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      Tuesday, September 10, 2019

08:35 AM - 09/10/2019

The topic: Short update


Sammy's eye discharge started turning red again at the end of last week. The liquid Clavamox is only good for ten days, then it's healing power self-destructs. So, Brian picked up another bottle on Friday (I sent an email to the vet this morning asking if we could buy the bottle, measure out x amount, and reconstitute it as we need it and not throw over half of a bottle in the trash). I did some research this weekend, I'm going to change the l-Lysine I've been giving him from the paste to powdered that he will eat right up when mixed with baby food and water. We started that yesterday morning.  I also got some Tomlyn brand eye wash, a few drops helps soothe his eye.

With the fresh antibiotic and beefing up the l-Lysine (doubling the dose from 500mg a day to 1000mg), his eye is looking a lot better this morning. The discharge has gone down a lot. One of the contributing factors to herpes flare ups is stress. And, yeah, I believe the past few weeks with Ronnie have been pretty stressful on all of us.

With Ronnie gone, we're getting that change up in the hierarchy here. One nice thing is Mario is back in the bedroom window. He didn't get up there when Ronnie was ill. Ronnie got up there a few times and Mario just quit. Now, he's back up.

Brian seems to be acclimating to google mail. For two days now, I've not heard him yelling at his monitor. Even though I try to ignore it, at least half the time I go back to see what the problem is this time.

I cut out the cardstock for six more holiday cards yesterday. Watched the assembly tutorial this morning. This file didn't come with a sentiment panel for the back, so I guess I'll make my own.

Still keeping on top of the business paperwork. Last month's bank statement got here yesterday, took fifteen minutes to reconcile the account. You have no idea how nice that is. And this week, I finally did a refund right! All these years I just stumbled through it. Now, I know what to do. Yay!

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