

The topic: *Sigh* It’s official.


I’ve got high blood pressure.  For the past decade (at least), I’ve been saying “oh, I can do it by myself, diet and exercise, doncha know…”, yet there it is.  Still high.

Two weeks ago I had a major bout of something extremely painful in my chest.  I thought “gall bladder, it will go away”.  It did, it went away.  Felt like crap, but it went away. Had the chills and a very wet cold sweat, my hair was soaking when it was over, but it went away. Took my blood pressure, it was good.  Then last Monday, we didn’t walk, I figured “fine, I’ll get on the Wii Fit” hadn’t been on the Wii Fit for over a year, but I got on it for twenty-six minutes, yay me. I did the ski jump, the step routine and one round of hula hoop. Had another chest pain thing around lunch time. It wasn’t as bad as the week before and it went away more quickly, but I’m starting to get a little concerned.  Understandably. Tuesday, it was raining, we didn’t walk, I bowled two games (got my high score ever! 197!).

Wednesday, I could barely move.  My back.  My front. My God. This was it, I know it was. Brian had to go shopping. We needed food, but I wasn’t in any condition to get up and walk around.

Thursday, still pretty sore.  Felt nervous and edgy.  Got worse when Charlie started straining in the litterbox.  Took my blood pressure, scary.

Friday, took Charlie in.  Took half of a prescrip Naproxin (Aleve) for the pain.  Naproxin can cause high blood pressure.  I took mine.  168/114.  It didn’t go down much.

I called the doctor’s office, made an appointment for this morning. 9:30.

Took my bp a couple of times this weekend, it was never as bad as it was last week, but it still was high.

Went for our walk this morning, the one I dislike the most.  Because fifty percent of it is gradual uphill. Puff. Pant.  Took my bp when we got home.

122/82 -  heart rate 114.

Eat breakfast, take a shower, get dressed, get over to the doc’s office. bp is back high.  I’m on medication now. Supposed to make a note of my reading for the next two weeks and report back to the doctor.  Then after a month, I’m supposed to see him again.  I’m also back on the simvastatin for cholesterol.  And we have a possible diagnosis for the pain.  I think he said it was probably Helicobacter pylori.  I got meds for that, too.  He said to not start that until next week.

It’s official.  I’ve got high blood pressure.  Maybe now I won’t be so worried about it.


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