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      Saturday, November 24, 2018

06:55 AM - 11/24/2018

The topic: Sitting at my desk printing out SVG files


I headed over to Dreaming Tree earlier this week and got four bundles I didn't have (last time I bought svg files was in August), the latest free bundle (free with purchase) and I also downloaded all of the free files they offer (and they offer a lot!).

And now I'm printing out the PDF files (these tell you the paper stock you'll need, the files included and other little tips) and the project photo.

I use an old version of PIcasa to print the project photo, since it gives me the option to have the file name printed either on or below the picture. I use Adobe's Acrobat to print out the PDF files. I punch holes in the project photos and (ideally) write what they are in an index file, with a short description and how they can be used (birthday, anniversary, etc). I say ideally because I've fallen behind because there are things that are WAY more fun to do.

I was reflecting on how much I love the movie "The Milagro Beanfield War". I've read the book about five times and it always makes me laugh. It's actually a trilogy. I have all three, but had a hard time getting into the second book. Never cracked the third book open. It's been a while, maybe I should give it another try.

We have the DVD and I checked the Vudu availability of disk to digital yesterday. There's a huge list of movies if you have the DVD, you can scan the code using the Vudu app on your smartphone and buy a digital version of the movie. SDX is $2.00, HDX is $5.00. If your disk is Blu-ray, it's only $2.00 to convert. I checked the list yesterday to see if Milagro was on it. It's a sweet movie, a quiet movie, a magical movie. And yes, it was available. I got the digitial version.

So, Brian was in charge of the television viewing last night and he chose the original version of Overboard. It was on commercial television (we have it in streaming, too, but he hasn't mastered the Roku). When it was over, he scrolled through the guide and said there's nothing on. Now, on to the Roku.  Guess what we watched?

Yep. The Milagro Beanfield War. And it was just as wonderful this time as the first ten times I saw it.

Love that movie.

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