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      Sunday, January 02, 2011

09:35 AM - 01/02/2011

The topic: Arrggh!

So far, I’m not pleased with the way the year has started.

Friday, someone left a message that they couldn’t stay logged in to Benny’s Catfight forums. (Running version 6.23 of DCForum, developer no longer supports it, website has nothing on it, originally downloaded on 8/29/04, it’s old, but it works…well, it did…)  I tried, I couldn’t stay logged in. I logged in to the admin and every time I tried looking at a different option, I had to log in. Totally not right.

So, I contacted my host, since the forums had worked the day before.  They hadn’t done anything to their servers, no upgrades. Well, I didn’t believe them.  In the past stuff like this has happened and it turned out to be they upgraded this software or that and it affected how programs on my website functioned.  I researched the internet and found installation instructions for my software. I changed some permissions (geeks will understand what this means) and it was keeping me logged in. I thought it was fixed.

We had a date Friday, it was our 25th anniversary.  We went to see True Grit (good movie) and then dinner at TGI Friday’s, which was awful. It was so bad that when I walked out, I told Brian I didn’t want to eat there ever again.  He said to give it at least one more chance. 

When we got home, I turned my computer back on and found I’d been logged out of Benny’s and I couldn’t stay logged in.  Same thing with the administration area. I worked on it, deleting all of the files in the directory and doing a clean install just there. If there was something wrong there, it was somewhere in those files.

I worked on it until about nine Friday night without luck. There was no way I was going to stay up all night.  But I did go to bed and laid there, thinking of what my options were.  And I decided I’d do a clean install of the software (I finally found the original zip file on my system, after running a search, it was in my email; I copied it to my downloaded software directory) on two of my other websites. One is hosted by the same company that hosts catler.org, but is on a different server, the other one I’d install over at lvdesigns.com.  Just to see what happened there.

So, I get up bright and early yesterday to work on it.  Got the software installed on one site, was working on the other one when Brian said he wanted to go to breakfast, not have cold cereal here. He didn’t feel like cooking.  Neither did I, I had a puzzle I wanted to solve.

So, we get back from breakfast (went to the Lakeside Cafe, I had the mushroom, spinach and cheese omelet with a side of sour cream and fruit; the fruit was watermelon) and I got back to work.

Did all the coding needed to get the program working on the other websites, installed, and running.  And I logged in. 

And on both, the same thing happened.  I couldn’t stay logged in. 

This narrowed it down to the code.  Something with a date.

I opened up the entire Lib directory (the directory that holds all of the files that make the program work) in cutehtml and searched for “2010”.  And there it was.  One instance. In the global.pl file.

$r_setup->{'expires'} = “Fri, 31-Dec-2010 12:00:00 GMT”;

It was set to self-destruct on 12-31-2010, noon Greenwich Mean Time.  Easy enough to fix.

I changed the date to 2030.  Saved it, uploaded it.  It worked. I stayed logged in.  I rebooted the computer three times and each time, I was staying logged in.  I uploaded all of the saved files back into the directory, and let everyone know it was good to go.

Then this morning I see my weather page was last updated at 7:10pm last Thursday.  Brian’s on his computer.  My weather station computer.  I get antsy.  He says “go ahead and do what you need to do”.  Since the weather software wasn’t running, I started it up.  But the images weren’t being generated.   banghead I rebooted his computer, thinking that whatever shut the weather software down, would work on a clean start.

It didn’t.

So, I went to the place where I got the software, downloaded the upgrade (I got it so long ago, back when the developer was fairly new and got in on the free upgrades for life thing), upgraded the software and the images were once again generated the way they were supposed to be. 

But my new year started this morning, according to the weather station. It kind of sucks because we’ve had some pretty low temps the past couple of days. And they’re not recorded.

Ah, well, I can hope that’s the end of software problems for a while.

02:08 PM - 01/02/2011

The topic: I want to stay home!

The past month, we’ve driven up to Disneyland twice, went to the vet’s office numerous times, had Christmas over at Brian’s mom’s, CostCo a bunch of times, Wal-Mart, the chiropractor, dinner and a movie Friday and yesterday we went to breakfast.

