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      Saturday, March 01, 2014

12:02 PM - 03/01/2014

The topic: You may not understand this, but

I just found out that MyMedia (via the PlayOn channel on my RokuĀ®) now picks up my Windows Media Player playlists! So, I can play my music on the receiver in the family room, turn on the stereo in the office and have my playlists playing throughout the house.


I'm thinking the problems I had last week were all for the better. 

Listening to my "Little Martha" playlist right now (yeah, you got that right, I have a playlist with just different versions of "Little Martha" on it; one of my fave Allman Brothers songs).


I got my first Roku years ago from Woot for Netflix. Then there was Amazon, then HBOGo, then EPIX! and...and..and... I tried for hours and hours throughout the years to get my playlists on my computer to stream to the other room. I had some of those senders and receivers, but I hated all of the extra wires and having to turn them on/off.  I was able to access the media files, but not the playlists (and when you've got over ten thousand songs, a playlist is a very nice thing to have).

I was very happy this morning to discover this updated option.

Yeah. Happy.

      Sunday, March 02, 2014

06:48 AM - 03/02/2014

The topic: For your Sunday morning pleasure….


      Monday, March 03, 2014

08:17 AM - 03/03/2014

The topic: Friday night, we’re watching tv.

A commercial comes on for Time Warner Cable. A stupid commercial, with a family outside in a tent watching tv. Because their neighbor has TWC and they only have DSL (AT&T).  The TWC has download speeds of 100Mbps, DSL only 45 (see my post from last week about AT&T junk phone calls). It's a dumb commercial, but this time I started wondering why TWC has download speeds 30Mbps faster than what we have.

Saturday, I did my research. We ARE paying for 100Mbps. I call Cox and the tech walks me through some tests, one being connecting the modem directly to the computer. Run the speedtest. Whoa! Over 125Mbps. Over 80% faster than what we'd been getting. I say "then we need a new router, the one we have now is pretty old" (we've had it for at least ten years).  The tech asks what brand it is and gives me a number to call. I call and wait for forty-five minutes only to be told what I already know. That router can't handle the speed. And then the guy starts asking me all these questions about our usage so he can recommend a new router. We'll have it in two days, no shipping and we'll get a deal over the list price. He gives me the model number and I get over to Amazon and look it up. I ask "so what's the price?" He tells me. I say "that's no deal, it's the same as Amazon".  So, he drops the price twenty bucks. 

I don't like this type of selling and tell him I'm not interested at this time.

Later, we headed over to CostCo and I checked to see if they had any routers. They did, a Netgear router. It was on sale so we got it. 

I set it up yesterday. OMG, what a nightmare. The computer didn't see the router. I called their tech support, waited for at least a half hour, kind of listening to the recorded patter.  Once I had someone on the line, one of the first things he did was get my phone number in case the call was dropped. He walked me through lots of steps with no luck. Well, I had no internet, our phones work on internet connection so I was on the FAX line and using an old phone and disconnected the call by accident. He'd told me not to call back, that he'd call back in a minute if the call was dropped. He didn't. While I waited for his return call, I started playing around with the cables.

Now, remember, we don't have home phone or business phone service with the internet. All we have is the FAX line. I need this thing up and running by Monday, at least for the company. If I can't get it to work, I'm going to have to reinstall lthe old router.

I didn't have the computer cable connected to the router. It was some other thing I had plugged in. I'm not sure what it was, a printer? A Roku? Whatever it was, it wasn't connected to my computer. So, I fixed that, my computer saw the router, I upgraded the firmware and damn it, the computer didn't see the router again. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! (there was a lot of that Foxtrotting going on).  I went through the house and disabled all of the range extenders, so the router's wireless would quit picking those up as networks, the started again. Somehow, I got the computer to see the router and was able to set up the wireless protection, but the computer still wasn't connecting via the ethernet cable. 

I changed some settings and I couldn't connect at all. I wanted to reset the router back to factory defaults (like reinstalling an operating system to the very beginning), but I was doing something wrong (there's a reset button on the back of the modem). I called the tech support up again, just to get that information. It had been on the recording earlier, so I was going to listen to it this time and get the information I needed. 

