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      Tuesday, February 01, 2011

08:47 AM - 02/01/2011

The topic: Waddya mean that costs extra?

So, I’m “powdering my nose” as my father used to call it yesterday. Every so often, I get some sort of intestinal thing that keeps me close to home, if you know what I mean. IBS, IBD, colitis?  Whatever, I’ve gone to urgent care for it in the past because I thought I was dying because of the pain, but I wasn’t.  I’ve kinda sorta narrowed it down to food.  Last week I had a lot of popcorn. CostCo had this huge tube of chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn and then we went to see Tron on Friday night and had popcorn. I think the fiber kind of upset my internal applecart.

So, I’m powdering my nose and the phone rings.  It’s inconvenient at this time, but you never know, it might be important. So, I hurry up and get to the phone. The answering machine has picked it up and I have to wait until I’m done talking to speak to the caller.  Now, it was a private number and the guy says “I’m sorry, I dialed the wrong number”. 


I was annoyed that the anonymous call rejection didn’t work.  We’re paying over fifty bucks a month for service, I shouldn’t have to deal with this.  So, I look up the instructions for turning it on.  When I try, I get a busy signal.  This isn’t right, I’m doing something wrong.  I call tech support.  “Oh, you need to have that turned on, let me transfer you to that department”.  Okay.  I’m transferred.  I tell her that I can’t seem to get it to work.  “Oh, we have to turn that on, it will be $4.99 per month”.

big surprise

“Um, no thank you, I’ll just find one of my old Telezappers”. 

We’ve got two.  And somewhere around here, we’ve also got the Caller ID Manager, two actually, one I used for the FAX machine because of the huge amount of junk faxes that would generate from certain area codes, the other was for my mom.   I did find one of the telezappers, but it looks like it only works with computer generated calls.  I’ll most likely have to find the Caller ID Manager to block calls from people who block their numbers.

I just did an internet search, I wonder why the Caller ID Manager has been discontinued. That’s odd.  Hmm.

Anyway, I guess I’ll look for the Caller ID Manager and set that up instead of the telezapper (which I set up last night). 

Stupid wrong numbers.

      Sunday, February 13, 2011

10:29 AM - 02/13/2011

The topic: Hahahaha!
I write like
Stephen King

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I kept putting in different text until an author I'd heard of came up. *lol*

05:10 PM - 02/13/2011

The topic: Mickey update

He wasn’t doing well last week.  He’s had a runny nose, but I figured it was just something seasonal. Then there was some green snot one morning. Not a lot.  So, I still didn’t think too much of it.  Then I had him in the bathroom eating with Ollie and Benny.  Some kitty peed against the door and it was pinkish.  So, some kitty has a bladder infection. 

I was pretty sure it wasn’t Ollie, ‘cause he’d peed not long before. And I didn’t think it was Benny.  Because Benny doesn’t pee on the floor. I didn’t think Mickey did, either, but Mickey is the one with the worse kidney problem.  So, I started Mickey on amoxi.  I weighed him and was alarmed to see he’s lost a pound since he was diagnosed.  Okay, sure, he’s been off of his feed, but still, it’s scary to see that he’s lost that much.

So, last week, I started him on fluids every other day.  He’s getting his Lotensin as he’s supposed to (I have to put it in a gel cap, else it sticks in his throat) and I’ll sit with him on the sofa while he eats and keep the other cats away. 

This afternoon, for the first time since he was diagnosed with CRF, I saw him eating kibble from a feeder!  And I weighed him about fifteen minutes ago and he’s four ounces short of gaining back the weight he lost. 

I think we’re on the right track.

      Tuesday, February 22, 2011

09:07 AM - 02/22/2011

The topic: Oliver is trying to kill me

I’m afraid that Brian will come home and find me on the floor, head broken open and all of my blood surrounding me.

That damned cat is doing whatever he can to make me trip and fall.  The other night I was walking into the kitchen to get dinner dished up and he walked between my feet, I had to put my hand out to keep me from falling and hurting the both of us and reached out to the closest thing, which happened to be the oven door. Yeoouch!  I’ve got a blister on the palm of my hand.

This morning I wanted to get a pill for Marco (we think he has a bladder infection) and I ended up carrying Ollie so I could walk without fear of dying. 

Cats.  Gotta love ‘em.

      Monday, February 28, 2011

08:55 AM - 02/28/2011

The topic: Had a scare with Pete this weekend

Saturday morning, the sound of a cat puking woke us up.  I checked it out, it was Pete. We usually don’t think too much of a puke. But they continued, just foamy stuff.  I watched him for a couple of hours, then gave him an amoxicillan.  He puked that up three and a half hour later. Then I watched him in a litterbox, he cried and had some of the nastiest poo I’ve seen in a while. Very mucusy and bloody. And he cried. He did this multiple times.  His backside was wet.

I found the flagyl (besides firming up stool, it also has an antibiotic effect) and gave him a half of a pill (being as these things are so bitter, I split them and put the pill in a beef flavored gelcap) around seven Saturday night.  He pooped a small amount sometime before we got up the next morning, but nothing big until last night.  He didn’t cry when he went and he went a lot. Still nasty looking, though.  And there was no fresh wetness on the rear area. He is still getting the flagyl, twice a day. He’d been showing no interest in food at all. 

This morning, I got up around 4:30/5:00 to let the cats out and started looking for Pete. Well, the first thing I did was check the litterbox.  There was a small amount of stool in it, the color was weird, some was the pinky/red stuff, there was also some greenish stuff.  The first thing I thought of was when you take a bandaid off and the blood on it has gone green.  I took this as a good sign.  But I couldn’t find Pete in the regular places.  I finally found him in the sink in Brian’s bathroom. He did go outside this morning, because it’s so darned cold this morning, I got him back inside. When we got back from our walk, he was on the top level of one of the cat trees in the living room.  I got him to eat a little tuna (he didn’t want much at all) and some tuna juice (from tuna packed in water).  I also got another flagyl into him.

Poor little guy.  Hopefully this will continue to get better.  If he doesn’t continue to improve or he has another flare-up after this has resolved, I’ll take him in to get a definitive diagnosis, because this wouldn’t be just a one time thing.

09:12 AM - 02/28/2011

The topic: Well, the “recession is over” hasn’t reached our house yet

Stuff is worse than ever. Brian keeps telling me there’s work on the horizon, he’s been saying that for a year now. So far, nothing.

Anyway, last year I joined Netflix and cancelled HBO.  Last week, I joined Amazon Prime and cancelled Starz and Cinemax.  Last year, I bought a refurbed Roku from Woot.com and set it up once it got here.

It seems like Netflix has really gotten a lot more streaming shows than they had when I first got it. Or maybe I just wasn’t looking.  But this past weekend, I found all the previous seasons of the A&E show “Intervention”.  While Brian was back in the office, drumming up business for his side links, I sat in the family room, slack jawed yesterday watching episode after episode of Intervention.

*Picks up the phone, dials a number*

“Hello?  A&E?  I’d like to ask for an Intervention please.  What’s that? For who and what exactly is the addiction?  Ummm…me and I’m addicted to watching “Intervention”.” 


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