This afternoon we’re having dinner at Sizzler with Brian’s family.  It should be nice, we like Sizzler and the conversation is always interesting.

Brian took the Christmas lights and tree down this morning from out front, so after today, the holidays are officially over and I can get back to my regularly scheduled life.

I quit fishing on Facebook last week, gave all of my gold and RLC away and deleted the application, so I should have lots of time to do the things I really should be doing, things I enjoy doing.

For the next week or so I only want to leave the house to go walking in the morning. I need to start walking again.

Except I have to pick up a prescription at CostCo tomorrow afternoon.

Waaaaaah!! It’s hard to be reclusive when life keeps shoving you out the front door.

07:29 PM - 01/02/2011

The topic: I’m home! I’m home I’m home I’m home…

Been home for a while.

So, I’ve decided to change my photo gallery software over at lisaviolet.net.  My site comes with installers for three different gallery software.  I’m not going with any of those. 

I’m going with Piwigo

The problem with my current gallery is the developer had a couple of kids after I bought it. And he no longer has time to work on it.  I guess kids do that to you.  *lol*

So, on to something different.  Something that is highly customizable.  It’s not like I don’t have lots of time, you know? I like doing geeky stuff.

      Monday, January 03, 2011

09:13 AM - 01/03/2011

The topic: My photo gallery

Gosh, I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten about coding.  Even the simple stuff is hidden deep in the recesses of my brain. 

Because I’ve got so many old photos linked to the weblog and elsewhere around the interwebs, I’ve decided to keep the old gallery for photographs that were taken in 2010 and years previous to that. The new gallery will have new photos. 

I like some of the features in the new gallery, like comments. Ratings not so much, but that might be fun.  And I can have private galleries for photos I don’t want to share.  I’d most likely use those for the Disney meet photos. 

Anyway, back to work.  I need to figure out how I want the new gallery to look.  Design my own templates or use the ones that came with.  The default one looks pretty sophisticated if you ask me.  cwm24  I like it, but it might be just a tad too fancy. 

I see some blue sky, I see some clouds.  Brian went to work, cats are fed, bed is made, I need to do the litterboxes, I’ve got a menu in mind for dinner and life is good.

09:38 AM - 01/03/2011

The topic: You know the

the pictures or videos you see every once in a while of a little kid working on something, in deep concentration, and that little tongue is out of the mouth? 

I push against one of my molars with my tongue when I’m in deep concentration.  And I don’t realize that I’ve been doing it until hours later when my tooth really hurts. It’s always the same molar. Bottom right, second in from the back. 


      Tuesday, January 04, 2011

01:16 PM - 01/04/2011
We found a quarter on our walk this morning
I'm listening to Alison Krauss - Duets
I'm good

The topic: We went for our first walk of the new year this morning…

And all I have to say is “gah!”  My legs and my butt HURT!  *lol*

But we woke up to SUN!  It was WONDERFUL!  It was cold, but there was blue sky and SUN!

Ah, what the sun does for the soul…..


01:24 PM - 01/04/2011

The topic: Early last week

I contacted TGIF’s about their More Stripes program.  Asking about the new member perks.   I heard back from them this morning.  “Too bad, so sad, we can’t resend the special things that new members get because you’re not a new member any longer, but hey, we’ll put some points on your membership, okay?”

I responded:

How opportune that I received this today, as I’ve been meaning to contact you.

We went to TGIF’s on Friday.  Our 25th wedding anniversary.  We’d gone to see a movie, then over to the restaurant. It wasn’t busy. When we were seated, I mentioned it being our first visit to a TGIF’s restaurant. We went to the one in Rancho San Diego, 2991 Jamacha Rd, El Cajon.

