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      Sunday, March 30, 2014

07:58 PM - 03/30/2014

The topic: From 2008


Katie fetches her toy. That's Benny in the foreground and Jackie (Katie's true love) makes an appearance at the end.


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08:41 AM - 03/30/2014

The topic: Business is doing well


But if past years are any indication, April is a busy month for people ordering the links for their tractors. Time becomes a precious commodity.

Brian has been talking  about all the videos he wants to make. We've discussed ways of making brackets and holders for our current cameras, but never came up with anything both of us felt was workable.

I'd seen the GoPro cameras and lusted after them. But the price wasn't lisaviolet friendly, so all I did was dream. 

When we were at Disneyland last week, I saw a guy in line at Midway Mania with a camera strapped to his chest. I liked this (especially after unsuccessfully trying to hold my Canon Elura in place with my boob). I wanted to do something like this. While watching television, laying in bed, surfing the net, my mind kept traveling to ideas for making my own harness. After all, I do have a sewing machine.

Just to see what was available, I started researching on the internet. I ended up at Walmart online and checked out harnesses, you know, stuff along those lines. The GoPro cameras popped up and I salivated. Absolutely NOT in the budget any time soon....but Walmart lists out similar items and one was a Vivitar DVR 787HD camcorder. Regular price was about $55.00.  Clearance price is just under $40.00. And they've got different colors.

I looked for reviews and it seems that the worst complaint was the microphone. Not a problem, easy enough to overdub the audio (I hope...*lol).

So, I asked Brian about it and we're in for two. One black, one blue (it was so hard not to get a pink one.) One he can mount on the tractor and one he can wear while he's doing his videos, so there will be two (or more if I want to stand out there with my Elura) shots of each scene. We're hoping that making videos about installing the product will help cut down on the amount of time he's on the phone helping or the amount of time he spends with email correspondance helping customers. 

They don't come with the head mount, so I got two GoPro head mounts for less than $15.00 with shipping over on Amazon.com. These aren't rated for high impact usage and there's a newer model, but I'm sure they'll work just fine for us.  Eventually I may get the chest harness. But maybe we won't need it.

Just thought I'd share a good deal before it goes away. The GoPro is $199 at Walmart and for about half of that (I did need to get memory cards, it doesn't come with) I got two passable action camcorders. They should be fine for what we need. 

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