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      Thursday, March 26, 2009

07:46 AM - 03/26/2009

The topic: While I’m pleased that


Skippy has a friend in Spot, the problem is Skippy is now more active.  Much more active. And he looks to be a little possessive of Spot. This made for a not too much fun evening last night. 

Now, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that Captain is a slappy cat.  He’s one of those cats who will not make friends.  Any cat who gets into what he considers his space, gets slapped.  Well, he’s on the dining room table last night.  Spot jumps up onto the table.  Captain Slappy slaps.  A little fight ensues. Skippy gets riled up and starts going after other cats.  I grab the water bottle and start spraying like crazy. Skippy runs, smacking cats along the way.

I find him and yell at him.  I tell him ‘you don’t fight the other kitties!’ 

The problem right now is that many of the cats are on edge and will jump at the littlest thing, which has the domino effect of everybody wigging out. An example.  We’re watching television last night.  Georgie is sleeping on the arm of my chair (like in this past Tummy Tuesday pic).  There’s a small table next to the arm of the chair, where I have my glasses, my water glass, a plastic coaster, a plastic hair clip and the remote.  Georgie gives a little stretch and moves the hair clip. It makes a little scratching sound on the table top.

The cats scatter.

The cats slap.

It’s not the most fun thing in my life.

I find the Feliway spray and go nuts through the house. I get a headache, Brian’s chest gets tight from the smell of the Feliway.  But the house calms down. Then I go in search of my diffusers.  I find one brand new refill, but I can’t seem to find one of the three diffusers I know I’ve got.  It took about fifteen minutes, but I did find it and got it set up in the family room. 

The household calms down.  Spot stretched out on the cedar chest in the dining room and Skippy took up watch on the kitchen counter, keeping an eye on his charge. 

Things were quiet until 3:30 this morning.  At which time Little Shit decided he was going to get into it with Spot. And Skippy wasn’t going to let this happen.  I got out of bed and opened the sliding door to the patio.  “Just get the hell out, I need my sleep.”  The posturing doesn’t happen as much outside.

I’m seriously considering calling the vet and getting a prescrip called in for Skippy.  I know he’ll take a pill in a pill pocket.  Just to keep him calmed down until everybody adjusts to having new cats in the house.  The skittishness and slapping doesn’t bother me as much as the thought of him getting into a bad fight with one of the others, because everyone is so spooked.  You know, that misplaced aggression thing.

Brian says to wait, call tomorrow, see how things go today.  He’s probably right.

Oh, and since the introduction of Spot, Skippy is MUCH more friendly to me.  He rubs my legs, follows me around (just a little bit) after I pet him. He talks to me and trills to me.  Which is why I was so upset last night when I started hitting him with squirts of water.  But he’s not holding it against me, I guess, he still likes me this morning.

Is it all the recent quakes making them skittish I wonder?

I have been considering Felaway for our household. I have one Black Bombay that is just the meanest cat I’ve ever seen-Always starting fights, is a biter, very territorial. I’ve just flat out never seen anything like the likes of this guy. I’m wondering if the Felaway would help reduce the stress in the household. I’m already trying Bach Rescue Remedy and it doesn’t seem to be working.

The Felaway sure seems to work for you!

Posted by Mary @ Thursday, March 26, 2009 - 4:32:08 PM

lisaviolet's avatar

When Feliway first came out, we used it.  Georgie used to get really, really wound up and he’d start fights.  I’d spritz a little Feliway on a tissue, let him get a good sniff of it and it calmed him right down.

I don’t much care for the diffusers when the house is open, I kind of figure the breeze blows all of the vapors outside. But if the house is closed up, I do believe they help.

Check for pricing online before getting it from your vet.  Lots cheaper.

Posted by lisaviolet @ Thursday, March 26, 2009 - 6:51:06 PM

I’m going to order some immediately. This guy is such a bully.

Thank you very much for that! smile

Posted by Mary @ Friday, March 27, 2009 - 4:05:46 PM

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