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      Thursday, February 14, 2019

06:16 AM - 02/14/2019

The topic: So….Rocky…


So, on Monday I wasn't very optimistic. Because he wasn't feeling good, he didn't fight me much when I gave him his fluids (amazingly, there's very little push back on this) and I was able to get the doxy into his mouth, if I was quick about it. I only got bit once and that was more of a scrape.

He would visit the litter box (fluids will do that) and peed, but it never looked like he was pushing out any solids. Until Tuesday afternoon. A very small diameter, very short, very hard stool was found in the litter box after he'd left (I'd found one the day before, I thought it was his, but it wasn't, it was warm because he'd peed on the spot were it was). And he was showing more interest in food. He nibbled on his kibble. He ate some Temptations cat treats.

Alrighty then. Yesterday, he was actually eating. Not just nibbling. Yesterday night, I found a turd outside of the litter box, the one he uses. It was about two inches long and as big as my finger. And it was as hard as a rock. It was his.

And good news, the transdermal meds showed up yesterday, only two days after being ordered. He only gets one dose a day and this will be much easier for the both of us.

When we went to bed last night, I stopped to speak to Rocky and I asked him why didn't he come get in bed? Lay on daddy since it had been so long.

Within ten minutes, Rocky was in bed. On Brian. Brian told me later that it had been at least three weeks since Rocky had come in at night. He left and Brian saw him at the water bowl, so that's good.

And right now, Rocky is on the bed, back on Brian. As was his routine.

So, yay Rocky!


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