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      Friday, March 28, 2014

10:49 AM - 03/28/2014

The topic: We went up to the Happiest Place on Earth yesterday


We'd decided last week to go yesterday. Because last week's weather forecast called for rain. It didn't rain, but we'd already made plans.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was opened after a months long refurbishment, but we didn't make it, the line was way too long. But we did get on Mater's ride in Carsland over in DCA (I've got video), Midway Mania (I tried taking video inside the ride, I put my camera between my right boob and the lapbar. It was sideways, but I could fix that in my video software. Unfortunately, the camera shut off. Or my boob shut it off. Either way, there was no video of the ride. I was able to grab our scores, I kicked Brian's behind. 

Then we headed over the Disneyland and rode the train for a couple of turns and headed over to Rancho Del Zocalo where we'd be meeting some other buds for dinner. 

Over dinner conversation, we found out that one of the couples was coming to the resort the next day (today) for dinner at the Storyteller's Cafe for a birthday dinner.  musik026 You know those videos I've been working on downloading from old DV tapes? Well, one portion I took at the StoryTeller's Cafe back in 2002. The one and only time we've eaten there. 

I told our companions about it and when we got home last night (excellent time, took about 96 minutes to go over a 100 miles; from leaving the parking structure at Disneyland to pulling into our driveway...85 mph doesn't seem like it's that fast when everyone around you is going that same speed....until you look at the speedometer) I found that portion of the video and made a little video of it, which I uploaded to my YouTube account. (And I was really annoyed when it dawned on me that not all of the video I downloaded, downloaded. Or it didn't save to my hard drive, which means I have to download again.  But the video I wanted last night was there.)

And here it is!  Enjoy!


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