When we left?  I told my husband I couldn’t see any reason to ever go again. It was probably the worst meal I’d had in a while. His was okay, he had the fajitas and his meal was hot.  I had the mac n cheese and chicken.  I can’t find any pictures of what the mac n cheese is supposed to look like, so I can’t say if this was normal or not, but there was hardly any cheese on mine. The menu said it was tossed with five cheeses. Yeah, and then it’s all scraped off. The chicken was dry, the crust tough. I had to actually use a knife to cut it, something that I don’t normally do with chicken breast. And to top it off?  My meal was cold.

I was planning on telling our server, when he asked how the meal was, just what I thought. Guess what? He never asked.  He probably knew it was crappy.

When we left, the restaurant was maybe, at maximum, half full. There were empty table everywhere you looked, yet there were people lined up and sitting outside.  I don’t know if what we experienced was just that location, but I’ll tell you, it didn’t leave me wanting more.

After we’d gotten home, I actually looked up the ratings. This one didn’t fare well.

TGIF reviews

There’s an Applebee’s right down the street. We’ve never had a bad meal at Applebee’s. That’s where we should have gone, I know my anniversary dinner would have been better than it was.

It will be interesting to see what kind of response I get.  I wonder if they’ll be as concerned as the fast food restaurants.  Remember, Arby’s was not happy to hear about problems at the local one here (and I wasn’t complaining, I just wanted to know if coupon food was different than non-coupon food) and a couple of weeks ago, Brian went to Carl’s Jrs and didn’t get what he ordered.  Of course the food they screwed up was his, I got what I ordered. But he paid full price and got a smaller burger than he wanted.  He kept going on and on about it and I told him “hey, go to their website and complain….”  Well, they responded and we’ve got coupons for the six dollar burger and fries.  Two of each.

Honestly, I don’t think I’d go back to TGIF’s, even for free food. It was that bad.

      Friday, January 07, 2011

07:47 PM - 01/07/2011
We found a nickel, two dimes, four pennies and a ten dollar bill on our walk this morning

The topic: Walks

It was brutal this week. We hadn’t walked since the beginning of October.  My legs were so achy yesterday and if I sit still too long, they’re like rubber when I stand up. 

Hopefully next week will be better. I do have the weekend to relax.

We did okay finding money this week.  Found something every day. Today, I found a folded up ten dollar bill in front of a house.  It had been driven over a couple of times.  I snatched it up. Brian said that maybe it belonged to the people in that house.  Hey, it was out front where people walk, it wasn’t in the yard or inside the fence or gate, it could have belonged to anyone.  And it was kind of icky, having been driven over. 

I posted a couple of pictures from this week’s walks over on the photo gallery. Go check them out. 


      Monday, January 10, 2011

09:11 AM - 01/10/2011
We found a penny on our walk this morning

The topic: Well

The new gallery is up and running. I’m really happy with it. If you want to leave a comment, you’ll have to register. 


      Monday, January 17, 2011

10:08 AM - 01/17/2011
We found a penny on our walk this morning
The current weather is is absolutely beautiful

The topic: This and that

Well, our walk was nice this morning, we (I) had a lot to talk about and when I’m talking, I walk quicker and the walk is over sooner.  If we don’t talk, it’s like I’m walking in wet cement.

It’s an absolutely beautiful day.  Yesterday was nice, I turned the heater off,  not just down. So, it didn’t come on this morning, which was fine.  When we got home from the walk, I opened the house up.  Funny, it was in the 50s when I did that, but it didn’t matter.  Now, if it was two weeks ago, the heat would still be on and the house would be shut up tight. Even though the temperature was exactly the same.  There’s just something about knowing it’s going to warm up.

I left the house in a vehicle for the first time since the dinner at Sizzler on Saturday night. We used up the coupons we got from Carl’s Jr’s for Brian’s messed up order and then went to Wal-Mart where I spent the last of the money I had saved from my birthday last year.  I was almost out of fabric softener, needed wrapping paper,  file holders (for tax stuff) and some other things.  I went in with a hundred dollar bill, walked out with a buck and change.  Oh, well. 

