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      Wednesday, September 28, 2005

05:23 PM - 09/28/2005

The topic: Window washing


It took me less than five hours to wash all of the windows, sliding doors and screens (I didn’t wash the window in the garage) that I’d planned on washing.

I can’t even believe it and it looks like they look pretty good, no streaks or anything.

Usually, I’d still be out there cleaning, but today, I used something that Brian bought at CostCo months ago to wash the cars and trucks with and he didn’t like the way these things felt.  He put them on the shelf next to my clean dust/wash rags/towels in the garage.  I grabbed a couple of my old towels, then looked at the label on these bright yellow things, figured “what the hell?”

I’m glad I did, it’s like a miracle.  I used Simple Green and water and a scrub brush on the screens and rinsed them off.  Then I started on the windows.  I was going to use Simple Green and then hose them to rinse them, then dry them off with a towel.  I really wanted to try something other than what I usually do, tons of paper towels and the glass cleaner that Brian, the glassman, gets from one of his suppliers.

So, I do one window with the Simple Green the way I’d planned on it.  This was going to take forever, I thought.  I wiped the glass down with one of the old towels, then try one of the new ones, since one was handy (I was at the side of the house) and dry.  Whoa!  I was absolutely amazed at how it soaked up the water without leaving streaks.  I even rubbed a couple of fly specks off of the glass (you know how sometimes they don’t come off quickly) and there was no smearing at all.  Woof!  Let’s see how it goes with the other windows.

I’ll tell you how it went.  I dumped the Simple Green water, but clean water in my bucket and then dumped some white vinegar in it.  I used one of my original white towels to clean the windows, then went over it with the new ones.  These new towels are nothing short of miraculous.  I swear.  I used one old towel, never changed the bucket of vinegar water, even though it was filthy, and two, yes, that’s two, of the new towels.

I got eight windows and two sliding doors cleaned.  Inside and out.  Three of those windows are bay windows, with two casement windows on each and one large pane in the center. 

I doublechecked the laundering instructions on my new handy dandy towels and they are machine washable by themselves, they are not to be laundered with anything that can or will have lint.

The sun is hitting my newly cleaned windows in the family room and dining room and so far, no streaks.  I am absolutely amazed.

And to celebrate, I’m going to go jump in the pool.  Woohoo!

Oh, in case your interested (and I bet you are)?  These are Eurow Microfiber Towels (the terry cloth ones) “Make regular cotton towels obsolete”...

I don’t know how much Brian paid for these, but they’re pretty pricey on the website. But I’ll tell you something.  In the long run, these are going to be much more cost effective than window cleaner and paper towels, as well as huge time savers.  And vinegar is much safer for these furry things than the window cleaner.  I think they’re worth it.

The cathouse gives these a bazillion paws up!

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11:37 AM - 09/28/2005

The topic: Still pretty busy


I’d hoped to have everything done by Saturday, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  I so wanted to have time to put my feet up and relax before the whirlwind that’s coming up in October.

Today I’m going to wash the screens, sliding doors and all of the windows.  I have to get started before it gets too hot outside.  That way I can be acclimated to the heat.  It’s supposed to get up around ninety today.

Friday I got the linen closet straightened up, which also meant my closet is finally looking the way it should.  Got rid of a bunch of old linens and some stuff that people have given me over the years that I’ve never used, will never use.  I kind of felt guilty about it, but I just couldn’t justify keeping any of it.

I had to order a new cat drinking fountain for the office this morning because the new one gets too much use.  What a complaint, huh?  It doesn’t hold nearly enough water, it has to be filled at least once a day.  So, I ordered another Drinkwell as well as new reservoirs for the other two we have.  These hold 75 ounces of water instead of the 50 the originals held.

I’m giving my mom the old one.

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