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      Saturday, September 03, 2005

09:44 PM - 09/03/2005

The topic: Irritants

We’re watching tv in the office.  Brian’s surfing, I’m kinda doing not much.  How many times in ten minutes can you check your email?  There’s absolutely nothing I want to buy, so there’s nothing for me to look at.  Not even window shopping. Overall, the net is pretty quiet tonight.

So, we’re watching Court TV (we changed from Katrina news earlier today, it gets to be too much; and you find that after a couple of hours, the segments are repeats from earlier), Forensic Files. 

And an ad comes on.  I didn’t hear what it was for, but the announcer says “you could win ten thousand big ones!”  I look up (not that I’m going to win ‘ten thousand big ones’, but it caught my attention.  And they had a graphic up:  $10,000.00).

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider a dollar a “big one”.  I don’t consider a ten dollar bill a “big one”.  Maybe a hundred dollar bill might be a “big one”.  Most definitely a thousand dollar bill would be a “big one”.

But a one dollar bill, is NOT a “big one”.

09:53 PM - 09/03/2005

The topic: Ponderance

Brian and I have discussed how to dispose of our bodies when we die.  We’re to be parted out (take what ya need, we’re not going to be using it) and burn what’s left over. 

I always kind of thought it would be neat to have my ashes scattered at Disneyland.  Whatever is done with them, I don’t want them in an urn on someone’s hearth.  I want them gone, scattered to the wind.

And after watching the news the past week, I know that’s the best decision.  I can’t even imagine the horror of having the bodies rise up from their graves.  Too “Poltergeist” for my tender sensiblities.

“Hey, look, isn’t that Dianne?”........uh uh, not me.  When I’m gone, I’m gone.

      Friday, September 09, 2005

07:39 AM - 09/09/2005

The topic: Thank you to all who donated.

We raised over a thousand dollars.  I sent a thousand to Tammy on Tuesday and I guess she was happy.  Her response when I posted at Benny’s that the package had arrived and been signed for was “Soon as I got home we had to run and buy James a book for school. (thank you Benny’s!)”. 

She posted nothing at AHOC, where people also donated to the fund.

I’m thinking maybe we should have donated clothes and books instead. They seem to be more appreciated.

08:37 AM - 09/09/2005

The topic: My workstation (geek alert)

Well, it’s slowly coming together.  Things I thought would work, haven’t, which is a PITA.  And I’ve sat here pondering how I can set that up to work this way and set this up to work that way.  And I’m obviously overthinking some of the things I’m thinking about.

For instance, last Saturday I tried printing a test page out on the laser printer.  This has always been a good printer for us, we’ve had it for twelve years I guess.  Never gave us any problem. Well, lately it’s not doing such a good job.  It’s printing garbage.  So, I tried connecting it directly to the computer, not the switchbox and it worked correctly every time.  Okay, so I can’t run that printer through the switchbox.  Well, I get the brilliant idea to run the other printers using USB.  I’ve got three Epson color inkjet printers.  So, I go online and start searching for an USB switchbox so that I can run all of them.

I recently got three manual USB switchboxes so that I can share the external DVD burners I’ve got with the laptop and the desktop (more about that later).  So, I figure there’s got to be one that will work for more than one printer.

I searched for hours.  And I couldn’t find any, anywhere.  Brian came into the room and I was telling him about my unsuccessful search, how much time I’d spent when it hit me like a bolt of lightning.  I didn’t need a switchbox, any old USB hub would do. D’oh!  Hook the hub to the computer and the printers to the hub.  Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid me.  I found an extra hub and got the 1160 and the 900 hooked up.  The 800 didn’t have an USB connection, so I found an adaptor at eBay, which was less than twelve bucks, including shipping.  It got here yesterday and all computers are now hooked up.

I also got Brian’s computer set up so that he can use the printers, via this machine. 

Oh, there was a problem there.  The only network computer that recognized this computer was the laptop.  Took me a while to figure out it was my ZoneAlarm settings and I had to add the other two computers to the trusted sites.  Once I’d done that, it all went well.

I’ve also learned some stuff along the way.  I’ve learned that USB cables come with many different end connections. There’s male A. There’s female A.  There’s male B. There’s female B.  I found this out because I needed type A ends, both male.  When I ordered cables, I didn’t realize that there was a female A.  Got cables with male A and female A.  They don’t work so good.  banghead  So, I ordered three foot, type A, male to male USB cables.  These would go from the hub to the switchbox.  I’ll keep the others, just in case. You never know when they might come in handy.