Tech support answered right away. *sigh* I asked him how to reset the modem. He starts asking me about my system and my case number and my problems. I said "can't you just tell me how to reset this thing?" And he keeps asking questions. I'm getting highly irritated at this stage. I gave him the case number and he starts again. Finally I said "I've been trying to get this thing set up for the past three hours. I had it connected and changed some settings and now it's not working. I just want to reset it back to factory defaults. I'm ready to take it back to the store right now."  

He said "hold the reset button down for thirty seconds". 

Now, why couldn't he have just told me that to start with? Why did he have to up my frustration level with meaningless questions? Anyway, that's what I'd been doing wrong. I was only holding it down for ten seconds.

So, I reset the router, hooked the computer up and woohoo! It's there, I'm on the interwebs!  I added the other devices back on (the camera computer, Brian's computer, the printers, the Roku and anything else I could find). I went through the house and reset the range extenders. I had to reinitialize the extender in the dining room (which the Roku in the family room uses) and that when smoothly (thank God). Phones work, Netflix works, we're back in service.

Now I had to set up the webcams (some port settings in the router software). The individual images were sending, but the streaming wasn't. I knew about this because I'd had to set it up on the old router, too. 

Got everything set, still couldn't see the live cameras, so I tested my IP number and that had changed with the new router. I changed the code in the webpages and it was working in no time. 

And guess what?


It's over 75% faster now.

10:36 AM - 03/03/2014

The topic: I was talking to a customer the other day

And I asked where he was calling from. "Virginia", he replied.

"Well, then", I told him,"I won't complain about our weather". 

'Cause it's just so great here. We really enjoyed the rain.

Next rain day, we're going to head up to Disneyland. Unless it's a Saturday. Our passed don't do Saturdays.

      Friday, March 07, 2014

08:42 AM - 03/07/2014

The topic: It’s been a busy week

Paperwork. Bleh.

In preparation for the taxes I needed to get everything caught up. Guess who realized she hadn't reconciled the old company bank account since last July. Yep. Me. That took some time, then I caught up with the new company (only had January, I'm going to work on February today, even though I don't have the February statement back from the bank). 

I had to input all of the payments we've received this year and get invoices done for the stuff we've shipped. So, except for last month's reconciliation, I'm done with that paperwork. 

Then I can file everything.

Got the taxes done yesterday, so things are looking good. We owe money, which means we made money. Last year we didn't owe anything because of my huge medical bills from the gallbladder surgery back in October 2012. We didn't pay them until January of last year. 

I really want to make some St. Pat's cards for my friends, I need to get that done since they need to be in the mail by Thursday.  

But that's something I like to do. 

Guess I'll get busy now.

      Sunday, March 09, 2014

11:01 AM - 03/09/2014

The topic: Could this day be anymore beeyooteeful?

It's absolutely gorgeous. 76°, light breeze, sunny....it's only ten am (real time, daylight savings sucks, I'm not there yet). This will be a great day.

Brian made cheese and avocado omelets for breakfast, with the avocado coming from the trees he planted two years ago. We left them on the tree for eight months, but they never got very big. I picked them a couple of weeks ago. Not bad for first fruit.

I need to do some cardmaking today so I can get them mailed in time for St Patrick's Day.  I'm looking forward to this as I've been so busy here in the office the past few weeks, but now the pressure is off.

I usually have the tv on when I do this, but it's so nice outside with the breeze in the trees, that I'd love to listen just to the outdoor sounds. But the Silhouette is kind of loud and I'll be running that, so I'll probably watch something on Netflix - we have awesome download speeds since the new router, have I mentioned that?

Oh, I did have a petty annoyance with my PC wanting to connect wirelessly instead of via the ethernet cable, but resetting the available connections to having the ethernet at the top of the list took care of that.

We're having tacos for dinner tonight. All I have to do is cook and season the meat, chop the lettuce, dice the tomatoes, and mash the avocados. Brian gets to cook the taco shells. We buy tortillas, the thin yellow corn kind because the regular kind are hard for me to bite and chew. I don't know if it's the way they're cooked, but it seems the ones at taco shops are not that thick. I was thrilled to find something lighter. And I don't worry about chipping my front teeth (don't laugh, I took a big piece off of one biting into a nectarine and hitting the pit).