I’ve spent the last week in learning mode.  I did this the previous week with my new photo gallery, now I’m on to a new project.  Finally got it figured out, working as well as it will work. I’m not doing cartwheels over the result, but for what I’ll be using it for, it will be fine.  I’ll talk more about it in the geek section of the diary.

Brian has been helping his brother fix up the rental after the previous renters left.  He was over there yesterday and yesterday morning, before his brother picked him up, we were outside tossing pine cones back up onto the bank.  We talked a little about not having any cats out front. He said although he missed having cats out there, it was kind of nice. Because there was no more worries about pulling into the driveway at night.  That used to be a huge fear for me, that a cat would dart out and either we would hit it or it would run across the street and be hit by a car out there.  There were some pawprints on his Bronco the other morning, but there are no visible cats.  I do know that there are some cats in the neighborhood, but I think they all have homes.  I don’t believe there are anymore ferals, at least not on this side of the neighborhood.

I’m not missing the Fish Wrangler game at all.  It really kind of surprised me, but I’ve got lots of extra time now.  I’ll probably be needing it soon, because Brian has designed and is selling some things to help people with tractors.  As a matter of fact, he’s going up to a large agriculture show next month in central California to talk up tractor dealers and take pictures and get dimensions on the various vehicles. He’s got a huge stack from last year and he’ll be updating them this year.  Where I come in is I have to make his website and I have to design his business cards and print them up.  But I can’t do anything until he gets some photos to me of what he’s selling.  He really enjoys making these and it would be nice for him to finally do something that makes money that he enjoys. 

Anyway, that’s it for now!

10:48 AM - 01/17/2011

The topic: Memory cards

Somewhere along the line, technology came up with an updated SD memory card.  This is an SDHC card.  I’ve got some SDHC cards, I have the little ones that go into a regular sized SD card to be read by my computer.  My phone uses them, my Sansa’s that have the Rockbox software can use them, the newer cameras can use them. Which is all well and good, but my go to computer can not read them. I have to use an adapter.  And I forget that I need an adapter and start freaking out that there’s something wrong with my computer when it doesn’t see the card and I get error messages.

So, last week, I went over to eBay and ordered a new internal card reader. 

A new project!  Yay!  I love new projects!  I love opening my computer and pulling out cables and putting new ones in! 


      Wednesday, January 19, 2011

09:43 AM - 01/19/2011

The topic: Why?

Why does trial software only do so much?  Why does it have limitations?  This project I was working on the past week needed certain kinds of software. But the trial version only did a little, I needed something that did longer than just a little.  A time thing. So, I bought the software and it didn’t work. They said on their website “if this doesn’t work, upgrade to this, we’ll refund your money for your first purchase if you’ve made them both in a short period of time”.  So, I bought the upgrade. It worked on some of what I was doing, but I kept having an encoding problem with about half of what I was working on.

So, I tried a different company’s software.  That was half the price.  And it works like a dream.  No problems, no error messages.  Their trial software is a full version, just has a big ass watermark over it. But you know it works.

I have no use for company A’s product.  I like company B’s product. Now what do I do?

I had no choice but to purchase the full versions since the trials weren’t enough.

Time to contact their support. Keep your fingers crossed I can get my money back.

Other than that, my project is complete.  I would have never imagined something so simple would take so much time.

09:52 AM - 01/19/2011

The topic: You know those awesome sunset photos

I take in the backyard?  The ones with the tree with no leaves?  At the left of the picture (go over to my life in pictures and choose the old gallery, naturescapes, sunsets).  Well, that tree is dead, dead, dead.

It was a plum tree (remember the photo of the plum on the ground with all the bees on it? That was pretty cool). And now it’s a dead plum tree. It has termites and some sort of fungus on it. Last weekend, Brian cut it back.  He cut all of the branches off.  Now, there are just three big flat areas.  And, at my suggestion, he’s going to build some sort of treehouse for the kitties!  We don’t know how long the tree will remain standing, no idea how the root system is, but for a while, the cats will have a fun place to hang out.  There will be two levels, the bottom one shaded by the top one.  I think this will be pretty darned cool.  The levels will be like boxes so the cats won’t accidentally roll off.  That was my idea.  *lol*

I’ll take pictures as he does it.

