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      Monday, December 26, 2016

09:15 AM - 12/26/2016

The topic: First thing this morning was laundry


I didn't get anything done since early last week. The rain and cloudy, cool weather prevented that. We're supposed to have three sunny days this week and then rain on Thursday, Friday and  Saturday. I need to get the laundry baskets emptied, they're almost overflowing (we wear more clothes in the cooler weather).

So, first load done and on the line. Second load is washing right now. I made breakfast and barely had enough room for the plates in the dishwasher, so that's running as well.

I set up the Epson printer to run via wireless network. Tripped over my feet a couple of times making it more difficult than I needed to, but it's working nicely now. I just hope the new router fixes the problem that I'd previously had.

I have paperwork to do, I'd like to get it all done by the end of the week. Since the past three months have been incredibly slow as far as sales are concerned, there's really not that much to do. It shouldn't take all that long to set up the few accounts we've got and input the payments made and generate invoices for orders filled. Then there's the bank account reconciliations. I think I have two that needed to be done at this point.

I used the Amazon card I got for Christmas from one of my besties and redeemed some of my MyPoints reward points to get that RAM upgrade for this laptop.  The price had dropped forty dollars! This laptop cost $125.00, the memory upgrade (the cheapest I could find) was $135.00. I had added it to my wishlist back then, no way could I justify paying more for double the RAM than the laptop cost. But it's all good now! I'm looking forward to being able to run more applications without lag time.

I played with the Curio a little yesterday, I think I pretty much figured out how it works. There was a little yelling and name calling at the software. The manual really isn't all that helpful. There are platforms that need to be stacked to have the depth for the process you're using, and it says "it will tell you what you need", but no, it in fact, certainly does NOT tell you what you need. After doing some Googling, I find that the platforms need to equal 5. (The platforms come in two depths, 1 and 2. You need to choose the platforms accordingly - for cutting, etching, embossing...)  My test sheet wasn't the most exciting thing I've ever done, but the Curio does print and cut, so I can send it back to the color printer (which is why I wanted to be able to access the printer wirelessly, I really don't like keeping the PC running if I'm not using it; but if this wireless thing doesn't go smoothly, I'll probably not have a choice), have the graphic print out in beeyooteeful color and emboss or deboss that graphic and maybe play with my color toys (pencils, pens, plain markers, glitter markers, watercolors...) on the paper. Looking forward to it.

Thinking of print and cut, I found out a couple of weeks ago  when cutting more labels for Brian's hydraulics, that the new Cameo doesn't love the silver foil paper anymore than the old Cameo does. With the "print and cut" option, when you send your project to the printer, registration marks are printed as well as your project. These registration marks are what the Cameo looks for when it cuts. If it doesn't see the registration marks, it won't cut. And most of the speedbumps that come up with things like this, someone out there has a fix and has shared the fix.

For shiny paper (foils and glossy paper) a fix is taking a piece of adhesive matte paper, cutting it and applying that to the top of the paper that you want cut before printing it out. When you print it out, the top registration marks print on the matte paper and the Cameo reads them like a charm. I did a template on my Cameo for cutting strips one inch by eight and a half. I get eleven strips out of one sheet. And it's all good.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing things with my Curio that will embellish my projects, make them super special lisaviolet projects.

Yesterday was a dull day. Christmas usually is around here. Brian made a big breakfast and I don't think we had lunch. He spent most of the day on his computer sorting photographs, while I played with the Curio. After some miscommunications and misunderstandings about how he needed to do this, he finally got it down so that I didn't need to do the big sigh thing out here when I heard him back there calling his computer names and get up and go back there and try to figure out what was going wrong this time.

After hours of quiet, he decided he was done and came out to the family room, and we had to figure out what to have for dinner. Since the avocados we got at Costco hit peak wonderfulness, we decided on frozen taquitos. He cooked those and I mashed the avocado. Quck and simple.

Then just watched some Amazon Prime movies. Quiet day.


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