I started on this on Monday or Tuesday.  And I found that the DVD burners would not work on the laptop through a hub.  If I connected them directly to the computer from the switchbox, they worked.  But not when I put them in the Targus 2.0 7 port hub.  They work fine on the desktop via the same type of hub (I got one for each computer).  This makes absolutely no sense at all to me.  Why one would work and the other not.  Anyway, I ended up having to get more cables, longer this time.  I also got a few extra, just in case I need them in the future.  I got a great deal on the cables at pcmicrostore.com.  Before I got them there, I’d gone to Office Depot and Best Buy and their cable selections started at over twenty dollars.  That’s a little more than I wanted to spend. So, I got them online.  I think “I can wait a few more days”.

They’re supposed to be here today.  Then I should be able to get my little movie studio together. *lol* That’s what I’ll be using the laptop for, since it’s so much more powerful than the desktop, which amazes me.  And when I make my little slideshows and movies, I won’t have to unplug any cords.  With the desktop, I have to shut down all programs and disconnect from the internet since burning a DVD needs everything it’s got. 

Whew, that will be a load off.  And the end of the excuses.

UPDATE: My cables didn’t show up as expected.  So, I wait another day.  And it would appear I’m not the only one in geekmode this week.  Git ‘er done, Lair, git ‘er done.


08:53 AM - 09/09/2005

The topic: I am not a crafty person

I used to be a crafty person.  I could sew and do needlepoint and crochet and paint murals on walls and all sorts of cool, crafty stuff.  And somewhere along the way, that talent went away, or maybe just atrophied.

Anyway, I got this brilliant idea to make something crafty for the goody bags this coming October.  I can’t say exactly what I’m crafting, because many of the fine people who go in October, read this blog.  (So, neener, neener, neener.)

Well, I had the major portion of what I was doing laid out.  I’d move it when I had to, so that the cats didn’t mess all that hard work up.  This was fine for a couple of days, no problems.  Then, Ross decides he is going to jump on the coffeetable and he hit the area I had it set up. What a mess.  An hour later I was back in business.  I had one item all arranged and ready to go.  I set it down when I had to get up and when I got back, I picked up the wrong end of what I’d set down and it all fell apart.  *sigh*

I finally got one out of fourteen done.

Another thing that is bugging me is the supplies.  I started this particular craft over a year ago.  I had some supplies for it and I’ll be damned if I can find them anywhere.  I don’t know how much time I’ve spent looking for them.  I even cleaned out the hallway closet yesterday thinking maybe I’d put them in there.  Nope. 

Oh, well, I’ll just buy more. And when we move, I bet I find my missing supplies.

A crafty person wouldn’t lose her supplies.

      Saturday, September 10, 2005

04:41 PM - 09/10/2005

The topic: Fleas…..

So far today, twenty-five cats have been dosed with Advantage.  There are ten to go.  I’ll be lucky if I get more than three of those.  Near impossible to dose will be Lonee, Pete, Autumn, Joey, Red and Jackson.  I can’t even get near Little Bit.  That leaves Phoebe, Gracie, and Angel, who I’ll be able to get at dinnertime. 

I hope that fleas like different restaurants.  With any luck, they’ll hop onto cats that have been dosed and die miserable nasty deaths.

I don’t like fleas.

      Monday, September 12, 2005

10:33 AM - 09/12/2005

The topic: Fleas and how I love to see them die

Well, I got all but three cats done this weekend.  The only three that didn’t get Advantage are Little Bit, Jackie and Red.  I’ll try for Red and Jackie, but I don’t think I have a good chance at them.

But I think the flea population should be gone for a while.

      Tuesday, September 13, 2005

03:53 PM - 09/13/2005

The topic: The stuff of nightmares

Katrina and the news stories and the posting on internet bulletin boards.  The pictures of the emaciated dogs, the stories of the left behind cats, the people looking for their pets.  Are they in this shelter or that?  Did the cat even get to a shelter or did the authorities just release it on its own when the owner was told s/he couldn’t ride the bus to safety with their kitty? 

I didn’t think it was bothering me that much.  I cried, I was sad, but I didn’t think it was bothering me that much.

