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      Sunday, March 04, 2012

12:12 PM - 03/04/2012

The topic: Some pictures of the kitty cats
Taken last week. Katie and Jackie. Seriously. They're married. Common law.

click for a larger pic
Georgie on Brian's shoulder. He'd stay there all day if he could.

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Richie Cunningham.

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Kirby Pie

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12:20 PM - 03/04/2012

The topic: I went up for the leap year thing

Oh, I don’t think I’ll do that again. Ever. Never, ever. It was a zoo. It was so darned crowded. Crazy busy.

I wasn’t even sure I was going to go. Money. Weather. Driving up there. Although I’m glad I went, I won’t ever do a 24 hour thing at Disneyland where the entire world is invited.

I made the hotel reservations last month. I knew I had 72 hours to cancel, so it came down to the wire. Things were looking good, then it rained the weekend before. Definitely didn’t want to do it in the rain (which is nice when the park is empty, but if it’s not?  Yeouch!).

Then comes the day I’m to go up there. Still not a confident driver. I’m packing, I say to Brian “what are you doing the next four hours?”  He walks off, thinks about it, comes back to me and looks me in the eye. “Are you serious?”  Yeah. I’m terrified of driving up there (stupid rollover). He told me he’ll take me and bring me home on Friday.  Yay!  I call Jolene, my vaca roommate and bestie, tell her, she said “Oh, I can take you home” which is incredibly nice of her, since she lives in Rancho Cucamonga. A lot of driving time for her.

We got to the hotel about 2:30, I got checked in and Brian brought all of the luggage and coolers up to the room. I called Jolene to let her know I was there and she said she’d be there in about forty-five minutes.  It didn’t take her that long. She got her stuff in, we made sandwiches, then headed over to the park.

Let the others we were meeting know we were finally there.

Jolene, on Main Streetv

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Jolene, on the Carrousel, she loves the horses, she could ride all night long

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New steps on the horses, makes it a lot easier for little people

click for a larger pic

We left shortly after midnight, this photo was taken outside of the parks (I've lightened it), in DownTown Disney looking back at the baggage check area. It was very, very crowded, mostly teenagers at this point.

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Thursday was a lot more kick back, but we were all pretty tired. A lot of time spent looking at one another ("waddya wanna do next?") instead of getting on rides.

Oh, well. We did grab a couple of rides, the first was the Columbia. Here is Jolene and Jack.

click for a larger pic

Then we ate. Trish, Allyson, Jack and Jolene. And my taco salad.

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic

After we ate, Trish, Jack and I went on Big Thunder, then went toward the front of the park. I wanted to get something out of the locker. "Modern Family" was filming in the park that day and Jolene loves the show (I've never heard of it). I went on outside, then just waited. We had decided to head over the California Adventure. It took a while, but we all made it over, went on Soarin', then headed over the Hollywoodland.

I dragged them into the Animation building to see the zoetrope, then we went over to watch Monsters, Inc. It was down, so we went into Muppets 3D, took a seat in the backrow. I got the giggles when I saw a chicken ("don't look at the chicken-I looked at the chicken-me, too" was seen that morning on Facebook). When we were out of there, Monsters was running, so we checked it out. Better than Superstar Limo (worst ride ever), but not by much. :yawn:

It was about time to meet up with Liz and Eric for dinner at Ralph Brennan's Express in DTD, so we headed out. After dinner Jolene and I went back to the locker and headed back to the room. We wanted to get to bed early since we'd be leaving early Friday morning.

We turned the television on to the Big Bang Theory, but it was a rerun. Jolene had never seen it and I have been trying to get her to watch it for years now. Since all the shows were reruns, I just turned the tv off. Jolene started to read her Kindle, so I got mine out and went to my bed (around the corner, we couldn't see one another, but we could hear just fine) to read. Instead we started to talk, just about stuff, nothing major, things that happened when we were kids, whatever. It reminded me of when Thelma, my mom's bestie, told me that she used to go over to my mom's house and they'd lay on the bed and just talk all night.

I finally turned my light off and Jo turned her's off and we went to sleep. Well, I did.

She told me the next morning that I was talking, then all of a sudden, she heard me snoring. Then she heard a noise that sounded a lot like flatulence. She listened, but realized it wasn't gas, but me breathing through my mouth and lips. She told me she started to laugh. She said she was laughing so hard, she had tears running down her face. She had a hard time being quiet, but she didn't want to wake me up (yeah, she was having such a great time listening...). And that's what good friends do, right? *laughing* 

It was good seeing everyone again. I wish we could have gotten on more rides, but there's always next time.

It was nice to get home.

      Monday, March 05, 2012

03:06 PM - 03/05/2012

The topic: Little Bit is at the vet’s

And I’m afraid we’re losing her.

I noticed her throwing up Saturday.  But didn’t think much of it.  She’s a feral cat, one we’ve never touched.

This morning I noticed her standing over the water bowls. She’d go from one to another. At one point, I saw her thinking about getting a drink out of the pool.

