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      Thursday, November 07, 2002

06:35 PM - 11/07/2002

The topic: 11-07-02

Thursday, November 07, 2002 Let's try this again. I had a bunch written in and my stoopid computer froze. It gets real irruhtaytun.

As you probably notice, the diary looks a little different. That's because I found a new software that will hopefully make this easier for me to do. As it was, I'd have to make the entry in MS Wordpad, then upload it to my server. If I had to make any changes, I'd have to open up Wordpad again, make the changes, then reupload it. I can do this from my browser on any computer. I'm still learning about some of the things this does. One of the things is that the newest entry is first. That should help with download time. Readers can post comments about the content or give the entry a positive or negative Karma value. This should be fun.

DeeJay had the poops a little bit today, but not like he had been having them. I'll watch him closely tonight, hopefully he won't have them again for a while.

Georgie and Benny have been sneezing. I think they have allergies, because it doesn't happen all of the time and neither of them has runny eyes or runny noses. What was really weird was the other night, Georgie sneezed and within minutes, Brian's nose started to run. Allergies affect Brian that way, me, my nose dries up and I get headaches.

I had a real bad night's sleep last night. I think this change my body is going through is really throwing my system off. And I've been hungry all day. Usually, I might eat, but it's not because I'm hungry. Today, I was hungry. I didn't eat all that much, though, because we really don't have all that much to eat.

Right now, Jackie is going through a phase where he lets me pet him. I sure wish he'd let me do more. I'd love to hold him, I really would. I haven't heard him purr in years.

Well, that's about it for now. CSI is on and I really want to watch it.

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03:57 PM - 11/07/2002

The topic: 11-06-02

Wednesday, November 06, 2002 Pepper has been gone two years today. At about 4:45, an hour and a half from now. You know, I miss her like crazy. She always made vacuuming the floor lots of fun. She'd never run from the cleaner, she'd stand her ground, even smacking the machine. I miss those little smacksmacksmacks of hers. And her getting in my face when I was laying down on the sofa. All of our face kitties are gone. *sigh* *sniffle*

I found a new script to run so that I can change the updated information more easily. And it won't take as long to load, not like the little images I have now. I just have to get it on the various pages. It's a text scroller, not a GIF image. I'll be placing it at the top of the page, under the menu bar.

DeeJay had the runs again yesterday. He does so well for days, then BOOM, he explodes. I'm thinking it might have been some of the food we got this weekend. I don't know why the food companies came up with that sliced food in gravy, because our cats don't like the chunks of food, but they sure love the gravy. Usually, I mash it up, but I got lazy and didn't mash and DeeJay ended up with the poops. And his bottom hurts so much, you can see it in the way he walks. Sometimes I get frustrated with his progress, that it's so slow, but it is progress. He's eating fine today and no runny stool. Of course, I gave him the Immodium AD yesterday as soon as I saw the loose stool.

Speaking of Immodium, Sammy really needs some, too. He's not sick or anything, but he's got the runs, too. Blech. He's pretty good about going in litterboxes, but he's pretty bad about hanging his butt over the side. Cleanup is so wonderful!

Lonee talked to me the other night. She talked and talked and talked, but wouldn't come too close to me, not within touching distance. I'd really like to pet her again. She just loved having her lower back scratched.

And Jackie is actually sitting still for ear scritches. Then he'll stretch his neck to reposition my fingers so that his cheek and face gets a little of the action. Man, how I'd love to just hold him and put my face in his belly. I bet he's really soft.

We finally started walking again on Monday. My toe is feeling much better. That's a good thing. Today, we went up Icky Hill and we didn't see any of the kittens from that one house (at one point, it looked like there were kittens from two different litters). I hope they found good homes. Homes that will keep them inside and safe. This area of town is NOT safe for outdoor cats. I carried one of those kittens down the hill at least twice, she was all over the road. And her name was Cleo. Dang, I'd love to have brought her home. Heck, I wanted all of them, but I couldn't very well say they followed me home when hubby was walking right next to me, now could I?

I started crocheting Monday night. It's going quickly. The cats are being surprisingly good about not trying to grab the yarn. The pattern is a checkered pattern, you'll often see it on one of the afgans on the catcam chair. I have three skeins going at a time, so there is a lot of string around. Ciara has been the worst. And when I tell her "no" you'd think I'd just broken her little heart. What can ya do? I do have a slight problem working, though. The palm of my right hand hurts from trying to close the back door of the Bronco. When the hitch is swung over, the tire's big enough and heavy enough that it sags a bit and it doesn't go on like it should. I tried slamming it and just hurt myself last week. I told Brian I just couldn't do it like he wants it done. I don't have the height or the strength. Oh, well.