      Thursday, January 20, 2011

12:11 PM - 01/20/2011

The topic: How about some cat pix?

p>I’ve been taking more pictures and I thought I’d share some of them. 


Here is Sammy and Miss E in the new chair:

click for a larger pic

Mystie and DaNiece on the loveseat:

click for a larger pic

Sammy and Miss, different view:

click for a larger pic

I couldn’t find Ollie in the house, so I went in search of him outside. At first I couldn’t tell what he was doing, but then I got a closer look. He was licking some catnip that is growing behind the shop.

click for a larger pic

Here he is a few days later, stretched out by the pool.  We’ve been having some very pleasant and mild weather and the cats are taking full advantage of it.

click for a larger pic

Here’s the tree I was telling you about. That’s Captain at the top.

click for a larger pic

Captain is not much of a tree climber. He did well getting up, now how to get down?

click for a larger pic

Pa to the rescue!

click for a larger pic

This was my first clue Captain was having problems (a blow up of the picture above):

click for a larger pic

If you want to see more, just head on over to the gallery


      Friday, January 21, 2011

08:45 AM - 01/21/2011

The topic: So, I’m sitting there watching television

the other night, Brian was either back in his shop or in the office.  I heard this noise. It seemed to be coming from the television. 

I turned the sound down. Still heard it.  Kind of rhythmic. I walked over by the television. Listened.  Nothing. Sat back down. Heard it again. Damn, what is that noise?  I got up and walked into the dining room.  Nope, nothing.  Into the living room, could it have been a cat grooming and banging up against something.  I looked around, everyone was sleeping.  Very puzzled at this point, but I’m finding nothing.  I went back into the family room and sat down, turned the sound back up on the television and rewound my show.

The noise started again. Argh! This is making me crazy.  I opened the door to the garage, was it coming from out there?  Nope. 

It sounded louder by the fireplace when I stood in the right spot.  But when I walked over there, I couldn’t hear it.

Finally, as I was just standing there turning my head this way and that, trying to catch the direction, I happened to look up.  No, it can’t be.  The ceiling fan? That runs 24/7 to keep the air distributed?  Say it ain’t so.  The fan was on low. I turned it off.  The sound quit. I turned it on full.  Sound is much, much louder. 

At least I know what it is now.  I told Brian. He said we have another new fan back in his shop. He might look at the bearings in the one on the ceiling to see if he can fix it, but at least it’s not going to cost too much to take care of it.

And I had peace of mind. One of life’s petty annoyances is mysterious noises.

09:31 AM - 01/21/2011

The topic: So, I get up around 11 last night

to empty my bladder, go back to bed and notice my side of the bed is flat.  Brian’s fast asleep. 

I went out onto the sofa and put a thin fleece blanket over me.  It wasn’t enough.  But I had a couple of cats snugged up against me.  I finally moved Katie and got the blanket she was laying on and added that.  Much warmer. 

This morning, Brian said he didn’t notice I was gone until five this morning. 

He fixed the bed before he left (we think the cats walking between the pillows works the air tube loose).  I’m tired and my back hurts. 

I’ve got lots to do today, laundry and I have to get my bucket with Nature’s Miracle and hot water and do some floor washing. It amazes me that the cats can go for days without peeing inappropriately, then one night, they hit every spot they’ve ever hit in the past. Lots of pee to clean today.

Yawn…maybe I’ll take a nap later.

      Saturday, January 22, 2011

09:22 AM - 01/22/2011

The topic: Fish advice?

This has happened before and if we’re going to keep eating fish, I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong.

I had some individually wrapped cod filets. I made three, just in case they didn’t all turn out.  And one didn’t. The cats liked it, though.

They were semi-thawed.  I followed the recipe on the back.  Garlic, onions, olive oil, parsley and a can of diced tomatoes. 

Now, my problem. 

Why does sometimes the fish turn out rubbery and inedible? Not nice and flaky? 

