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      Thursday, March 24, 2011

09:11 AM - 03/24/2011

The topic: I hurt!


Brian had to leave early Monday to meet up with a client so we didn’t go walking.  Knowing I need to move, I got out the Wii.  I haven’t used the Wii in over a year. 

I did the step dance, I did a couple of ski jumps and I did the hula hoop.  I was on it for twenty six minutes, total. Burned like fourteen calories. *lol*

Tuesday morning, it was raining. We didn’t walk.  I Wii bowled.  Two games.  Beat my high score, hit 197!  Yay!

Yesterday morning, I was in pain.  My back hurt.  My front hurt.  I couldn’t take a deep breath without hurting. 

Now, the sucky thing about this, if it had happened twenty years ago, I’d have thought nothing of it.  But I’m not twenty years younger and my mind heads off to that place where the scary stuff resides.  Usually I can keep that door closed, but you give me an uncommon muscle ache and it starts to squeak open.  I spent the day on the sofa yesterday on a heating pad and slept on and off (it didn’t help when the cats kept getting on top of my side or chest and the pressure was unbearable.  At one point I had four cats on me.  Which always makes one of my head voices start in on me.  “Aren’t pets supposed to LOWER your blood pressure?”)

I’m feeling a little better today.  After I clean my bathroom floor, I think I’ll hop on the bike.  That’s lower impact on my upper body than the Wii.

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