I got this scathingly brilliant idea yesterday. The stereo I got last Christmas for the office has plugs in the back for an auxillary component. So, I brought in the old Sony 10 disk CD player. The system itself has a three CD capability. I found that I'd just play the same three disks over and over again. Now, I can listen to the same ten CDs over and over again. *lol* Right now, I'm listening to the ones I burned a couple of years ago. I'm getting in the mood to burn some more. This is really cool. My favorite songs and no commercials. Woohoo!

Well, I guess that's enough excitement for one day. I just dumped a load of clean Levi's on the bed. I'd better go fold them and put them away before some kitty urinates on them.

One more thing. I'd like to thank Katherine and Honest for their great reviews over at Alexa. Honest, they removed yours. I'm glad I saw it before they did. Maybe they think I put you up to it. *lol*

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03:55 PM - 11/07/2002

The topic: I’m alive! I bet you were really, really worried!


I've been working on my Disney trip report. I've gotten about eight or nine pages up. It wouldn't be so slow going if I hadn't gotten this wild hair up my butt to play with the graphics. And play is what I've done. I made a page just so I could see what I needed to do with table backgrounds, what they'd look like, my options, a table of 25 different colors (some of the backgrounds I made have transparancies, so I can change the look just by changing a background color), just lots of stuff. I'm having a blast doing it, but I'm not getting much else done. I am considering doing more backgrounds for my free backgrounds along the same lines. I just can't get over how good some of them look. Even though the Disney Report isn't finished, feel free to check out what I've done so far. Disney Memories, go down to the trip report dated 10-17-02.

DeeJay is finally starting to do better. His diarrhea seems to be under control (knock on wood) and his appetite is perking up little by little. I bought some more periactin, though, just in case. I did realize that even though he loves that sliced deli turkey, his system can't handle it. That was one of the things he was throwing up and I believe it was also giving him the runs. I threw out anything we had left so I'm not tempted to give him any. I also set up his chair here in the office with a heating pad under about three towels. When I did this is when he started doing better. It makes sense, because he's just so darned thin and has absolutely zero body fat. So his body was busy trying to stay warm instead of getting well. Since the heating pad, he's getting better much more quickly. And I looked in my Veterinarians' Guide to Natural Remedies for Cats book and looked up pain remedies. Arnica Montana was mentioned and I began giving that to DeeJay right away. That also helped him. It was obvious he was in pain when he walked, the way his butt end was lowered. Within a couple of days of giving him the Arnica, he was walking much better. I did have a long serious talk with him last week, telling him how much he meant to us and how important it was for him to get better. I told him that it was imperative that he eat, because if he didn't eat, he wouldn't live and that was totally unacceptable to us. I explained why he had to eat. I let him know how much we missed his grouchiness, even though we gave him a hard time about it. I know this all sounds wacky, but it certainly didn't hurt and I truly believe much of it got through to him.

Lucky's eye is almost back to 100%. And she's starting to be my little pest again. As a matter of fact, right now I'm typing and she's rubbing her face on my fingers and licking them. It makes it really hard to type properly. Now she's looking at me and purring. Ah, what a little cutie pie!

My mom won't be spending Thanksgiving with us this year. She told me Friday that she had been asked by one of her neighbors and she accepted. She said she just wasn't comfortable around my sister-in-law, the one who absolutely hates me. She said that this woman would just keep looking at me and giving me dirty looks. It doesn't bother me, like I've said before, if someone has a problem with me, that's their problem, not mine. And if I let it bother me, that makes it my problem. But mom has a hard time with that philosophy. I told her it was okay, that I understood. Poor mom. She loves her kid. And her kid loves her. It's really too bad that my sister in law has to be like this. It's possible that Brian won't be here. He's been talking for a while about taking his mom and going back to see his brother, Stephen, in Colorado. He'd mentioned going when there was snow. I recommended trying to go back on Thanksgiving and it looks like that might be happening, depending on how work goes. His mom said she'd go (not a moment's hesitation) and he called his brother last night and it's not a problem for he or his wife. Obviously, I can't go with them because of the animals. Junior and his insulin shot every morning and DeeJay's fluids three times a week. I think remember from my single life that Carl's Jr. was open on Thanksgiving....*lol*

We went up to the Sticks last Sunday. I took more pictures, but haven't had the chance to post them. There were big cat tracks again. And there is more growth, more green. It's very nice. Brian just left to go up there today. One of the neighbor's complained that the water tank attracts coyotes, which make his dogs go nuts. So, today, Brian is going to move the tank. He has to dig a hole for it, the drain the tank, then move it and set it up again with water. He and Mark have gotten the pipe that far. (Hey, did I ever mention that the trencher broke again? but this time it's an easy fix, or so I've been told.)

