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      Monday, May 13, 2019

07:44 AM - 05/13/2019

The topic: Crafty things


So, my embossing folders. They're a mess and in dire need of organization. They were okay, I had it down, but some of the newer ones are too big for the little folders I made to store them in and I saw online where other crafters would write the name of the embossing folder on it, with a Sharpie.

And the big embossing folders, the ones I've gotten for the Big Shot Plus, that work with letter sized folders (8.5x11) won't fit at all. Well, I got the wild hair to fix this.

Where I am right now is the "why the hell am I doing this?" stage.

First thing was to label the folders. Did you know that they retire patterns? That they're discontinued? And you can't find them anywhere? I spent days looking for the ones that didn't come with the name stamped on them. I've finally narrowed it down to just two, which is pretty darned good. For three of them, I contacted the manufacturer and so far have heard back from one, Cricut. Now just waiting on Cuttlebug and Sizzix.

Here's kind of what I'd done. Getting ahead of myself, I threw out some of the paper folders (see the stuff in the container?) I'd made for storage, the pile on the left. The big ones are at the right side.

I have too many at this point for that storage container, I can't squeeze anymore in. Something had to be done. I just don't think what my mind thought was a brilliant idea at the time, is. The red boxes in the back have legal sized folders. Those will be great for the large embossing folders, but for the little ones (see that green one in the middle?), the border folders, or the little ones in kits, well, that's going to be overkill. Just stupid. And I got so many of them. Not thinking things through. And the storage container I got for the legal sized file folders won't work. The description said it was 18"x14"x10" (rounded down). But the file folders are over 14" wide, so I have to have them in the 18" way. But. That 18" measurement? That's measuring the lid. The actual body of the container is 12"x15".  I wish that had been mentioned. I would have gotten something else, but live and learn. It's not like I won't find a use for them (they came in a pack of two).

But it put a huge damper on my idea.

So, now I'm thinking I'll keep using the smaller containers (I have another one) for the smaller folders and figure out some way of using the bigger container for the larger embossing folders and with the left over space, store the embossing machine accessories. Okay, check that one off.

Which leads me to the cover folders. You know, the ones I threw out? I'd like to have them standard sizes, so that the 6" x 6", 7" x 5" and 4.25" x 5.75" folders will all fit comfortably. But there's nothing available that would work for me, so I'll, once again, make my own. I have card stock, just found it in my card stock closet, that is 12" x 18". I've already done the sizing in the Silhouette software and can cut two folders on a sheet (when resized to my specifications). I bought the files a long time ago, if you're interested, go to this link in the design store.

I have a lot of work ahead of me. But I'm looking forward to it, this will really be nicer to use.

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