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      Sunday, April 08, 2012

04:08 PM - 04/08/2012

The topic: Poor kitty cats


They have to use the cat door to go outside or come inside. Unless we're standing by the door. Or unless they're Charlie and jump at the screen and just hang there.

So many flies. Not so many when the screen doors and the garage door are shut.

A couple of the cats will not do the cat door. Phoebe. Ross. Bobby. I think pretty much all the other cats do it. Bobby surprises me, I'd think would have been the first one to learn it.

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03:39 PM - 04/08/2012

The topic: Are your taxes done?


Ours aren’t.  I’m going to start on them tomorrow.  I spent Friday, yesterday and today getting things in order.

Which means I had wanted to catch up with the current paperwork before working on historical (hysterical?) paperwork.  Which means I have two business checking accounts that needed to be reconciled.  And for two months each.  The glass company was nothing to reconcile since he’s not been doing much with it.  But the hydraulics?


Completely different method of accounting than the old one. The old one, we got invoice, we paid invoices. We invoiced customers and we got paid from the customers (except for that $4000 from the one customer who told the general contractor (who we bill and who pays us) “we were quoted X over six months ago, we’re holding you to it” - lots of people lost money on that job - funny thing, they want the door handles for something Brian installed, we’ve got them, cost was under $400, but he told the general “they want them? They pay everything they owe me, I’m already deep in the hole on that job…lost money paying for material, and didn’t make a cent in labor”). The new company, Brian emails a quote and a link to a payment page.

If the price is right, the customer sends a payment via check, credit card or Paypal. Most of what Brian buys for his fabrication is paid for at the time of purchase. It should be easy, right?

It’s not.

First off, we used Paypal exclusively for the first six months.  And we paid for stuff out of Paypal. So, we’d get paid, Brian would write up an invoice for the customer that got shipped with the hydraulics.  And then I’d transfer the money to the bank account from Paypal. And nothing ever matched because Paypal took its fees. And we’d use the Paypal account to make purchase for the company.  A nightmare.

Then we set up a credit card account and it’s much easier.  More people pay with the CC than PP. And the fees aren’t so high, we get a pretty good rate from the bank.  Anyway…

I’ve got everything done, all of last year’s personal paperwork filed and tomorrow, I’ll start the taxes.

It sure doesn’t help that it’s hot here and the office is the hottest room in the house.  My allergies are screaming and I’ve got a headache, my stomach is upset and my nose keeps getting crusty with nasty stuff. Luckily, it’s supposed to be cooling down quite a bit, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Then I’ll make all these resolutions to “keep on top of things” for next year. And next year I’ll be in the same exact boat I’m in right now. *lol*

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