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      Saturday, April 03, 2010

08:58 AM - 04/03/2010

The topic: A sight for sore eyes


So, KittyMeeze is still around. No sign of Gilligan.  I think he’s probably gone to the bridge.  It’s a tough life for an unneutered feral cat.

Kitty stays on property.  He’s been staying hidden untl mid- or late morning.  He’ll come in to the entry way for water or food, then go back out front and find a ray of sun to lay in.  I don’t put the food out until I see him. I’ve been taking him food during the day.  I’ll slide the bowl towards him and he usually eats. Not much, but any amount is good.  As all of us know, if a cat won’t eat, the cat’s in pretty bad shape. 

I’ve been adding a lot of water to his food since it seems he’s having a hard time chewing.  For a week or so, we were putting out Fancy Feast, but Wednesday, I started with the Hill’s A/D again.  I took it up to him on the bank and he lapped.  When he was done, I’d take it away and put it back in the entry way.  Hours later, I’d find him laying on the driveway, I’d bring the food to him and he’d lap some more. 

Thursday, over the course of the day, he ate almost an entire can of A/D, along with some Fancy Feast.  Yesterday, he did eat a full can of A/D over the day and before he went to bed, he came in and ate a good amount of Fancy Feast (during the day, there is always some wet food out there for him).  This was the first time he’d done this in weeks. Come into the entry way to eat before bed.

Of course, I’m not leaving food out overnight.  I go outside around 8:30 and throw out any food that’s left over.  Sorry possums, but you’re not the only critter it attracts.  Last week I chased a raccoon away.  I don’t want them here, they’re not cat friendly when they’re fighting for food. 

So, this morning, I get up, and as usual, the first thing I do is turn on the computer. Then, while it’s booting up, I feed the cats.  On the way to the garage, I look out the front door to see if maybe KittyMeezer is out there.  This is the same thing I do every morning. And this morning, Kitty was there!  Waiting for breakfast!  The first time in weeks.

I tossed the dry kibble for the inside cats, then emptied a can of A/D into a paper bowl, added water and heated it up. I took that out to him. He waited, he didn’t run.  And when I squatted down to place the bowl, I put my index finger out to him.  He sniffed it!  Just like he always did, every morning!

Seeing him out there this early in the morning was certainly a great start to my day.

Poor Gilligan,
I have had one of my outdoor girls (Foxy) missing for a week as well… I search and search and find no-one…. she went missing for nine months last time and I thought that perhaps she had gone to the bridge until she turned up late one night to munch on the kibble…
But last time I saw her I started to make plans to trap her to take her to our vet… but she didn’t turn up the next day or the next… (Sigh)
Good that KittyMeeze is eating more and now starting to sniff your finger like the old days…. well done I say!
Take care!

Posted by Kerry @ Saturday, April 03, 2010 - 9:41:59 AM

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