Brian said it might be the fish itself. But I feel it happens too much and it must be something I’m doing wrong when I cook it.

Any ideas?

09:29 AM - 01/22/2011

The topic: I had the camera out yesterday

Well, I always have the camera ready, I just had it out. I played around taking some close ups.

I grabbed it because Richie and Opie were cuddled up on the pillow under the kitchen window and I wanted to get them together, still best buds after all these years.  Alas, Opie woke up and jumped down just as I got back outside. So, I got Richie.

click for a larger pic

Then I got Phoebe. I’m a little perturbed that I can’t get a photograph of her that looks the way I see her.  Does that make any sense?  I doubt I’d see this picture and think “oh, gee, that’s my Pheebs!” To me, it looks nothing like her.  She’s much cuter.

click for a larger pic

Marco is still plugging along.  Yesterday afternoon, he ran across the back yard. He’s a large cat and I don’t often see him running. He was in a very good mood. He was a happy cat.

click for a larger pic

And here’s my little Autumn, one of the invisible cats. One of Richie’s sisters, the last one of that litter caught. She’s one of our invisible cats. I think she’s coming out of her depression after we lost Bart last year.  She really loved him, he was the only cat we ever saw her cuddling with.

click for a larger pic

I love my kitties.

09:41 AM - 01/22/2011

The topic: Back when our furniture was new

I started crocheting covers for it.  Then I started beading and set the crocheting aside. 

Then my mom passed and packing up her stuff I did something to my right thumb that was pretty painful and kept me from doing anything crafty.  The chiro said I jammed it; I don’t buy that, but it hurt for months and months.  Then I started Fish Wrangling on FaceBook.  Well, I quit the FW last month and I’m finally starting to do other stuff with my time.

Like getting back into crocheting. This past week, I’ve spent a couple of afternoons working on the loveseat cover. Then I’ll do the sofa cover.  Then the chair cover. By the time I’m done, it will probably be time for new furniture.



      Sunday, January 23, 2011

07:53 AM - 01/23/2011

The topic: Yummy drink

Hillbilly punch.  I had my first one last year at the Roadhouse Grill.   I had my second one last year at the Roadhouse Grill. 

After that one, I looked up the recipe online.  Since Brian likes it too, we make it in a big sun tea jar, the kind with the tap at the bottom.

One cup of peach schapps
One cup of amaretto
One cup of rum
96 ounces of cranberry juice cocktail (our Costco has these in a two pack)

That all goes into the tea jar.

Then serve over crushed ice and add cold lemon lime soda.  Yummy!

      Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10:02 AM - 01/26/2011

The topic: This is really odd

There are no cats (except Charlie Tuna, who followed me out) in the backyard.  None. Nada.

The door from the garage to the yard is open.  All the way, so there is no problem for the cats getting in an out. 

It’s not like it’s all that cold, there are high clouds, it’s about 60°.  So, why are there no cats in the backyard? Why are they in the house?

I count ten in the bedroom, eight in the living room, eight in the family room and four in the office. There are a few in the garage.

The furnace goes off at ten, it’s after ten and I’ve opened up the house. Potter and Peter have joined Charlie. With the house open, it shouldn’t be too long until more cats go outside.

Then I can vacuum.

11:25 AM - 01/26/2011

The topic: I don’t understand

So, Brian’s working on selling these sidelinks for tractors.  There is some work in putting them together, bending metal, putting in holes and welding.  So, Brian’s a little upset that his brother hasn’t had the time to do the welding.  His brother has a ton on his plate, Brian understands that, but Brian’s looking at it from the point of view that the guy has paid for this little piece of equipment, he has to get it made and out.  So I asked Brian why he couldn’t weld it himself?  He said “well, he’s better at it than me”. 

OMG.  These sidelinks are Brian’s baby, he shouldn’t put himself in a position where he depends on someone else, you know?  

I guess I found out early in life that depending on others isn’t the way to get things done.  Even as long as I’ve had a website, early on I ran my own forums and my own postcard site and my own photo albums.  Because I had control of them. And goodness knows, stuff on the web is here one day and gone tomorrow, along with your monthly payment.


click for a larger pic

My very first website was on GeoCities. And where are they now?  Gone.  Eaten up by other companies. 