I might heat up a can of refries and have a tostada or two. Not as messy as the tacos.

I can say I think this will be an awesome day.

07:36 PM - 03/09/2014

The topic: I’ve made some good dinners this past week

Monday I made chicken enchilada casserole. I've had the recipe for years, way before I was online. We've always liked it, but I have to be in the mood to cook everything. Brian's mom had never had it (it's been a while since I made it and remember, when I can, I cook enough to send some over to her since she lives alone and it's hard to cook decently for one) and she was thrilled. 

Tuesday I made Bisquick chicken and dumplings casserole. I really liked this, it will be in my rotation. The veggie was peas. Next time I think I'll try adding the vegetables on top of the meat and make it more like a big pot pie.

Friday I made beef strogonoff. I don't have a recipe for this, I just cube a roast (I used to use round steak, but our local CostCo doesn't have that out in their meat section anymore), brown the meat, add a water to cover the meat, add diced onions and plenty of paprika. I cook until the meat is tender, then add some McCormick's beef gravy to a jar of water, shake it up real good, then dump it in the pan, add some dried parsley and let it cook down (heat low an cover pan).  When the meat is fork tender (I don't like chewy meat) I add sour cream to taste and serve it over noodles. We've found some great tasting noodles, made out of whole wheat. I served this with salad.

Tonight we had tacos and tostados, like I mentioned earlier.

Good dinners.

      Wednesday, March 12, 2014

11:32 AM - 03/12/2014

The topic: I almost cried

I boil chicken breasts every week to give to Georgie (cause he's so old, he and Gracie will be twenty years old next month) and Jackie (because I want him to associate humans with good, not evil). 

Since Jackie's neuter last November, we're making slow progress with him. We're not pushing it, it's been this long, we don't want to scare him off. Well, he's gradually becoming more people friendly. Not that he hid or anything like that, he just didn't want to be touched by a human hand, he wouldn't eat from a human hand and he most certainly didn't want a human to know he was in any way interested in anything a human had to offer. The food was nice, clean blankies were enjoyable, but, really, neither of those happened by human interference. Or so it would seem Jackie believed.

Anyway, when I feed at night in the garage, I've been able to run my hand down his back and he doesn't hiss, he'll stand there and take it. Well, a little more than just "take it", he's actually beginning to like it. If he's sleeping in the cat chair in the family room, I can stroke him without him jumping up, hissing and running off. It's slow, but it's happening.

So, yesterday I made the chicken breast and avoided stepping on George as he tripped me up as I walked and he trotted into the bathroom where I'd shred his yummy booty on a plate. I shut the door behind me when I left so he could eat in peace. Then I walked back into the kitchen and I turned around and Jackie was standing at the entry, looking at me expectantly. I ripped off about a half a chicken breast and followed him into the living room and he ran up on top of the cat sleep center (you can see this on the occasional cam, see camera options at the top of the page). I feed him up there because it's harder for the other cats to access and he gets to eat quite a bit without interference. Of course, I'm still the human and he has to let me know I'm not fooling him with my bribes of warm chicken, I'm still evil and he hisses the entire way, just to make sure I know he knows and I'm not fooling him at all, that he's not falling for it. 

Last night there was a little growling coming from the living room and I went out to check on it. We've got a couple of bully cats (Charlie and Sagwa come to mind) and some drama queens. You know the cats who scream like they're being ripped apart, when all it is is another cat about ten feet away from their space and they don't like it (Mario and Lorelei come to mind here). It turned out to be a drama queen so I left the living room and headed down the entry way back to the family room. On my way, I stopped at one of the cutouts into the living room, where the cat center conveniently has a level at the same height as the cutout. Jackie was snoozing there. 

I reached in and started to rub the back of his neck. He likes this. Then I gently ran my hand down his back, massaging the areas on either side of his spine with my finger tips. He likes this, too. Something I'd never have done last year. I wouldn't have dared. I hear a noise. I stop and listen hard. It's a sporadic noise. I look around for other cats. No cats in view. Hmm. I keep rubbing Jackie. The sound is more constant. I ask Brian to turn down the television. I keep listening.

