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      Thursday, December 19, 2002

04:35 PM - 12/19/2002

The topic: It’s cold! It’s cold!


I can’t even believe how freaking cold it is.  It’s 74 in the office and my feet are like blocks of ice.  It’s only 60 outside.  Yeah, yeah, I know, many of you have it much worse than I.  But that’s why I don’t live there.  *grin*  Brian wanted to move to a state with snow years ago, but luckily (for me) he couldn’t find anything.  We went for our walk this morning and it wasn’t even 35.  Yesterday I went to WalMart and got some gloves for both of us.  We both wore our gloves and hats this morning.  Well, we walked down to the school and I thought we’d maybe walk up the street to the cul-de-sac and then home.  Nope.  He took us up Icky Hill.  For all that cold outside, I ended up taking off my gloves and hat.  I was sweating!  We walked two miles, at least, in less than thirty five minutes.  His justification was that if we had the rain in the morning as predicted, we wouldn’t be walking in the morning.  And we didn’t go walking yesterday.  So?  I was sure glad to get home.

Mystie just came in and I stroked her and got something gross on my hand.  I sniffed it (hey, what normal concerned cat lover wouldn’t do the same?) and I’m pretty sure it was very runny stool.  And the scary part is there were little pieces of stuff that looked like coffee grounds.  This is so very, very not good.  That’s what intestinal bleeding can look like.  She doesn’t seem to be sick, so I’ll watch her closely.  She’s not losing weight and she has a decent appetite.  Maybe I should weigh her so that I can keep track, just in case. I cleaned out the litter boxes this morning and I’m doing it again and there’s no loose stool in any of them.  Maybe it was something from outside, not poop at all.  Oh, God, I can’t go through something horrible again.  I just can’t.

I found out yesterday that many of my affiliates aren’t even around any longer.  I guess I should have paid more attention.  And some that I still have banners for, well, the place where they were affiliated through isn’t there.  It was taken over by another company and I lost my affiliations.  So, I’m starting over.  You’ll notice that I also changed the bar at the top of the page.  If you would like to help out the cathouse, here.  And check out the places where I have affiliations.  I’ve got a pretty diverse bunch, from clothes for plus sized women to cameras, to body jewelry.  And of course, there are pet supplies.  That’s how I noticed there was a problem.  My Petsmart and Petco links no longer worked.  *sigh* I’ve got more I have to add.  Jenny Craig rejected my application.  *lol*

If it’s raining this weekend, we might go to Disneyland.  And if it’s not raining, maybe we’ll go to Disneyland.  According to the KTLA morning news this morning (a Los Angeles station), the mountains have snow in them. Well, there’s a certain spot at DCA that I tried to take a picture of the snow capped mountains last year that didn’t turn out because it was one of those disposable cameras, no zoom.  It would have been a great picture.

The bedroom has its first coat of paint. It needs one more, then has to dry for a week before Brian puts on the top coat (to keep the cat pee from ruining it).  He figures he’ll put up the mural, then start on the floor.  He doesn’t want to have to wait a week, doing nothing.  Our furniture will be here by the end of the year!  Speaking of the furniture, I’ve got pictures of it, I just have to get around to putting them up on the remodel page.

All that’s on television tonight are reruns.  Maybe there’s something good on a movie channel.

Well, hubby’s home.  Gotta go.

Sounds like Florida weather to me!!!! We have been quite cold this winter so far.. I woke up one morning and it was 38 degrees on my porch!!! The rest of the time, we are lucky it is 42 in the mornings. But we are having a warm week. We hit 70!

Posted by Tia @ Friday, December 20, 2002 - 6:28:04 AM

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