Nope, I’d rather do it myself than depend on someone else.

And I think Brian is going to start practicing welding.  So he’ll get good at it, too.  And this makes me happy.  Because I’m not a big believer on having to depend on someone else to do what has to be done.

12:50 PM - 01/26/2011

The topic: I just uploaded thirty pictures

to the gallery.  Taken on Monday and this morning.  Here are a few, if you want to see them all, go check them out.


Brian starts on the new tree house
click for a larger pic


Testing the best way to set it
click for a larger pic


Charlie claws the screen
click for a larger pic


Big stretch for Ross
click for a larger pic


Looking good
click for a larger pic


Benny roll
click for a larger pic


Sagwa is the first up…
click for a larger pic


... and he ain’t sharin’ (as Skip finds out)
click for a larger pic


Charlie Tuna
click for a larger pic


Skip got up there this morning
click for a larger pic


Pancho, hanging out
click for a larger pic

So, it looks like the new cattreehouse is a hit.  It would be kind of nice to see more than one cat on it. I guess that they need to get used to it. Whenever, I’ll be ready with the camera!


      Sunday, January 30, 2011

07:53 AM - 01/30/2011

The topic: Thank you!

I’m giving props to http://www.anvsoft.com for refunding my money.  I purchased one of their programs, it didn’t work for what I needed,  I upgraded per their website and still had problems.

I got a different software from a different company that does the same thing, just differently and it worked like a dream.  I contacted anvsoft and told them my story as well as telling them the software that did work.  I requested a refund for both programs that I purchased (I already had deleted them from the computer). 

This morning I see that they’ve refunded the full purchase price for both. 

Yay! That was nice. 

Thank you, anvsoft!

      Monday, January 31, 2011

03:55 PM - 01/31/2011

The topic: Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 review

Very, very cute movie.  Once I got past the lips moving on the dogs (hey, that commercial with the toddler talking just creeps me out, what can I say?) I really enjoyed the movie.  And I just couldn’t get enough of the puppies.  The “squee!” factor is HUGE.

It starts out with the wedding of Papi and Chloe and the resulting litter of five (SQUEE!) puppies.  The wedding is fun, all the dog buddies attending and this wedding was way bigger than mine. Dancing dogs are always a hoot.

They live at Chloe’s home in Beverly Hills.  When Chloe’s people (Susie Blakely is Aunt Viv and I kept thinking “hey, you dated Charlie Harper!”, Erin Cahill is Rachel, Viv’s daughter) go off in search of finding important medical botanicals, Papi’s human (Marcus Coloma is Sam) is in charge.  While in his care, they all go visit Sam’s parents and that’s when the trouble starts.  Sam’s father hurt his back and has been unable to work and is in danger of losing the family home.  The banker (a real horse’s ass, don’t know why cat people are made out to be such jerks, I know I’m not…well, most of the time) has no heart and ends up forcing the family into leaving the house they’ve had for years. 

The dogs get entered in a dog show in hopes of winning $50,000 (they had my vote) and that’s got some adorable moments. But, seriously?  A dog painting?  Show me the “Why Dogs Paint” book, would ya?  Everybody knows cats are the REAL painters….

Fortunately, the dogs save the day.  Papi’s Warrior Chihuahua tales (learning moments) have made a deep impression on the puppies (SQUEE!) and they all end up catching the bad guys (aren’t there always bad guys?) and keeping the family home safe from the bad banker man (funny scene when he gets knocked over by the dogs, I won’t ruin it, but if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a happy dog, you’ll smile).

I liked this movie, it was entertaining and it did make me laugh. With a little bit lot of squeeing along the way. 

We played the Chihuahua challenge a couple of times, I wasn’t fast enough with the remote, even though I knew the answers. 

It’s a sweet movie and I recommend it for all ages. 

A sneak peak:


And a few faux paws:

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