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      Monday, August 05, 2019

10:09 AM - 08/05/2019

The topic: Why is it the hard to medicate cats are the ones who get sick?


Ronnie's having problems. Some sort of ear thing, I'm sure. He does have a cancer on one of his ears (he's a mostly white kitty), but it doesn't seem to be getting any worse.

But this is a thing with the inner ear. We have had an ongoing problem with bacteria in cats' ears, I have medication on hand. But Ronnie has NEVER liked his head touched. He freaks out when I apply flea stuff on the back of his neck. I can't touch his face. Oh, sure, he'll rub my hands, but God forbid I have a finger in that general direction. I'd love to pick him up and put him in a carrier and haul him off to the vet, but that's not going to happen. If I could even get him into a carrier, he'd have to be sedated (gassed) in the carrier before the vet could even look at him. He would go wild.

So, his ears are a mess, his eyes have gotten really weepy and red (allergies?). And I can't do a damned thing about it.

I did some research on oral meds for ear bacteria and the vet prescribed (without seeing Ronnie) Clavamox, with the warning it most likely won't help. But I need to do something, he's miserable. I tried carrying him into the bathroom last week, I'd planned on covering him with a towel and kneeling with him between my legs, but he squirmed out of my arms and into the door sill. Scary. He was okay, but he did a nice job of scratching both of my arms when he was trying to get loose.

Fortunately, he's not so bad that he turns his nose up at treats. He can eat a watered down jar of baby food at one sitting. And he likes the sliced deli meat. That's a good thing because I can wrap the pill up in a small slice and he'll eat it right down. First I have to get him where he knows I have something yummy. Following him around the yard with med in had. Ronnie. Ronnie. Ronnie. Ronnie. Stop, Ronnie. You'll like this, Ronnie, it's yummy.

I cooked him a chicken breast yesterday. This has his approval. Once he realizes that it's not going to kill him, he'll eat with gusto.

So, today is day number three of the Clavamox. I hope to see some improvement soon.

I just wish I could get those drops in his ears.


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