I got her back in the house. Because I’d seen her head wobbling. I didn’t want her to fall in. All day I’ve kept a watch on her and about an hour ago, she jumped down from the cat tunnel she sleeps in and was very unsteady on her feet. I got down and tried to get her, she went into a cat condo and I reached my hand in. She hissed, but didn’t slap or bite. And I stroked her, she was shivering. It’s hot here today.

She jetted out of the condo, slipping on the floor and made it into the bedroom and ran under the bed. I shut the door and yelled for Brian to grab the carrier. He brought it in and she ran under a stool that was blocked on two sides by a wall and furniture. We blocked the other exit so her only way out was the carrier.  I called our vet, but the line was busy, so I just took her in.

I don’t know if she’ll be coming home.

I’m thinking it might be her kidneys shutting down.

Poor Little Bit, she’s so scared.

05:53 PM - 03/05/2012

The topic: It was her kidneys.

She's gone.

Private cremation, her ashes will come back to us.

      Tuesday, March 06, 2012

10:14 AM - 03/06/2012

The topic: Well, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been a rough couple of months

Losing Benny at the end of January, Brian going up to Tulare, having my website hacked, then declared dangerous, then going to Disneyland, then losing Little Bit...

Well, I found out the night before I discovered my website was declared dangerous, the week before I went up to Disneyland, that my declaw site had been nominated for an award over at cats.about.com. There's no big prize for winning, just the knowledge that I got a ton of people to vote for me. (Facebook is your friend!)

So, if you don't do Facebook, you can still vote. Vote for Educate! Don't Amputate!

The site was at 1% yesterday morning when I started campaigning. Pretty big jump in one day, right? And you can vote every day.


11:10 AM - 03/06/2012

The topic: Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Howard Stern, Andy Dick, Rush Limbaugh

Bill O’Reilly, Jon Stewart, Don Imus….what do they have in common?

They’re all in the entertainment industry. They get paid to “entertain”.  They entertain using different methods, but they all entertain.

I don’t like Rush Limbaugh. I don’t find him entertaining. I never have. Same with Andy Dick. Howard Stern doesn’t make my mop flop. I won’t “tune in” next time to listen to any of them.

My idea of entertainment is stuff that makes me laugh. Not stuff that’s going to enrage me or skeeve me out.

Rush really stepped in it this time. But he was only pushing the envelope. It’s what he’s paid to do. People on blogs and FB are screaming “free speech! free speech!” about the outpouring of disgust at his most recent faux pas, not taking into consideration that the other side has just as much right to that free speech as Mr. Limbaugh. They have the right to contact advertisers on his show and let them know if they continue to support him, that they’ll no longer buy their product.

I’ve read that Bill Maher was just as nasty about Sarah Palin. Howard Stern could be pretty nasty when he wanted to be.  But the difference between Maher and Stern and Limbaugh, is if people want to hear what Maher and Stern have to say, they have to pay. Bill Maher is on HBO. Stern is on satellite radio. It’s only common sense to think that only people who are interested in what they have to say, will watch. Because they have to pay for it. I’m not going to pay for something I know will annoy me.

Jon Stewart makes me laugh. He makes me think. Jay Leno can be bland, he doesn’t make waves. Limbaugh’s claim to fame is his ability to enrage people. Both the people who agree with him and the people who don’t. You can see their anger in their online responses, I can only imagine their faces beet red, the veins popping in their foreheads, so angry they can’t speak straight, spittle flying from their mouths as they speak.

And Limbaugh is just creepy. His wanting a sex tape made so he can watch it? Huh? Really, Rush? Really? You think that’s funny? You and Andy Dick should go on the road together.

Just sayin’.

      Wednesday, March 07, 2012

09:17 AM - 03/07/2012

The topic: DaNiece wasn’t doing well this morning

She threw up all night and this morning didn’t want to eat anything. Well, she ate grass.  I gave her a quarter tab of Pepcid, she went outside and I picked her up and carried her around for a while. Then she started to shiver. I didn’t like that at all.

I brought her in, she threw up in the hallway and it was full of grass. Then she got on the bed and took a nap.  Meanwhile, I called the vet and scheduled to take her in as a drop off.  An hour later, she’s looking better, even grooming herself, so I called and canceled the drop off. I can give her the thyroid meds.

And I made an appointment for tomorrow to have that hematoma taken care of.  Poor baby.

I hope work picks up for Brian, these cats are starting to get expensive.

      Thursday, March 08, 2012

03:12 PM - 03/08/2012

The topic: This is just getting too weird

Okay, DaNiece went to the vet this morning to have her ear taken care of. The vet called and said he’d drained it, but didn’t operate, he doesn’t feel that it’s time and that it may still resolve on its own. This is a good thing. And he didn’t charge for what he did. Which is another good thing.

Now, last night Kirby lost his balance. He couldn’t stand up straight. It was scary. He still wanted to eat, he slept well, he’s drinking, he’s just not keeping his balance. He’s better today (just ate a considerable amount of human tuna mixed with Fancy Feast).  While I was watching him eat, I heard a noise from the garage.

Then one of Little Bit’s kittens came running into the house. I didn’t know which one, there are three who are black with a white spot on the chest. This cat was all puffed up and running sideways! Not normal at all! I followed it into the bedroom and it went under the bed, hissing at me.