Until I woke up in the early, early morning, with fading visions of looking for my cats among lots of carriers, lots of cats loose and lots of dogs.  I remember thinking “where’s Little Bit?  Little Bit will never come to me and what about Joey, will he?”  I was devastated in my dream.  My life was lost, my cats were gone. Would I ever find them?  I was in tears, I was shaking, I was lost…..

When I woke up, I lay there in bed thinking about what we’d do if we had to evacuate.  How would we get all of them?  What would we take them in?  We could probably crowd six of the smaller cats in each of the big crates. And possibly two in the smaller ones.  Handsome would have to be alone, as would Oliver.  And how would we catch them all?  Where would we transport them?  We used to have the shell on the Ranger, but those lowlifes took care of that earlier this year.  Oh, yes, we could use Brian’s big truck, the dump bed.  And he could put something over the top of it, tarp it off, that would work.  But how would we catch the ferals?

A net, we need a net.  And Brian would have to wear a heavy shirt and heavy gloves to keep him safe from sharp claws and teeth….

Just remembering those early morning thoughts brings me to tears…...

I can’t even imagine living it. 


      Wednesday, September 14, 2005

06:22 PM - 09/14/2005

The topic: Sporadic entry justification

If you’re wondering why I’m not making many entries lately, how it’s worse than usual, it’s because I’m in the process of getting ready for our annual Disney bash. 

Since this is a special year there, I wanted to design special shirts (which I also make), goody bags to get ready and house stuff to take care of.  And some special surprises for my buds who will be there.

This all takes time. 

So, after we get back next month, or when I get all of my ducks in a row, I’ll be making more timely entries.

I hope.  *lol*

      Thursday, September 22, 2005

07:17 AM - 09/22/2005

The topic: Hi, hi, hi!!

Well, I got my goody bags together for the Disney trip next month.  I have the shirts left to do (seventeen of them, printed on both the front and back). 

I finished up with my one project yesterday, the one that made me realize that I’m really not a crafty person.  But this morning I’m feeling a lot better about it.  Since it’s done and all of the superglue is gone from my fingers.  I had a little on one of my thighs, but I was able to pick it off.

Brian worked late last night, didn’t get home until after eight.  And it seems a storefront job he was doing in La Jolla had more mirrors than he knew about and it has to be done by the time the inspector arrives on the job today, which may be as early as 8:30 this morning.  So, he’s gone already.  While he was in the shower, I made our daily ration of antioxidants and set the full cup on his bathroom counter.  He was still drinking it when he left, he’s taking it with him.  He left about ten minutes ago.  He’ll be back, I still have to make his lunch and he has to pick up his brother.

Dinner last night was a recipe out of one of the new cookbooks I got.  The one for the crockpot.  Here’s the recipe (it’s really good).


  • 3/4 inch thick round steak, cut into serving sizes

  • 1 medium onion

  • 1 can of condensed cream of celery soup

  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper

  • 1/4 teaspoon thyme

  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano

Slice the onion and place on the bottom of the crockpot.  Place the round steak on top of that.  In a small bowl, mix together the soup, pepper, thyme and oregano.  Spread over the steak.

Cook on high for six hours, on low for ten.

Serve with noodles.  I usually butter the noodles after I drain the water and toss with dried parsley flakes.  The vegetable I had with it was French cut green beans.  Excellent dinner.  And very, very quick preparation and easy to make.

By the way, I ordered one more each of those cookbooks and they’ll be prizes in future photo contests.  I’ll probably run the next one during the Disney trip.

So, today my plan is to get the shirts done, then start on the hallway closet.

Later.  *lol*

07:55 AM - 09/22/2005

The topic: Burning CDs

Last week, I decided to start making copies of my favorite CDs for the Escape.  I already have a bunch made, but the labels are paper.  According to the manufacturer, these are the wrong kind to run in the system in the car because the heat generated by player causes the glue to loosen and the label could get caught up in the player.  I figured it would be a good idea to burn more onto discs that can be printed on directly.

So, I figure I’ll use the laptop. I thought I’ll just move all of my burning software to that computer and not use this computer for burning CDs anymore.  Big problem.  The software won’t update. Oh, it tells me that there are patches available, but since they took over Roxio, the Sonic website is useless.  None of the help pages were available, the patch pages weren’t available and none of the contact pages were available.  I tried calling their support, but there’s a per incident charge.  Which sucks because all I wanted to do was report that their website wasn’t working correctly.  I put the CD burning idea on the back burner.

This past weekend, I tried again with this computer.  I had it down to less than twenty minutes for a full product.  That included burning, printing the case insert and cover and printing the label onto the disc itself. 