It was coming from Jackie. For the first time in the years he's been here (came here as a kitten in August 1999), Jackie is actually purring. A full on purr.

I almost cried.

      Monday, March 17, 2014

10:54 AM - 03/17/2014

The topic: Hi! Hi! Hi!

I'm still kicking!  Just got sidetracked last week. I do that a lot, you know. Getting sidetracked. I start out doing one thing, and to do that one thing I need to do another thing, it could be as simple as going to the kitchen for a drink of water and something catches my eye....and that's all she wrote for my glass of water. I can focus fine when I need to, but if it's doing this and that, I'm really all over the place.

It's nothing new. 

So, I spent last Monday waiting for SVG Cuts to come out with their new free design, a Leprechaun Trap. They designed it for Martha Stewart and it's pretty cute. I wanted to make one to send my aunt back in Arkansas, but once it was posted (on Tuesday), I didn't have the stuff to make it. And God forbid I should jump in the car and drive somewhere to get it. That's what the internet is for. I ordered stuff from Amazon and eBay, but, alas, some of the stuff still isn't here. 

Instead I made cards. Cards are always fun. I had the cards in mind and went through my paper pads and wasn't thrilled with anything I had, so I came back to the office and shopped Etsy for paper packs. Found some nice ones, I'll have St. Pat's designs for years to come (printing out my own paper sure saves time). Then I had to print out the paper. I made it double sided, one side is patterned, the other side is not, it's just a complimentary shade of green. Then I got started. I sent some out on Thursday, the rest on Friday. I sure hope they get out in time. I'll post photos tomorrow.

Then on Friday, Brian said one of his suppliers was going to be in town and drop stuff off. Well, you never know if someone will need to use the bathroom, so the house needed to be cleaned. 

 Saturday, I started messing around with my VideoStudio software. Which usually turns out to be a huge mistake. If you recall, this is what I was working with when I had all of those problems last month.

It took me two days of messing around with it, but right now, I'm at the same point I was before I started messing around with it. You'd think I'd learn by now....

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I made a new little video that I uploaded to YouTube.


I had a brand spanking new little camera, an Olympus D-490Z camera. I was thrilled with it because it took little videos, the max was fifteen seconds and there was no audio, but, hey, it was cutting edge (for me, anyway). If you hit my YouTube channel, 
The music in that little video was composed (I use the word lightly) by me using Magix Music Maker. I got it for a great price, otherwise I'd not have gotten it. I played around with it a little yesterday and the background music is my first attempt. I think it's catchy. 

      Friday, March 21, 2014

01:31 PM - 03/21/2014

The topic: After the nice rain we had recently

Now that it's drying out, my stupid allergies are kicking up. I get the scratchy throat and itchy eyes. Yesterday, I took a "non-drowsy" OTC pill. They lied. I slept most of the morning and was dragging all afternoon. Guess I'll just stick with itchy and scratchy.

Anyway, I've been playing with the music software and decided to try my hand at making a little intro to preface my videos. I worked on that yesterday evening and this morning. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Here's my first official video with my new intro:


That kitty is Marco, one that we got from the ex-petsitter (we lost both Wally and Lisa days after her last job here). Marco is loved by all. Ronnie likes to suckle on Marco's belly and Marco has realized that sleeping on my pillow above my head helps that not happen. (Marco does not like it at all, but he'll put up with it for just so long.) 
I don't mind Marco sleeping there at all, but I don't like it when he's settling down and puts his paws next to my head and pulls my hair with his claws. But I'll survive....

      Saturday, March 22, 2014

09:49 AM - 03/22/2014

The topic: Well, don’t that blow yer dress up….

I start looking through my videos and realized that I'm missing quite a few that I'd taken with my digital tape recorders over the years. The ones I took with my little cameras are there because I downloaded them along with the photo files.

Well, at least I still have the tapes. Twenty-eight of them. I never reused any. What I'd do when I started recording again (if I'd looked at the previous recording) is put in a new one instead of trying to find the end of what I'd taped before. Because I was never sure of what I'd downloaded and what I hadn't.

Yay! Having a disorganized mind pays off again! I cleaned off a mostly unused external hard drive and will be spending the next couple of days downloading these recordings onto that drive. And I seriously doubt I'll reuse the tapes themselves, I have an empty shoebox needing to be filled.