Well, I gave up on my Spam Buster email program. There's a major conflict with one of my other programs and I have no idea which one. It doesn't really matter, because I'm not going to get rid of any of them. I found another one that I like more anyway. SpamEaterPro. I've finally gotten wise. I take full advantage of the trial periods I'm offered before paying for the software. This one is pretty easy to use. Once I'm real sure that it's not marking any valid emails (which it hasn't done yet), I'll go ahead and let the mail get eaten before I see it. Besides, anyone I don't know, who wants to email me should use the email form at this site.

Annie had some sort of owie on her bottom lip. I didn't notice it until yesterday when I saw that she had a fat lip. I cleaned it off with a Kleenex, which she didn't like. It looked like it may have been a little abscessed, but she was eating and acting okay. She probably got into a slap contest with one of the other cats. She can be very territorial.

Last weekend, we went shopping and one of the places we went was Michael's craft store. We picked out some yarn, because I want to make covers for the sofa, chair and loveseat in the family room. I hope I remember how to crochet. *grin* Don't seem to be able to remember much of anything lately. And I got a candle making kit. I'm going to try my hand at making my own candles. I ordered a double boiler early last week and haven't heard from the company I ordered it from. That's not good, but I see that they have charged my card, so chances are it's in the mail. I also ordered some fragrance online. Gardenia, sage and sandalwood. I hope it's not too hard to do.

We've only gone walking once since we got back from Disneyland. There's something wrong with my big right toe, the one that was bit by the spider. I didn't have any problems with it at Disneyland, thank goodness, but once home, it really began to bother me, especially when I was wearing shoes. It's like a rubber band inside that someone keeps plinking when I walk. I don't have this problem with shoes on. The toe does seem to get a little colder than the others. It's strange. I'm wondering if my bunion is finally getting to the point where I may need to have something done about it. I found out doing a search on bunions that they're hereditary. I never wore closed pointy toed shoes, I hated them. I figure if God wanted women to wear closed pointy toed shoes, he'd have put our big toe in the middle of our foot. I always preferred the wide open toed shoes. I didn't wear too many spike heeled type shoes, I liked the platform heels much better. But it's been a long, long time since I've worn anything other than my sneakers, sandles or boots.

Hey, have you ever checked out a website on Alexa.com? I've been checking mine out, boy, what fun. There's even a place for people to write reviews. Ya think I should give my site a review? *lol* lisaviolet.com on Alexa.com.

We bought many candy bars to give out at Halloween. There were two boxes of mixed bars (Nestle's Crunch, Baby Ruth, $100 Grand and Butterfinger) and a box of Snickers. Brian made me promise that all candy not given out would be gotten rid of. He would have thrown it out. Friday morning, I took it all to the vet's office. The girls were happy to lighten me of the load. I was sad. And I didn't even accidentally drop a bar or two into the bottom of the freezer. We kept count of our visitors Thursday night. We only had 40 kids. Our largest group was over five years ago, over 160 kids. I told Brian that I think what's happening is people aren't moving, they're staying put and the kids are too old to trick or treat any longer. We got the cats all in before anybody knocked on the door. In the past, we've let the cats stay out and it was really hard getting them in after the kids quit coming by. Of course, most of the cats were in hiding. The out fronts wanted to eat, which made for a little excitement. Brian had moved all of the vehicles to one side of the driveway, so that people could walk to the front door more easily. We ended up taking the food for the out fronts and placing it in front of the car at the far side of the driveway. But when it had been a half hour since our last kid, I moved the food back into the entryway and shut the gate. I was pleasantly surprised that the cats weren't all weirded out.

Speaking of the out fronts, I think OC has started living on this side of the street. I see him in the mornings when I put out food. But I haven't seen him across the street in a while. He is here in the afternoons, when the sun hits the bank. So, I'm thinking he may be snoozing under the junipers on the bank until the sun warms the area, then he comes out. Most afternoons, you can see OC and MeezerKitty snuggled up together on the bank, laying on a bed of pine needles, the afternoon sun shining on them. I'm in the ongoing process of explaining to OC that there is no need to run everytime I come out of the house, that there's nothing to fear. And I explain about the guy in the cowboy hat, too. This worked with Meeze, I hope it works with Oce. The other night, I heard Brian telling Pete to tell his brother, Repete, to come live with us. Brian really cares about these guys.

Well, I guess that's it for now. It looks like it's going to be a nice day. I should really go make the bed, then take a shower. Maybe clean off the windows that have been peed on when it warms up a little. Then get ready to watch the Charger game. Oh, yeah, and try to get my trip report finished. So then I can put up pictures from our trip to Ranchita last week.

Work, work, work.

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