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      Wednesday, March 03, 2004

11:45 AM - 03/03/2004

The topic: What’s new…


Wednesday, March 3, 2004  Well, what’s new? I didn’t realize I hadn’t made an entry since last week.

Ciara is slowly getting better.  Her vet’s visit went pretty good.  Her Albumin level was up.  Low normal is 2.6.  When we went in on the 23rd of February, her’s was 1.6.  Albumin is very important to keep the body running properly.  Monday, this week, it was 2.33.  The vet was pleased, but wants to see it at least 2.6 before he considers her out of the woods.  She’s still on flagyl and prednisone.  If her values come up next week, there’s a possibility we’ll cut back on the amount of pred she’s getting and quit the flagyl altogether.

Her stool is still pretty loose, but she has much more control over it.  The only time I see any drips from when she’s upright is at the litterbox, not along her walkway, although she still leaks occasionally when she’s sleeping.  But she’s more active and she’s getting a little cleaner.  Her butt isn’t nearly so raw as it was.  I did notice a dime sized patch on her tail yesterday, looked like she’d been skinned there and it was bleeding, but not badly.  Kind of like when you scrape skin off.  I think there may have been some dried stool there that wasn’t ready to drop off (there’s no fur there because one of the vets trimmed it off).  It’s better today.  And she’s sleeping much more comfortably than she had been.

I’ll tell you who I’m worried about now.  I’m worried about DeeJay.  It’s hard to describe.  A couple of weeks ago, he was eating everything in sight.  It was great.  Then, for some reason, he didn’t seem as interested in food.  I’m thinking it may be time to say goodbye, soon. We were pretty sure it would be this year, but gosh, not this soon.  Well, he still likes to be loved and he still does like to nibble on food.  He’s drinking water, too.  I watch to see if he drinks as much as Rusty or Lucky did, but so far, he hasn’t.  And he’s not peeing nearly as much as they did either.  I just don’t know.  I wish he didn’t look so uncomfortable.  He wanted to be outside on the pillow and the big pillow is wet.  We had rain yesterday.  So, I covered it with a plastic table cloth and put a big towel over that.  He’s out there now and he’s just huddled up like he’s freezing cold.  I wish it were a little warmer.  It’s supposed to warm up by the weekend, they’re calling for a high in the low eighties on Sunday.  We’ll see if the warmer weather perks him up a bit.

So, that’s about it for now.  Not a whole lot going on, just waiting.  For whatever.

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