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      Monday, November 11, 2002

11:53 AM - 11/11/2002

The topic: 11-11-02

Monday, November 11, 2002 Ugh, something I ate yesterday didn't agree with me, which I found out this morning at 2. And of course, the cats decide that since I'm sitting down, I should have no problem holding them. I'm doing better now, though. I'm hungry again. Really, really hungry. I wonder what the deal is.

DeeJay seemed a little off yesterday but he's doing better this morning. He never did have diarrhea, not that I was aware of and believe me, I'm sure I would have been aware of it. Saturday, Brian went over to visit with him mom shortly after four and we still had to give Deej his fluids. At six, I finally tried it myself. Had no luck on the kitchen counter, but followed DeeJay into the bathroom with the syringes, closed the door behind us, plopped him down in the sink and administered his fluids. It went much more easily. I think Brian gets so nervous that DeeJay picks up on it. DeeJay is eating more on his own, but he's not gaining any weight. This worries me :anxious. Maybe it will get better with time. I certainly hope it does.

Hubby and his bro went up to the Sticks yesterday. They got the water trough moved. He took pictures, which I had a devil of a time downloading. The computer wouldn't recogize the camera. No USB. I spent about forty five minutes trying to figure out what the heck was going on and read the documentation. You can't run the camera software while you're running an anti-virus program. Now, that makes absolutely no sense to me at all. But now I have two days worth of pictures to upload to the ranchita page. Maybe later today.

Remember the pictures of the scorched trailer over on the Ranchita page? Well, we got a check for little over a thousand dollars to fix it. This isn't what our agent had lead Brian to believe. We were looking for a check over ten thousand dollars, since, according to what our agent originally told us the property would be insured under our existing homeowners and we'd get ten percent of that amount. The day the check came Brian called the agent. This was about a month ago. We still haven't cashed the check. Brian said it wasn't acceptable. Now, the agent won't return Brian's calls. Brian called this morning, gave his name and was put on hold. I said "I'll bet you're told he's in a meeting". Heh heh heh...guess what? "He's with a client." An hour later, he still hadn't called back. So, I called 21st Century Insurance. I had all of our vehicles listed out, VINs and everything. For about a thousand dollars LESS a year, we'll have MORE coverage (and the trailer will even be covered this time). I signed up and when I get the needed paperwork, I'll call the old agency and say "ta ta!" Only problem is 21st doesn't do commercial or homeowners insurance. So, we'll most likely stay with Farmer's for that. In addition to the lower rates, 21st had agents around 24/7. Farmer's has them during the week. And our agent has been known to shut down the office at lunch. Real good if you need to speak with someone. This entire thing really bothers Brian because he and the agent had been pretty good friends for quite a while. Brian even helped him in the past with automotive stuff. :(

It's turning out to be a beautiful day. Yesterday, I checked out the pool and the pond was nastygross with stuff from the rain, so I set the pump to filter that water, got the streambeds running. The cats had a blast with the water, because it's been so long since we had the streams turned on (there's a leak and it was sending our water bill higher than normal). Richie, Opie and Sammy played with the water.

I noticed this morning when I was folding afghans from the loveseat, that some kitty had peed on the loveseat. Looks like they were low spraying/squatting against one of the pillows and it got on the covers and down to the cushion, so I have to strip that and run the little green clean machine. Just what I feel like doing, not, what I want to do is to take a nap. :yawn

I was futzing around with the GateWay before hubby got home yesterday because I kept getting a "low resources" message. So, I went in search of what this means and found out it meant I had low resourses. :lol I found some free software and trial software that is supposed to free up memory, but it hasn't seemed to do much good. What I really needed to do was upgrade my memory. And to get more memory, I have to know what kind of system I've got. Well, the documentation that came with my computer should have it. Guess what? I couldn't find the documentation, anywhere. I ended up at the GateWay website, where I entered my serial number and found out what I have and what I'll need. I went over to a memory website and found 128MG of memory for this machine @$20 each. My machine has three slots, so I ordered three of the cards. Right now, it's running 96MG so I'll be quadrupling my "resources". Let's hope this takes care of the problem. I had a brilliant thought about the old memory, since this stuff is supposed to be pretty interchangeable, I could put the old cards in the empty Dell slots. Alas, it isn't to be, because the Dell doesn't use the same ones the GateWay uses. Oh, well, the Dell has 256M, it's not like I'm going to run out soon. I'm hoping, though, with the new memory, I'll finally be able to get Discreet's Cleaner 5 (for video) to work properly. It won't even load on the Dell and tech support can't tell me why. I think they gave up on me. I've got a bunch of really cute QT movies of the cats and I don't want to put them up unless I can make them smaller. They take so long to load right now.

I guess that's it for now.

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