And since it was so easy, I’ve got a stack of about thirty here waiting to do.  The ones that will be more time consuming are the compilations I burned, since the song/artist information will have to be entered by hand.

07:58 AM - 09/22/2005

The topic: PITA
My computer is being a pain in the ass this morning. Very sluggish, slow to respond. I guess I should do a pest search.

09:22 AM - 09/22/2005

The topic: DeeJay is driving me nuts

He hasn’t been feeling good the past week or so and after seeing some fresh urine on the laundry room floor, it became apparent he has another bladder infection.

As horrible as this sounds, I kind of like it when he doesn’t feel good because he doesn’t bug the hell out of me.  He sleeps on the sofa most of the time.

When he’s feeling better, he’s up here on the desk, just sitting in the middle, taking up room and it’s hard for me to work.  And he sleeps on my pillow, getting his claws caught in my hair while he gets himself situated.  This is very annoying.  Of all the cats, he’s the one who most raises my blood pressure.

He’s eating well since I keep a bowl with dry Felidae that I’ve added water to handy.  He’s always preferred dry food to moist, so by doing this, he gets the flavor he likes and the food is easy for him to eat (he has bad teeth).  I started doing this a while back for Handsome, but it’s working well for DeeJay.

Because he eats so much, he poops accordingly.  I don’t understand why he’s not gaining weight because he sure has a good appetite.  I think I’ll start adding those digestive enzymes to the food.  Maybe that will help somewhat.  Handsome could put on a little more weight and it wouldn’t bother me.

Last week, Brian was in the kitchen when DeeJay decided he had to empty his bowels.  He was in the laundry room and I heard Brian say “Does he respond to affection?  Yes.  Does he have a good appetite?  Yes.  Well, two out of three isn’t bad.”  I knew what he was talking about.  The three things to look at when you’re considering a pet’s quality of life.  We read this years ago.

Does the pet eat well?

How are the toilet activities?  Is the pet continent?

Does still respond to affection?

Well, after we discussed it a little bit, we came to the conclusion that we can answer “Yes” to all three questions.  Yes, he poops and pees a lot.  But he knows he’s doing it.  He has his places he goes, so he can hold it until he gets there.  He goes in the laundry room and the masterbath. Sometimes he goes in front of the bed, but that’s on the way to the bathroom (I think we can attribute that to arthritis in his back legs).  But he never goes anywhere else in the house.  I wouldn’t call that incontinent. 

So, as thin as he is, it’s just not his time.  A stranger looking at him would be appalled at how skinny he is, what a bag of bones he’s become.

He just amazes me.

10:02 AM - 09/22/2005

The topic: Bart’s eye

just hasn’t gotten better since I took him in a while back and he was diagnosed with a corneal erosion.  I took him back a couple of times and the problem was gone, but his eye still bothered him.

I had the lubricant ointment that I used on him, but it didn’t seem to help.  So, a couple of days ago, I started putting plain old artificial tears (phoenix brand) in his eye.  It seems to be helping, finally.

This was left over from before and it’s almost gone, so I ordered a few more bottles of it from revival animal health, where it seems I’ve been getting most of the meds I don’t get from my vet.

10:30 AM - 09/22/2005

The topic: Annie and the water

Tired of Annie in the bathroom, I bought a new water fountain for the office.  And it seems to be working. Annie rarely goes into the bathroom anymore, she likes her own little water fountain.  I got it at CostCo online for about twenty-five bucks.


050922001 (52k image)

It took a couple of weeks of running it, but she finally gets it.

It’s sure nice.

10:43 AM - 09/22/2005

The topic: Crafty stuff

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I got the craft stuff done.  I started on this when Katrina was just a tropical storm.  I spent late nights watching the storm news and getting my craft ducks in a row. 

By last Sunday, I’d made a total of two of these things.  And I wasn’t really happy with the second one.  I told Brian I was just going to quit.  I have some store bought items like this and I’d study them to try to see how a certain step was done and I just couldn’t see it.  I perused books at Michael’s craft store, even bought one that had instructions, a 101 type of book, but there was nothing there that explained how this was done.

It was just more work than I wanted to do. 

When I was whining to Brian about it, it hit me what I may have been doing wrong. It was so clear.  I don’t know why this wasn’t addressed in the how to books, it wasn’t an obvious answer.  So, I started on the other ones and by late yesterday afternoon, I’d gotten all fifteen of them done, including redoing the second one.

