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      Tuesday, December 20, 2016

10:11 AM - 12/20/2016

The topic: And this year’s holiday season


Is pretty close to being viewed in the rear view mirror. Thank God.

Presents for the vet's office are all wrapped and ready to be taken over there, the candies I made are split up and packaged for the trashman (he got his stuff today), the mailman and the vet's office. All candy will be gone from this house.

And that's a good thing.

I sent a package out USPS yesterday, two day priority. I got pretty upset last night when I realized that two day priority didn't mean delivery tomorrow, but Thursday. Not sure if the recipient will be around Thursday.  I was greatly relieved to see that it's already out for delivery. Yay!

I wish I had hope for the future. I wish I did. But, at this point, I don't. And there's not a damned thing I can do about it. I wish I could drink. I'd spend the next four years in some sort of stupor. It wouldn't change things, but I wouldn't give a rat's ass.

Will Social Security still be there when I'm ready for it? How about Medicare?  We've paid into both for our working lives (Brian still pays into them, SS and Med are the bulk of what he pays in taxes each year). There's talk about privatizing Medicare. That is a huge mistake. Privatizing never works out well for the consumer. Never. The rich get richer and the rest of us end up paying more for less.

I'm happy we never had children. Something less to worry about in the upcoming shitshow.  Like school vouchers. They'll only help folks who actually make good money.  Deductions for income tax? Let me tell you something. If you don't make enough money to have a decent tax bill, there's nothing to deduct from. We found that out in the past with medical deductions and such. "Well, you didn't make enough money for this to count as a deduction, so suck it, snowflake".

Obviously, we didn't vote for the next president of the United (that should be changed to Divided) States of America. But we're stuck on this sinking ship with those who did.

And I don't have hope.

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