For your viewing enjoyment, here's one taken a few years ago with Spot and a screaming Woot! monkey:


      Monday, March 24, 2014

07:01 AM - 03/24/2014

The topic: Another little video…..we have snakes!

Or we had A snake.

Ronnie, Bob, Spot and Skippy all watch.


05:41 PM - 03/24/2014

The topic: So, we’re having mac and cheese for dinner

Made with a recipe I got from Campbell's Creative Cooking With Soup recipe book from a thousand years ago. It's a fun book. You have stuff you use everytime, like macaroni, then a couple of lists of ingredients you can change up. Like the flavor of soup, or the liquid (water, milk, condensed milk, for example), type of cheese....a book that makes it easy to change up a recipe.

I've always gone with the cream of celery soup, cheddar cheese and milk for my choice. The topper is usually what I do differently. Sometimes it's breadcrumbs, sometimes I crush Ritz crackers, I've even used sliced tomatoes (one of the toppers that the book recommends). Well, today I went with potato chips. Since Brian was going to the store, I figured he could buy some.

When I opened the bag and crushed the chips, I had to eat some. It's been so long since I've had potato chips, I could have eaten the entire bag. It was the 50% less sodium chips and they're really good. 

The last chips we had were ones I made here with my little deep fryer. I can make like ten chips at a time in it.  Takes me a couple of hours to do one potato.

You know how decadent an entire bag feels?

      Wednesday, March 26, 2014

10:42 AM - 03/26/2014

The topic: We finally watched

Saving Mr. Banks on blu-ray last week, then Monday we watched the extras. (I posted clips of the movie in this post last month.)

All I can say is oh, my goodness. I loved this movie. Truth be told I was kind of surprised that it was more P.L. Travers' story that Walt Disney's. Through the magic of flashbacks, we learn quite a bit about Travers' childhood and how her experiences were integrated into the tale of Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins was hers and hers alone and she'd not have it changed at all. 

She did everything in her power to prevent the making of the movie. Even so far as banning the use of the color red. wavey

But as the movie, and her story, progressed, we began to see why Mary Poppins meant so much to her, how much of her own life was reflected in the story and why she was so strongly resistent to any type of change.

The telling point, for me, anyway,  was when she told the Sherman brothers and Mr. Disney that Mary Poppins was not about "saving the children". 

It was a truly entertaining movie. Emma Thompson did a wonderful job in her portrayal as P.L., starting out as highly unlikeable and petty person. Paul Giamatti as her driver was sweet. I think his personality was one of the reasons she finally started to not be such a snot. Because he just kept being sweet.

When Tom Hanks spoke, I could actually hear the voice of Walt Disney. He nailed it.

I like the bonus footage, I wish they'd left the "Starry Night" scene in the movie, because it showed that there was affection between Pamela's mother and father. In the movie, all you saw was her frustration and annoyance with her husband, who wasn't cut out for life in a bank. He was a storyteller and a dreamer. 

Expect laughs, expect tears. It's a very moving film and very well done.

The scenes from the park made me smile. This wasn't 1961 Disneyland, it was now Disneyland. I could tell by the bricks (and one of those in front of the park has our names on it) and park entrance.

Lots of paws up from the cathouse.

If you have a choice of versions, I'd say pay the extra for the blu-ray. The bonus features are worth it. Especially the last one where the entire cast and crew sang "Let's Go Fly A Kite".

This movie left me looking through my disk library....oh, there it is. "Mary Poppins".....

      Friday, March 28, 2014

10:49 AM - 03/28/2014

The topic: We went up to the Happiest Place on Earth yesterday

We'd decided last week to go yesterday. Because last week's weather forecast called for rain. It didn't rain, but we'd already made plans.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was opened after a months long refurbishment, but we didn't make it, the line was way too long. But we did get on Mater's ride in Carsland over in DCA (I've got video), Midway Mania (I tried taking video inside the ride, I put my camera between my right boob and the lapbar. It was sideways, but I could fix that in my video software. Unfortunately, the camera shut off. Or my boob shut it off. Either way, there was no video of the ride. I was able to grab our scores, I kicked Brian's behind. 