I left the bedroom and checked out the other Bitten kittens. I found Ross and Joey on the patio. So the cat under the bed is Monica. Stupid Charlie went in there and started to go under the bed (he’s such an ass). I yelled at him to leave and I went to the other side to look at Monnie. She wasn’t there, she’d gone into the family room. I went back over to the sofa and opened Kirby’s food again and watched her walk down the hallway to the bedroom. Right now she’s up in the window, doesn’t look like there’s anything going on.

I’ll have to start watching her closely now.

I’m quickly becoming a basket case.

      Friday, March 09, 2012

10:55 AM - 03/09/2012

The topic: Well, we’re way better today

I tell ya, the past couple of months has really been a rollercoaster ride.

Kirby’s not nearly as wobbly (either he’s getting better or more careful).

DaNiece is sleeping (a lot…curious).

And Monica is back to normal, I wonder if maybe she got stung by a bee or something. Whatever it was, she was terrified and hell bent on getting away from whatever it was. But she let me pet her last night and is no longer hissing at me or running from me.

Thank God.

      Saturday, March 10, 2012

09:23 AM - 03/10/2012

The topic: I’ma so happy!

Over twenty years ago, we tried growing an avocado tree. It died.

Ever since, I’ve asked for another fairly regularly. We like avocados. We buy avocados at CostCo and they range anywhere in price from $4.99 to $7.99 for five, depending on the time of the year. Sometimes we use them all, sometimes we don’t. But we for sure use at least a hundred dollars worth of avocados a year. Easily. If we had our own tree…...

Last year, they had some at CostCo, for less than twenty bucks a piece. We saw them, there weren’t many left, but Brian said that they wouldn’t fit in the car, he’d bring the truck back the next day. Well, he didn’t do it the next day, he did it the day after that and they were all gone. I knew that would happen, there were just a few left when we saw them.

So, he said he’d get me a couple from a nursery in Temecula. He said the trees there are bigger and cheaper. Okay.

Fast forward a year. Still no tree. We went to CostCo Thursday night. I got excited.  “Brian, look! They’ve got avocado trees again!”  He said “where would we plant one, there’s no room for one. No, we’re not getting a tree.”   Damn it.  I told him “okay, now I’m going to pout”.  And pout I did. He said “I’ll get you a tree from Temecula”.  I replied “so, there’s no room for a tree from CostCo, but there’s room for a tree from Temecula?” Shaking head and rolling eyes.

And then we went and bought a bag of avocados for $4.99. And I said “if we had our own tree…”

So, yesterday afternoon I ask him if he has any ideas for dinner. Sometimes, the hardest part of preparing meals is what do I prepare? And he suggested going to the Lakeside Cafe for dinner (we had a coupon for unlimited fish and chips, which comes with a salad and a roll).  Then we could go to CostCo and GET AN AVOCADO TREE!  YAY!

So, we ate dinner (we didn’t finish, came home with noms for the cats) then headed over to CostCo and we got to get TWO avocado trees!  He knows exactly where they’ll be planted and said “I know they’ll get too big to keep the cats in, but by that time, we probably won’t be here anymore”....not dead, relocated to Ranchita. When he was checking out the trees, one of the employees walked by and said a day earlier someone came in and bought ten of them! Then another lady, a customer, said something about how big they get, “by next summer…”  I don’t think they grow quite that fast. *lol* Brian and I gave one another looks, like ‘what is she talking about?’

And we’ll also get another tree from Temecula.  He showed me where he wants to plant that one.  In the middle of the yard so that when it’s summer, the tree will shade the office (the hottest room in the house).

I’m so excited and happy!

Our own avocado trees, this will save us a bunch of money.

I’ve already got a couple of pictures, I’ll take more as they go into the ground. Brian said I should dig the holes so I’ll get a greater sense of accomplishment. Yeah, there ya go, spin it, baby!

      Thursday, March 22, 2012

10:57 AM - 03/22/2012

The topic: I’m alive

And I haven’t forgotten you, dear weblog, but I’ve been busy.

The weekend of the 10th, I pulled weeds by the pool and last weekend I spent obsessing over DaNiece, who was quite under the weather.

Then I read 11/22/63 (the latest Stephen King novel) and being the way I am, I couldn’t stop reading until I read the entire thing. That was yesterday.

And today, there is a Woot! Off.

I’ve got pictures to post and stories to tell.

But first, let me get my next bag of crap.

04:37 PM - 03/22/2012

The topic: We’re having leftover enchiladas for dinner

I made them Tuesday night, made my own enchilada sauce, even. They were really good, the cheese enchiladas were better than the chicken.

So, I asked Brian if I should make some guacamole to go with them tonight and he said it would be a good idea, maybe make the chicken enchiladas a little tastier (they are kind of bland). So, I made the guacamole using lime juice (went out and got a lime off of our tree) instead of lemon and when I was done, licked the spoon.

Now I want margaritas!  But we’ve got a pitcher with hillbilly punch in it, that has to go first.

Man. Sun, limes, avocados….really need margaritas with that.

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