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      Saturday, March 26, 2011

10:19 AM - 03/26/2011

The topic: He got the fluids!


I was so stinking nervous beforehand.  I’m thinking “how badly am I going to get hurt?”  Seriously, that’s what Charlie can be like. 

He got his busperin or whatever it is this morning, the first dose he moved his face and it shot all over the wall (it’s just a teeny, tiny bit, though).  Luckily, there was an extra one in the bag since the vet gave him a dose before I picked him up.  So, I got another syringe and gave him that (only .1CC). 

Then I had breakfast (sweet potato pancakes) and took to calcium tablets to calm my nerves; I knew what was coming up.  I got him to take his amoxi (wasn’t hard, love those pill pockets).  Then I heated up the fluids, filled the syringes.  Charlie sat on the kitchen counter, watching me with interest. 

He wasn’t so interested when I grabbed him up, put him against my shoulder and had the syringes in the other hand.  We went into my bathroom, I closed the door, turned on the light and sat on the floor, Charlie between my legs. The first try didn’t go so well, he moved because the needle stung and it slipped out.  I got it back in again and pushed the syringe.  He got almost all of that, he got away from me.  I got a towel, placed it on the floor, put Charlie on top of that, then kind of wrapped his legs, then started the second syringe. 

He was like WTF? But he got all of that syringe.

Yay!  I lived!  I didn’t get scratched or bitten. Whew.

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08:34 AM - 03/26/2011

The topic: Charlie came home yesterday afternoon


He was “partially blocked”.  Vet said he had a lot of struvite crystals.  Probably because he’s such a stressed cat (he’s aggressive to the others on a regular basis). 

He was catheterized, his bladder flushed, the vet admined lydocaine so it didn’t hurt so much to pee.  He said there’s no infection, but just to be safe keep Charlie on the amoxi. 

Now, the bad news.  Charlie gets buprenex three times a day.  And the worst news.  He’s supposed to get fluids today, tomorrow and Monday morning to help keep him flushed. 

Charlie is impossible to hold unless he wants it.  I have no idea how I’m going to do this.  Brian can’t help, he’s way too squeamish.

Oh, well, pray for me.

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