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      Sunday, December 29, 2002

09:29 AM - 12/29/2002

The topic: A quick update


I have much more to share, but right now, I’m painting the bedroom closet.  I just wanted to get this up early for my San Diego readers.  Friday, we went to the Home Depot in Santee and bought a new television.  It’s a Magnavox.  It’s 27 inches and it has a built in VCR and DVD player.  It was only $359.00!  We pooled our Christmas money from my mom to get it.  This television is a loss leader, which the guy at the store explained means that the store is selling them for less than they paid for them.  The reason was the televisions were supposed to have been delivered at the beginning of December and didn’t show up until a few days before Christmas.  Anyone who goes to Home Depot knows that they aren’t in the business of selling TVs.  I found a comparable television online.  Sylvania 6727DC 27” TV/DVD/VCR Combo; the one we got looks exactly like this Sylvania, except for the “Sylvania” logo, but it’s $110.00 less and no shipping.  I don’t know if they’re being carried at all local Home Depot stores, you might want to check, but this is a great price.  This morning’s paper’s Best Buy insert had a Toshiba 20 inch with DVD/VCR for $454.00.  If you signed up for 24 months of MSN internet, you get a $200.00 rebate.  So, this Magnavox is a great deal.  If you do go out there, the televisions can be found in the area of the store where they sell the electrical wiring.  When you walk in, go to your left.  When you get to the lighting and lamps, turn to your right.  The televisions are towards the back, on the left.  You can’t miss them.

More about other stuff later.

Thanks for that info. I’ve been debating on getting one to add to my bedroom (I don’t have a dvd player in there) but I am saving for a DVD recorder. I want to record all our family videos on DVD.(I don’t have a DVD burner on my computer either).

Posted by Melanee @ Monday, December 30, 2002 - 3:05:04 PM

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