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      Saturday, November 09, 2002

12:32 PM - 11/09/2002

The topic: Well, the rain seems to have tapered off.


 We had over an inch in less than twenty fours hours which was pretty nice. I am glad we had the old plastic rain gauge outside, otherwise I'd not have known how much we did have. See, earlier this fall, Brian fixed up the wires into the house from when we got the new humidity/temperature gauge. And when he was trying to push the new wire into the house, he accidentally pulled the connector off of the rain gauge wires. He put a new end on it, but we didn't realize until this morning that it wasn't working. When we got back from breakfast, he poured water in the gauge (on the roof, in the rain :-whip) and it was dumping fine, which meant there was a problem at the connector. So, I did an online search and found that the wires do have to be in the right direction. I got all of the tools together and he fixed it (I could have done it if I were about eight inches taller). So, now, we have a rain measurement. Fortunately, I was able to change the amount we've gotten for the weather page. Now that we can measure, it's stopped! question

Remember what I said about Benny and the rain? I took this last night after we got the cats in for the night.

We tried giving DeeJay his fluids this morning and boy, did he fight them. I actually ruined two needles and he'd only gotten less than twenty ounces of fluids. Dangit. So, we'll try again later. I sure hope this isn't a new thing with him. This won't be fun at all when hubby if hubby leaves on that trip. Right now, the syringes are in the microwave with the light on. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep the fluids warm.

Brian just got home from painting his engine. I guess I have to put on my shoes and socks, 'cause we have to go shopping. I don't want to leave the house right now. I vacuumed the floor in here, I've got a candle burning, Larry Carlton Fingerprints on the CD player I just don't feel like getting dressed to go outside and fight the people at CostCo. And he just told me that he went and looked at bedroom furniture. Got a price on it, too. So, I know he wants to go order it. But the bedroom isn't even close to being finished, heck, it isn't even started. Of course, he asked the store about delivery. They'll hold it as long as we want them to. I don't want to go out... If we went to Mor Furniture, we could get free cookies. Flush

Maybe I'll be back later. biglaugh

We're back! I knew I should have stayed home. Gah, I hate spending tons of money. Brian doesn't have a problem with it. I should have known what he was up to. When we left, we went to the furniture store.

Not that I won't love having a new bedroom set. The one we got, well, Brian gave me the bed before we were married, back in 1985. Then when we moved into this house in '86, we got the rest of the bedroom suite. It wasn't the highest quality to start with and the wood is really soft and it's dark. It marks up with barely a scrape of a fingernail, so you can imagine how bad it is because of the cats. Not because they deliberately scratched at it, but from jumping here or there, sitting on it and scratching an ear with a back paw and losing balance, chasing one another through the house...all sorts of ways that the furniture got marked up. And then there is the ever present pee problem. New furniture will be really nice. The style and color match what we got for the family room.

First we went to one store, Oak Plus. In the store Brian explained to me how it would look. The bed would be under our window (we're not having a fancy headboard at all, so it would fit that way in the bedroom). Brian talked about getting a cedar chest (I've got one now that I got from my parents back in high school and it's needs some major refinishing), which I didn't understand. "Well, you'll need a place for your yarn." Ooooo-kay. Got a price on what they had there (changed from a seven drawer dresser for me to a nine drawer) and went to the place he'd been earlier. He showed me what he liked and then I asked where we'd put the television. They didn't have any little stands and I told him we didn't need a tv in the bedroom. "But you like to watch it when you fold laundry" he says to me. (What a considerate guy! :love) We look around, I'm opening doors and drawers and open the door to this tall thing, taller than me, which isn't saying much. Heh. I had no idea what this thing was and Brian piped in "that's for a tv!". So, we added this humongous thing to our list. I looked at the price and it was *koff* almost $2000. (I should have stayed at home, spending all of this money is making me ill.)

So, we talked to the salesguy and told him what we wanted. He wrote it down and said that there was another armoire in the back (that piece of furniture wasn't an expensive television stand, I found out, it was what is known as an "armoire") that we might like a little more. This one was scheduled for delivery, but we could look at it. We follow him and we like it. It isn't as deep as the other one (fine with me, I'm growing out not up, yanno), but is wider. There's plenty of room for it on the wall where we want to place it. And it has no back where the television will go and it also has many little drawers on it. Brian tells they guy we'll take that one, too. (I'm dying here, spending all of this money. Honestly, I'd have no problem with the thrashed furniture we've got, as long as we had no bills.) Our salesman got what the bottom line would be (holy crap, it's more than my first brand new vehicle! Get the smelling salts!), Brian doesn't bat an eye. As the sale is being written up, I walked around looking at some of the pictures and paintings they had. One of them really grabbed me. I called Brian over to look at it. It was just beautiful. It's really hard to describe. It's sunset. It's fall. It's overcast. The low horizon, through the trees (both pine and trees that have yellow and orange leaves), is bright orange-red. (The color on the water reminds me of the elk in the fire photo taken during those horrible fires a couple of years ago, here's the link Elk in the Fire.) Well, what that water looks like is what the water in this picture looks like. Brian was as taken with it as I was. And it already had a frame that would match and some really nice matting that would nicely match our new decor. The salesman talked to his boss and we got ten dollars off. Brian handed over the credit card (no interest until April 2003) and we should be getting the furniture at the end of December. Gah! I have seventeen years of clothes in that closet! I have much work to do! Less than two months to get rid of a third of my life. This I'm really looking forward to. mail

