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      Tuesday, November 26, 2002

08:55 AM - 11/26/2002

The topic: Damn it!


I could just scream right now, I had typed quite a bit and I guess I overloaded my system and explorer crashed and since I do this via my browser, all that I’d done went kaput.  Arggh!!

So, starting from the beginning, as much as I can tell….Brian has been gone for two days now.  He’s called each night he’s been gone.  Sunday they were at Flagstaff.  He took our Disney Club Card and he said that they got a $150 room for $50.  The Disney Club has always had special travel deals.  So, just one night paid for the card.  Last night he called from his sister’s house in New Mexico.  And he finally took pictures yesterday.  Sunday night he told me that he saw a wonderful sunset but didn’t take the picture.

Brian asked me about the weather, said the weather channel said that we were supposed to have been windy.  Not yesterday, not that I noticed, but this morning, there are very strong wind gusts.  And if you watch the trees, you can see the gusts coming.  The pool is covered with leaves and tree crud.  The younger cats are having a blast chasing stuff.  My pile of leaves is gone.  Probably on top of the pool. 

I made it to the grocery store yesterday where I got celery and onions for the stuffing.  This morning my mom reminded me to make the stuffing a day ahead, so I could refrigerate it before putting it in the turkey.  “Cold into cold” is what she said.  I also got some of the single serving bottles of champagne.  And deli turkey, lettuce and tomatoes so I can make sandwiches. That’s what I had for lunch yesterday.  Flush

You know, I’m sitting here, trying to type and three cats are just right there.  Lucky, Annie and DeeJay.  It’s bad enough with just one sitting in front of the monitor, blocking my view of the screen.  But then Lucky will sit by the water, Annie comes over and wants a drink and they both just sit there.  It’s very, very annoying.  Well, DeeJay just left the room, I’ll put Lucky on the chair with the heating pad and maybe she’ll stay there.  Now Ciara is on my lap.  And she has bad rotten gas.  *koff*

Today, I’m going to do paperwork.  I’ve got bills to pay and I don’t know how many companies will be opened on Friday for business, so I’d best get the checks in the mail today.  I had considered going for a walk this morning, but decided against it.  I brewed a pot of coffee, have some relaxing music on the stereo (Touch-Windham Hill 25 Years of Guitar, Sounds of Wood and Steel, Vol. 1, and Sounds of Wood and Steel, Vol. 2; acoustical guitar music, very easy to work to; in my opinion this music should span all age groups for listenability, if you’re so inclined, click on the links and listen to a clip or two), a big pile of envelopes to the side and ARGGH!!  DeeJay sitting right in the middle of my desk.  Okay, I moved him, he got Lucky to move, she just left the office and will most likely end up back on the stove.

I just reloaded my coffee, Lucky is back on the stove.  Good, it’s nice and quiet and warm there.

Remember a while back the problem we had with the insurance company and the trailer (for those of you new, here, check out Ranchita Ranch and go down to the link for the fire)?  That when we got the trailer, Brian checked with our agent (who he’s had since before we were married) and Brian was told that coverage would be included under our homeowners?  If something happened, that we should get at least 10% of our coverage?  Well, we got a check for a little over a thousand dollars back in October.  Brian wasn’t happy with this at all and called the agent (who Brian considered a friend) and the agent just never got back with him.  Brian gave him about six weeks to find out more on the claim and when he wouldn’t return Brian’s calls, Brian told me to check on a different insurance company.  I went online and checked and called 21st Century Insurance.  For our five personal vehicles, we’d be paying a thousand dollars less a year.  For more coverage.  So, we went with them and yesterday, I faxed our old company a letter requesting that the five accounts be closed retroactive to November 12.  The only calls we got were asking about the sixth vehicle, the work truck, which we are leaving with Farmer’s until the time 21st insures commercial.  But Brian’s “friend”, the agent, never called at all.  I told Brian last night on the phone, because, to be honest, I was a little surprised.  But like I told hubby, maybe he’s on vacation this week.  Anyway, I finally deposited the check last week.  I can use it to pay personal bills, which I’m doing today.

What else, there was something else… :idea Oh, yeah.  The outfronts.  This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see all three of my boys out there.  OC, KittyMeeze and SpotTee.  I was worried about SpotTee because I hadn’t seen him in the morning in well over a week.  And yesterday morning, there was still quite a bit of food left even though I had halved what I was putting out.  This morning, there was still a little left from Monday night’s feeding, but it was just stuck to the bottom of the bowls.  And they ate all I put out this morning.  When I went out to get the paper, KittyMeeze even came running back in.  I had to give him something else, so I grabbed a piece of chicken from the frig and shredded it into one of the empty bowls.  I felt him say “thank you” when he checked it out.  He’s such a sweetheart.

So, what’s left on my list?  Bills today, chiropractor tomorrow, hit CostCo while I’m in Santee, get more humulin for Junior, a pumpkin cheesecake for my big butt, should I get more yarn at Michael’s?  Hmm..  Hey, I’m thinking about putting up a forum for crafting, since I’m an intermediate crocheter and very, very beginner candlemaker.  For the candlemaking, I’ve got a book and a kit and a doubleboiler, that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  But I’d really like to try my hand at other stuff, so if anybody is into crafts, or interested about learning more, I’d be more than happy to set up a new forum over at Benny’s.  Just leave a comment.

Hey, remember earlier this year when I complained that CostCo was no longer carrying Litter Purrfect cat litter and they started carrying Scoop Away Clean, which is scented?  And how I ended up really liking the scented litter? Well, guess what? They quit carrying Scoop Away and now only have the reformulated Litter Purrfect.  We looked for Scoop Away at WalMart and boy, was it expensive, so we ended up going back to the Litter Purrfect.  It’s more dusty and it’s finer than Scoop Away.  I didn’t think I’d like it at all.  I’ve been adding it to the boxes as they need it and all of them are pretty much just the Litter Purrfect now.  Well, last night I scooped and let me tell you, it’s great!  A very good job of clumping.  Nothing fell apart.  Scoop Away was good, this new Litter Purrfect is way better.  And even though it isn’t scented, it wasn’t really stinky, I didn’t get that old cat piss smell.  So, I guess I’ll be okay with it. Speaking of cat urine, I read this on a bulletin board today, posted by Angie:

I hope you think this is as funny as I did.

   My husband and I were discussing heaven and the hope that our cats will be there with us when we die. I said, sort of wistfully, “I wonder if there are cats in heaven.”

   He said, “Well, we’ll know if we get there and it smells like pee.”

I bet her husband and mine would get along well.  yes

That’s it for now.  Going to start on this pile of paperwork now.

Oh, wait!  Here are some more pictures I took this weekend:

From the front: Sammy, Opie, Richie, Kirby and Daniece

Lucky on the heating pad; she looks so small!

Opie and Richie

Well, I'm off to do something constructive. And then it won't be hanging over me head. Remember how bad I used to be at filing? Saturday night, Brian and I were in the office and he was trying to get stuff together for the trip and do last minute company stuff. He was so frustrated not being able to find stuff on his desk he said "my desk looks like yours used to!" I've gotta admit, being organized sure makes life a little easier. Which reminds me of my "to do list". I've also got the closets and drawers... disney

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