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      Monday, March 07, 2005

07:47 AM - 03/07/2005

The topic: Walking tally


Monday, March 7, 2005  When we first started walking a couple of years ago, we didn’t notice the money.  But as we walked, we started to see it.  A penny here, a dime there.  The more we walked, the more often we seemed to find money.  Never any paper money, always change.  And last month, I ‘coined’ the term “coindar”.  Now, my coindar seems to be a little better than Brian’s on average.  One day, I found two quarters.  Another time, I find nine dimes.  And there is usually a couple of pennies to be found each day.  Some days more, some days none. 

Something we noticed when we first started finding money, was when one of us found something, the other started scouring the streets and walkways with our eyes, looking for more.  We both do it.  And we laugh about it.

This morning started out nicely.  I found two pennies before we turned the third corner.  Then, much to my amazement, Brian found a quarter in the gutter by the school over on Greenfield.  Gutters in front of schools are a good place for finding coins, as are parking lots in front of bars.  *grin*  Then, walking up Royal Road, I found another penny.

Today’s tally was .28.  Almost enough for a half of a doughnut at Rose Donuts (in my opinion, so much better than a Krispy Kreme).

And I woke up with a headache again.  Took three Excedrin before our walk.  Came home, had my cereal and now my tummy is upset.  I think today I’ll drink lots of water and do what I can to flush the allergy toxins out of my system.  What a great way to wake up.

On our walks, sometimes we talk about the way things are.  Last week, there was an article in the newspaper about public transportation in San Diego county.  Ridership is down.  And they found it’s down because the transportation doesn’t go to where people live or where people work.  My opinion is because the area has gotten so built up.  And in the summer, who wants to walk a mile to a bus stop when it’s freaking hot outside?  You need to take a shower once you get to work.  Brian made the point that places like San Francisco and cities back east do okay with public transportation.  And I pointed out that those places also have corner stores in neighborhoods.  But here, where we live, there are no corner stores.  There are in San Diego, but not out here in the county.  See, they zoned them away back in 1974.  Sure, if you had a store, you could keep it, but once you died, that store was gone, too. The only corner stores around here, and they’re not on the corner, but on the main street, are 7/11 stores.  Or strip malls, but the little corner store of yesteryear is long gone. 

The nearest grocery store is a couple of miles away and perishibles would most likely be perished by the time you get home if you took public transportation or walked.  The ice cream would no longer be ice and the milk would be warm and probably wouldn’t last as long.

They’re zoning away America.

It’s really kind of sad.

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