Then we went to Michael's where they still don't have the color of yarn in I need. Then to CostCo, where we left spending less than $100, which is some sort of miracle.Then we came home.

I found Meezer huddled up next to the cathouse that's at the corner of the house by the entry way. Above it is the overhang from the roof and I guess he feels pretty secure there. It's still raining and I worry about the ferals. Hardly any food was eaten last night. I did see OC this morning back in the heartless bastard's yard. We so wish all the ferals would move in with us. Wouldn't that just be wonderful? To open the door and have them walk in? I can dream, I guess. I know my chances are much better to win the lottery. And I don't play the lottery.

Time to go feed Junior. There's nothing really wonderful on tv tonight. Maybe we can watch one of the DVDs we haven't seen yet. Like maybe Monsters, Inc. Or maybe not. Maybe there's some old hokey movie on later that would amuse us. After I look for the yarn I need online, I'll go crochet some more.

See ya next time! I'm outtie!

Just wanted to let you know that I REALLY like this format and especially the faces! Those are GREAT! Lisaviolet, keep up the great work!

PS - Love the pictures also!!!

Posted by Honest @ Saturday, November 09, 2002 - 3:53:03 PM

love the new diary’s new look ! shopping is fun   enjoy!

Posted by bcatsr7 @ Saturday, November 09, 2002 - 8:09:03 PM

This is great, now I can send you my comments, sure ya want everyone’s imput as they read it.  I do so enjoy your writings.  It is nice to know I am not the only crazy cat lady.  smile

Posted by Kohlene @ Saturday, November 09, 2002 - 10:18:03 PM


Bensbly, I always knew you didn’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain. Tee hee, tee hee!

Posted by Bitsy @ Sunday, November 10, 2002 - 10:02:03 AM

Hay, Kweenie Baybee,

Sumkiddee gots ta make shur da nip is okay.

Wuts dat smell comin frum da fronerume? 




Posted by Benny da Kat @ Sunday, November 10, 2002 - 11:38:03 AM

First time reading the new diary. Very cool :cool:

Posted by Bobbie @ Sunday, November 10, 2002 - 12:03:03 PM

Read this - NEWARK, Ohio—A Ohio man will spend 30 days in jail for killing a kitten in front of its 4-year-old owner and forcing the girl to help clean up the animal’s blood.

Frederick Brumage II, 39, pleaded guilty Saturday to aggravated

Posted by Honest @ Monday, November 11, 2002 - 5:15:03 AM

menacing and cruelty to animals in Licking County Municipal Court.

Brumage also must attend anger-management and mental-health counseling.

Brumage told investigators he was drunk when he visited a neighbor’s home Wednesday and became upset

Posted by Honest @ Monday, November 11, 2002 - 5:16:03 AM

when the kitten scratched him.

He burned the cat’s paws on a stove burner, then slammed it on the floor with the girl present, according to court records.

He threatened to harm the girl if she told her mother, who was in the shower. angry

Posted by Honest @ Monday, November 11, 2002 - 5:17:03 AM


This just infuriates me!!! He should be in jail a LOT longer than that!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Honest @ Monday, November 11, 2002 - 5:18:03 AM

angry angry angry angry

Make that 30 years!!!

The Rat should burn in jail… Cause next thin gyou know he will kill the little girl too!!!

Mumble Mutter Mumble… Stoopid and cruel people shouldn’t breathe!

Posted by Tia @ Monday, November 11, 2002 - 8:55:03 AM

I wanted to post just to wail about not being there to pick up your cast-off clothes, Diann.  Now I’ve read about the cruelty case and am heartbroken.  We recently had a case here in the UK where a drunken young woman killed a cat by microwaving it.

Posted by Patricia @ Monday, November 11, 2002 - 6:14:03 PM

:rolleyes:Dear Bensbly, I appurrlogize fur giggling about your picture. I would love to have it fur the Castle wall. Would you purrlease send it to me? Purrty purrlease?    :blush:

Posted by Bitsy @ Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - 6:35:03 AM

:confused:I think I am going to like the new format when I adjust.  i love your photos(always),hope DeeJay is ok today.

Posted by Evelyn Davis @ Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - 10:42:03 AM

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