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      Saturday, December 17, 2016

09:36 AM - 12/17/2016

The topic: Earlier this year


I bought a refurbed laptop. Not caring much for laptop keyboards, I bought a Logitech light up keyboard. And as with a lot of keyboards, there is an addtional software you can use that allows you to set keys to perform certain functions.

With this keyboard, I have some of the F keys set to start QuckBooks or Paint Shop Pro or the Silhouette.

Except, it didn't. After of months of putting up with this, I spent hours Thursday deleting and reinstalling software. Thinking that was the problem. It wasn't. The problem was that the software that allows the modified keyboard settings wasn't loading at startup. And doing some reasearch on this, I learned that I'd forgotten about adding programs to the Windows startup folder. You know, you place a shortcut for the program you want to start when you turn on your computer to the startup folder.

And now, it works! Now when I hit the calculator button Silhouette Design Studio loads up, not the calculator. I have fingers and paper and a pen, who needs a calculator? If I want a calculator, I'll use a real one. With paper that feeds through so I can check my work.


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06:25 AM - 12/17/2016

The topic: I’m having a hard time focusing


On tasks at hand. I made the twenty-nine cards, got all that I was sending out, sent out ($2.62 in postage for each one! I used large bubble envelopes to preserve the card so the postage machines didn't ruin them).

I've got things to share, the holiday cards as well as some birthday cards I made way earlier this year. But for some reason, I'm having a hard time sitting down and doing it (for the holiday cards, I have one hundred and thirty-nine photos to go through!).  And that takes time and I just can't sit still long enough to do it. I choose the photo, save a copy of the photo to a different directory (never, ever work with the original). Crop the photo if it needs recropping, resize the photo, watermark the photo, make a copy of the photo, resizing and renaming for thumbnail photos on the weblog (although I have an automated script that does that).

Then there's uploading the thumbnails to lisaviolet.com and uploading the full sized photo to lisaviolet.net (for those who are interested in seeing more detail). Sometimes the uploaded doesn't upload all of the photos because they are too large (not height/width, but how much data they take up). For some reason, graphics over 400kb will not upload to my website. So, I have to go back into my graphics program, change the compression and then re-upload them.

After that, I can start the process of writing about them. When I post the thumbnail, I usually make that thumbnail a link to "the bigger picture".  Many steps to get these all up on the weblog.

And I'm getting so easily distracted lately....(looks out the window thinking that I really need to wash the windows...oh, look at that cloud formation, it's really neat, I need a picture!) Like I said, trouble focusing.

This afternoon I have an appointment to have my eyes examined. I really need new glasses/contacts. My eyes have gotten considerably worse since my last appointment and what sucks is I got all of my glasses to compensate for the multi-focal contact lenses. Those lenses had me reading with my right eye and using my left eye for distance (it was weird). The glasses compensated for that, so that driving, movies, things like that I could watch with both eyes. I'm not doing that again. Huh uh.

Regular contacts and progressive glasses. One pair sunglasses, one pair progressive Transition glasses. (Sunglasses for driving. I noticed in the past that the Transition lenses don't get as dark as they should in the car.)  The contacts because housework. When I wear my readers washing dishes, they fog up. When I wear my readers in the cold, they fog up. This greatly annoys me. So, contacts. And I hope this helps me get more focused. Once I can see what I'm doing, maybe I'll feel more like doing it. 141031071

I need to go through my presents stuff for the vet's office. I've bought stuff through the year for this, but I don't think I have enough for everyone. I do have little things I'd planned on selling in my online store, so I can fill it out with those.

I need to make my little candies that I hand out. I was asked when we took Bernadette in for her last vet trip if I'm making cookies this year. Nope. My back just can't handle it anymore. Since my car rolled down that hill, my back gives me grief. Probably the arthritis that was there due to that accident back when I was sixteen (drunk driver ran a stop sign and broadsided our car; my back was broken). The last time I did the cookies, it was sore for well over a week. So, no cookies. But the little candies are pretty simple and light weight, very little "working" the ingredients. And I'll use one of those pads on the floor to help prevent any problems.

And I came back to the office this morning to see that Brian left some stuff on my desk to tell me that I need to print more of these and make more labels for his hydraulic links. Bleh.

Anyway, my mind just went blank (it does that a lot). What to do first...


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