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      Tuesday, September 24, 2019

10:38 AM - 09/24/2019

The topic: Just plugging along


We're finally getting more mild days than hot days. That's nice.

Things are getting back to normal, I guess. The cats are still finding their standings in the clowder. Nooby comes when we call him, which is pretty nice. I think the fact that one of us usually has a few treats in hand has helped with this behavior. I do wish he'd lighten up on the smacking the other cats. He doesn't want to fight, but he reminds me of Mario when he first got here. A cat who probably owned his neighborhood and made sure everyone knew he was boss. At least Mario was neutered, Nooby is not.

I'm on my third set of holiday cards and the tutorial left much to be desired. But I have discovered a new tool, cutting dies. I'd never paid much attention to them before, I have a cutting machine, why would I need something like cutting dies, right? Well, let me tell you, when you're making multiples of the same design, it's a lot easier to pull out a little hand cranked machine and just run the paper through it. And there are so many dies available, it's crazy. I bought way too many, finally stopped today. Had a cart full and thought "what am I doing? These will still be around later, I don't need to get them all at once!" and I left the page. Yay, me. I guess I still believe in shopping as therapy.

I've taken some pictures, not many, since there's really nothing new in the card making, but I did take some of the fun things I've done with the dies.

Still keeping up with company work. I'm very proud of myself for this. Getting invoices out right after I print the shipping labels is great for both Brian and the customer. The customer gets a tracking number (they should get one from UPS, but a second one doesn't hurt) and they also get a head's up that their order is on the way. If there's a problem when they get it, Brian doesn't need me to get back in the office and go through a stack of paperwork to find the customer information, since it's already filed. It's amazing how much time this has freed up for me. Who would have thought? And, it came in handy a few weeks ago when I pulled the original paperwork for orders that shipped out that day and noticed paperwork for an order that should have already shipped. It wasn't on Brian's board and he had nothing showing it needed to be made. He got it done the next day and it was only a week or so out of order. We still don't know exactly what happened, but it was placed on the day after my surgery. I'd have found it when I reconciled the bank account, which is probably why I had it in my file, but no idea why Brian couldn't even find where he'd done the quote (he does this when he quotes, then pulls his handwritten quote when the order is placed).

All in all, not much happening, which is really kind of nice. I needed a break.


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