I got an awful lot of superglue on my fingers, pulling superglued fingers apart isn’t one of my favorite things.  And the superglue affected how I worked because I didn’t have much feeling in my fingertips.  That stiff coating didn’t help.

11:22 AM - 09/22/2005

The topic: But it’s not what I ordered

I ordered a bunch of stuff from lakeside.com earlier this month.  One of the things I ordered, well three of the things, were new sheets. They had a king size fleece sheet set for under thirty dollars, which is a really good price.  I ordered one set of each color, blue, sage and burgandy. 

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box earlier this week to find that there were only two sets of sheets, the sage and the burgandy (burgandy my butt, these sheets are red).  No blue. But there was this other sage thing.  It was a blanket.  I check it out online, it cost three dollars more than the sheet sets.  Not enough to make a fuss about.  I take it out of the package and put it on the bed.  Yeesh, it doesn’t fit properly, no matter how I put it on.  Probably because of the footboard.  Stuff doesn’t hang down.

Then I get the bright idea to see if it would fit the sofa in the family room.  It will.  I washed it.  I dried it.  I put it on the sofa.  I like it.  I like it a lot more than the sheet that was on there before.

So, I go over to the lakeside website again, order the double/queen blanket for the loveseat and I re-order my blue blankets. 

The cats like it, too.


050922002 (72k image)



01:25 PM - 09/22/2005

The topic: Evacuation

Well, it looks like Laurence of isfullofcrap.com has evacuated.

Earlier this month, he posted his take on FEMA, which is quite amusing, if not a little sad to see Edloe again.  Go check it out.  I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face.

(Laurence had to evacuate with his three kittycats this afternoon…God speed, Laurence, and thank you for once again sharing the much missed Edloe with us all.)

The catcams haven’t updated in about twenty minutes now.

Good luck, Lair and I hope all is well when you return home.  I hope this isn’t too stressful on the kittycats.

      Friday, September 23, 2005

08:59 AM - 09/23/2005

The topic: I almost forgot to share this

I showed Brian the website with the nets and pointed out the one I thought about buying.  He suggested the one that’s the step up, a little larger.

I ordered it.  Because, you know, it might come in handy at some point.  You know, if there’s some reason we have to evacuate.  Just in case.

09:45 AM - 09/23/2005

The topic: Missile testing

Last night, about 7:30, the phone rings. It was Brian’s brother.  Brian kept looking out of the window, while on the phone.  It was a short conversation and Brian went outside.  Curious, I followed him.

I asked him what was going on and he said that his brother told him a missile had been sent up.  This usually makes for a very interesting show in the sky.  Brian didn’t see it at first, but I’m shorter and I did see it.  I went inside and grabbed the camera.

We went over to the fence, I stood on the cement ledge and Brian shored me up.  I balanced the lens on the top of the fence and shot the picture below. 

It’s really neat looking in real life.  I really do have to learn how to use the camera I got last year at Christmas time.  I don’t think pictures taken with that camera at night will be so grainy.


(click for larger image)



03:10 PM - 09/23/2005

The topic: Hurricane bloggers

Well, hurricane “blogger”, if you will.

Laurence didn’t leave.  I knew that this morning, just haven’t had a chance to post about it.  But he’s blogging like crazy, taking pictures and putting them up in his photo gallery.

Check it out if you get a chance.  As bad as it gets, he’s always got a humorous edge.


      Tuesday, September 27, 2005

03:11 PM - 09/27/2005

The topic: I’m really disgusted right now.

Why?  A woman had her cat put down because it peed.  I had a link up here, but the woman is an attention whore, so I removed it.  The less attention she gets, the better.  If her stomach was churning with the cat locked in the basement, I bet it wasn’t a quarter as bad as the churning in my stomach after reading her story, making her case for killing the cat.

She’s a dog person.  The worst kind of dog person. She worships freaking dogs. She even wrote a book about it. I wonder if a dog had the problems that the cat did, if she’d be as cold and heartless towards it.

“Honey, get rid of the dog. I just don’t want to be bothered with it any more.”  And I wonder if she’d write up a long essay bragging about what she’d done.  Probably not. 

I can only hope that her daughter is learning the lesson of what you do with living things that have medical or behavioral problems that cause you work.  You get rid of them.