Then we headed over the Disneyland and rode the train for a couple of turns and headed over to Rancho Del Zocalo where we'd be meeting some other buds for dinner. 

Over dinner conversation, we found out that one of the couples was coming to the resort the next day (today) for dinner at the Storyteller's Cafe for a birthday dinner.  musik026 You know those videos I've been working on downloading from old DV tapes? Well, one portion I took at the StoryTeller's Cafe back in 2002. The one and only time we've eaten there. 

I told our companions about it and when we got home last night (excellent time, took about 96 minutes to go over a 100 miles; from leaving the parking structure at Disneyland to pulling into our driveway...85 mph doesn't seem like it's that fast when everyone around you is going that same speed....until you look at the speedometer) I found that portion of the video and made a little video of it, which I uploaded to my YouTube account. (And I was really annoyed when it dawned on me that not all of the video I downloaded, downloaded. Or it didn't save to my hard drive, which means I have to download again.  But the video I wanted last night was there.)

And here it is!  Enjoy!


      Saturday, March 29, 2014

08:40 AM - 03/29/2014

The topic: Today will be a good day

Because I saw the lake of cat urine before I stepped in it.

This is always a good thing.

      Sunday, March 30, 2014

08:41 AM - 03/30/2014

The topic: Business is doing well

But if past years are any indication, April is a busy month for people ordering the links for their tractors. Time becomes a precious commodity.

Brian has been talking  about all the videos he wants to make. We've discussed ways of making brackets and holders for our current cameras, but never came up with anything both of us felt was workable.

I'd seen the GoPro cameras and lusted after them. But the price wasn't lisaviolet friendly, so all I did was dream. 

When we were at Disneyland last week, I saw a guy in line at Midway Mania with a camera strapped to his chest. I liked this (especially after unsuccessfully trying to hold my Canon Elura in place with my boob). I wanted to do something like this. While watching television, laying in bed, surfing the net, my mind kept traveling to ideas for making my own harness. After all, I do have a sewing machine.

Just to see what was available, I started researching on the internet. I ended up at Walmart online and checked out harnesses, you know, stuff along those lines. The GoPro cameras popped up and I salivated. Absolutely NOT in the budget any time soon....but Walmart lists out similar items and one was a Vivitar DVR 787HD camcorder. Regular price was about $55.00.  Clearance price is just under $40.00. And they've got different colors.

I looked for reviews and it seems that the worst complaint was the microphone. Not a problem, easy enough to overdub the audio (I hope...*lol).

So, I asked Brian about it and we're in for two. One black, one blue (it was so hard not to get a pink one.) One he can mount on the tractor and one he can wear while he's doing his videos, so there will be two (or more if I want to stand out there with my Elura) shots of each scene. We're hoping that making videos about installing the product will help cut down on the amount of time he's on the phone helping or the amount of time he spends with email correspondance helping customers. 

They don't come with the head mount, so I got two GoPro head mounts for less than $15.00 with shipping over on Amazon.com. These aren't rated for high impact usage and there's a newer model, but I'm sure they'll work just fine for us.  Eventually I may get the chest harness. But maybe we won't need it.

Just thought I'd share a good deal before it goes away. The GoPro is $199 at Walmart and for about half of that (I did need to get memory cards, it doesn't come with) I got two passable action camcorders. They should be fine for what we need. 

07:58 PM - 03/30/2014

The topic: From 2008

Katie fetches her toy. That's Benny in the foreground and Jackie (Katie's true love) makes an appearance at the end.


      Monday, March 31, 2014

09:16 PM - 03/31/2014

The topic: Warm, furry bodies…

For the past month, Mario has been getting on the bed at night, between me and the edge.  Last week, he was under the covers, between me and the edge of the bed. Cats just don't get under the covers here,  the danger of being walked on is too strong. But he climbs onto the bed (he doesn't jump, he's never been very good at jumping and I've always felt he had some sort of injury to his back when he used to live outside). Well, it seems he got his body under the bedspread when he pulled himself up. I don't care as long as he doesn't get freaked out if some other kitty walks on him. For instance, Bobby walks up our bodies, not on the bed. It's really weird.

Last night, Mario was on the pillow between Brian and me, sound asleep.

I love this.

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