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      Saturday, February 14, 2009

07:23 AM - 02/14/2009

The topic: Argh!


I can’t find Little Bit, she didn’t come out for treats this morning.  I’ve looked all over for her and the only thing I can think is she found a new sleepy spot out in the garage.  The garage is a new place to her.  I know she was in last night, since it was raining and most of the cats were in when it was time for kitties in, I didn’t do too much to get them in.  She was standing next to another cat when I handed out kibbles.   Just to be safe, before I went to bed, I grabbed a flashlight and went through the living room counting black kitties. She was in one of the condos, bottom spot.

This morning, she wasn’t there for treats.  *sigh*

And while looking out the back door to see if I could see her anywhere (I couldn’t), I did see another cat.  Didn’t look all that familiar.  Like I told Brian “looks like Katie, but longer”.  And it does look like we have a new kitty.

And keep your fingers crossed that Little Bit shows her face soon.  I get nervous.


When we got back from breakfast, Little Bit was back in her little condo hidey hole.  Yay!

The other kitty is under the pool pump and it looks like the current resident cats are pretty much leaving him alone.  Brian doesn’t want to go see him just yet, wants to let him settle down.  I remember when Pancho moved in, how even though I could hold him inside, once he was in the yard, he went nuts trying to get out.  I’ll be leaving food out for this guy, so he will at least be able to eat until he lets us bring him in.

I’m pretty sure he’s not a feral, but has people (or should I say “used to have”) somewhere, but I look at it this way.  He’s not a kitten, he’s young, but he’s not a kitten.  He should be neutered, but chances are he is not. I think this because the residents have been very interested in the area around the catnip in the back, they keep spraying over something they smell.  The new kitty’s territorial marking would be my guess.

It’s been cold and rainy, it was rainy when we got home from dinner last night and it rained all evening.  This cat should not have been outside in this weather.  And it’s not an easy thing to get into our yard, so there had to be some work on his part to join the clowder. 

Wish us luck.

Good luck!  Can’t wait to “meet” the new guy.

Posted by Lisa @ Saturday, February 14, 2009 - 1:07:44 PM

Can’t wait to meet the new kitty! Your place is the perfect place to be, why wouldn’t a cat try it’s hardest to get in-it’s like Disneyland for cats!

Posted by Melanee @ Saturday, February 14, 2009 - 1:54:26 PM

Hi, Diane! Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m so glad you found Li’l Brat - er, Bit!! smile How’s the new kitty today? What does he look like? Since you first saw him near Valentine’s Day, you might call him Valentine, Valentino, or Valentine Michael (ever read “Stranger in a Strange Land”?)! Anyway, I hope yours was a happy one! Kiss Brian for me!!

Posted by Mary @ Saturday, February 14, 2009 - 4:09:24 PM

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