And I can only hope for her sake, if her daughter indeed DOES learn this lesson, that you dump this problem at someone else’s doorstep.  Hopefully a horrible, horrible rest home.

Damn, she didn’t even have the consideration to take the cat to the vet.  Nope, she has her husband take it (dump it?) to the Humane Society. 

You know, I just hate some people.  And I’ve never even met them.

      Wednesday, September 28, 2005

11:37 AM - 09/28/2005

The topic: Still pretty busy

I’d hoped to have everything done by Saturday, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  I so wanted to have time to put my feet up and relax before the whirlwind that’s coming up in October.

Today I’m going to wash the screens, sliding doors and all of the windows.  I have to get started before it gets too hot outside.  That way I can be acclimated to the heat.  It’s supposed to get up around ninety today.

Friday I got the linen closet straightened up, which also meant my closet is finally looking the way it should.  Got rid of a bunch of old linens and some stuff that people have given me over the years that I’ve never used, will never use.  I kind of felt guilty about it, but I just couldn’t justify keeping any of it.

I had to order a new cat drinking fountain for the office this morning because the new one gets too much use.  What a complaint, huh?  It doesn’t hold nearly enough water, it has to be filled at least once a day.  So, I ordered another Drinkwell as well as new reservoirs for the other two we have.  These hold 75 ounces of water instead of the 50 the originals held.

I’m giving my mom the old one.

05:23 PM - 09/28/2005

The topic: Window washing

It took me less than five hours to wash all of the windows, sliding doors and screens (I didn’t wash the window in the garage) that I’d planned on washing.

I can’t even believe it and it looks like they look pretty good, no streaks or anything.

Usually, I’d still be out there cleaning, but today, I used something that Brian bought at CostCo months ago to wash the cars and trucks with and he didn’t like the way these things felt.  He put them on the shelf next to my clean dust/wash rags/towels in the garage.  I grabbed a couple of my old towels, then looked at the label on these bright yellow things, figured “what the hell?”

I’m glad I did, it’s like a miracle.  I used Simple Green and water and a scrub brush on the screens and rinsed them off.  Then I started on the windows.  I was going to use Simple Green and then hose them to rinse them, then dry them off with a towel.  I really wanted to try something other than what I usually do, tons of paper towels and the glass cleaner that Brian, the glassman, gets from one of his suppliers.

So, I do one window with the Simple Green the way I’d planned on it.  This was going to take forever, I thought.  I wiped the glass down with one of the old towels, then try one of the new ones, since one was handy (I was at the side of the house) and dry.  Whoa!  I was absolutely amazed at how it soaked up the water without leaving streaks.  I even rubbed a couple of fly specks off of the glass (you know how sometimes they don’t come off quickly) and there was no smearing at all.  Woof!  Let’s see how it goes with the other windows.

I’ll tell you how it went.  I dumped the Simple Green water, but clean water in my bucket and then dumped some white vinegar in it.  I used one of my original white towels to clean the windows, then went over it with the new ones.  These new towels are nothing short of miraculous.  I swear.  I used one old towel, never changed the bucket of vinegar water, even though it was filthy, and two, yes, that’s two, of the new towels.

I got eight windows and two sliding doors cleaned.  Inside and out.  Three of those windows are bay windows, with two casement windows on each and one large pane in the center. 

I doublechecked the laundering instructions on my new handy dandy towels and they are machine washable by themselves, they are not to be laundered with anything that can or will have lint.

The sun is hitting my newly cleaned windows in the family room and dining room and so far, no streaks.  I am absolutely amazed.

And to celebrate, I’m going to go jump in the pool.  Woohoo!

Oh, in case your interested (and I bet you are)?  These are Eurow Microfiber Towels (the terry cloth ones) “Make regular cotton towels obsolete”...

I don’t know how much Brian paid for these, but they’re pretty pricey on the website. But I’ll tell you something.  In the long run, these are going to be much more cost effective than window cleaner and paper towels, as well as huge time savers.  And vinegar is much safer for these furry things than the window cleaner.  I think they’re worth it.

The cathouse gives these a bazillion paws up!

      Thursday, September 29, 2005

11:35 AM - 09/29/2005

The topic: Taking a break from cleaning

I surf over to isfullofcrap.com and see this.

I’m still laughing.

By the way, those towels did a most excellent job on my bathroom mirror.  No smears or streaks.  I’m loving it.

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lisaviolet is sixty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

In her spare time, she makes pretty things to sell in her store.

September 2005
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