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      Sunday, April 29, 2012

11:12 AM - 04/29/2012

The topic: Why do I have to make things so difficult…


Yay! I figured out what I was doing wrong when trying to allow myself access to my user account on the Win7 pc from the WinXP pc.

I took some video last year at Disneyland and couldn’t find the cassette. Spent hours going through every one I had with no luck. Started before noon yesterday.  (I keep them in a different room than the computers.) I did find one from the end of last year with a lunar eclipse on it and Disney’s World of Color taken from a hotel room. So I knew that I changed to a new cassette before taking that lunar eclipse, which I took here at home, so it had to be here somewhere. It wouldn’t be in luggage or left at a hotel or in the car.

For some reason, I can’t capture video to the XP. I know it’s a driver problem, but I can’t find the right driver so I capture the video on the Win7 machine.  I was using Corel’s VS5 to look through all of the cassettes and it wasn’t on any of them.  I did find a camera I forgot I have looking for any stray cassettes in the camera bags and pulled out the compact flash card and tried to view it (just to see what was on it) and I needed a different card reader and it had something stuck in it (cheap reader). I reached for a paperclip and in the office, behind some clips, on a desk lamp stand, I found two cassettes! And one of them was the right one! Yay!  Over seven hours of my life gone forever! But I’ve got my tape!

Now I just need to get it onto the hard drive and transferred over to the XP, where all of my graphic and video programs live (Sony DVD Architect, Corel VideoStudio 5, DVDIt, DVD Factory, DVD Workshop 2, NewBlueFX plugins, Magix, Sony Vegas Movie Studio…).

Problem was there were some problems with it and it kept stopping when I used the VS5 program to capture.  I did a little research and found that the Windows Movie Maker captures the entire tape without marking scenes, just what I needed. What sucks is I knew that MM plays nicely, yet I spent a couple of hours trying to get VS5 to work. Anyway, I got the full hour captured onto the computer into my user file on the Win7 machine, now just needed to transfer it over to the WinXP machine. I finally shut it down at eleven last night. I’m tired…..yawn….

Took about an hour to figure out why it wasn’t working, I mean, I saw the folder on the network (all of our computers are on our home network, makes it easier for me to work with them), I just couldn’t access it. Watched the little MS video help and nailed it!  File is transferring as I type. Woohoo!

Oh, I figured out why the cassette was in the office, not the extra room.  The last ten minutes of the missing tape had ten minutes of lunar eclipse on it.  So, I changed it here in the office and just set it aside when I put in a new tape to finish recording the eclipse. Which is one of the things I told Brian over dinner.  When I can’t find something like that, I start thinking about my standard operating procedure. I rarely tape over anything, I just start a new tape. I found four that had under five minutes of recording on them.

One of these days, I’ll get them all transferred over to disk and use one of those carousel things to store the disks. Probably when we redo the office and open up some room. (What worked for us twenty years ago, isn’t working for us now. Our “desks” are glass attached to the walls on three sides of the room.)

Anyway, I’m waiting for one more set of photos and I’ll have no excuses left to make the annual video of our yearly visit.  I sure have fun doing it.

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