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      Monday, March 17, 2014

10:54 AM - 03/17/2014

The topic: Hi! Hi! Hi!


I'm still kicking!  Just got sidetracked last week. I do that a lot, you know. Getting sidetracked. I start out doing one thing, and to do that one thing I need to do another thing, it could be as simple as going to the kitchen for a drink of water and something catches my eye....and that's all she wrote for my glass of water. I can focus fine when I need to, but if it's doing this and that, I'm really all over the place.

It's nothing new. 

So, I spent last Monday waiting for SVG Cuts to come out with their new free design, a Leprechaun Trap. They designed it for Martha Stewart and it's pretty cute. I wanted to make one to send my aunt back in Arkansas, but once it was posted (on Tuesday), I didn't have the stuff to make it. And God forbid I should jump in the car and drive somewhere to get it. That's what the internet is for. I ordered stuff from Amazon and eBay, but, alas, some of the stuff still isn't here. 

Instead I made cards. Cards are always fun. I had the cards in mind and went through my paper pads and wasn't thrilled with anything I had, so I came back to the office and shopped Etsy for paper packs. Found some nice ones, I'll have St. Pat's designs for years to come (printing out my own paper sure saves time). Then I had to print out the paper. I made it double sided, one side is patterned, the other side is not, it's just a complimentary shade of green. Then I got started. I sent some out on Thursday, the rest on Friday. I sure hope they get out in time. I'll post photos tomorrow.

Then on Friday, Brian said one of his suppliers was going to be in town and drop stuff off. Well, you never know if someone will need to use the bathroom, so the house needed to be cleaned. 

 Saturday, I started messing around with my VideoStudio software. Which usually turns out to be a huge mistake. If you recall, this is what I was working with when I had all of those problems last month.

It took me two days of messing around with it, but right now, I'm at the same point I was before I started messing around with it. You'd think I'd learn by now....

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I made a new little video that I uploaded to YouTube.


I had a brand spanking new little camera, an Olympus D-490Z camera. I was thrilled with it because it took little videos, the max was fifteen seconds and there was no audio, but, hey, it was cutting edge (for me, anyway). If you hit my YouTube channel, 
The music in that little video was composed (I use the word lightly) by me using Magix Music Maker. I got it for a great price, otherwise I'd not have gotten it. I played around with it a little yesterday and the background music is my first attempt. I think it's catchy. 

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