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      Monday, March 15, 2004

01:32 PM - 03/15/2004

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Monday, March 15, 2004  Well, it’s been a week since my last entry.  I just don’t know what to think about Ciara.  She’s still slowly losing weight, about an ounce a week.  This weekend, I finally figured it wouldn’t hurt to let her eat the food that I’ve been giving DeeJay.  She doesn’t seem to like the Sensible Choice that they all get very much.  I don’t doubt that we have a little diarrhea problem while her tummy adjusts to the different food, buy I’m hoping if she likes it, she’ll eat more of it.

She is much cleaner now, there’s rarely any poo on her butt.  And she’s not leaking so much while she sleeps, either. This is all good.  And she’s really feeling a lot better.  If you didn’t know she had a problem, you wouldn’t know she had a problem just by the way she acts.  If we could just get her to put on weight and stop with the runny stool.

When this first started, I got some plain yogurt for the cats.  Well, I found out DeeJay likes it.  So much so, that if I put some out, he eats it all.  After cleaning up runny stool for about four days in a row in the laundry room, we heard some cat out there going.  And it was DeeJay. That put an end to the yogurt.  There was a little runny stool last night, but none from him since.

I got our income taxes done last week.  Took less than six hours.  Because Brian didn’t make squat.  Thank God for credit cards and out home equity line of credit and the business equity lines, otherwise we’d have never made it.  This year has started out busier.  With any luck, it will stay this way.

One of the things he’s going to do this year is go back to one day a week off.  If there’s anything he can do by himself, he’ll do it then and not have those extra hours to make payroll.  And he’s going to stagger the day off.  One week it will be Monday, the next week it will be Friday.  Making a four day week end twice a month. That would be nice. This coming weekend, he and his brother are going to finally trim back the trees. Brian hopes they don’t go into shock.

I’ve been paying more attention to my fingernails.  I think the splitting part is almost grown out.  I took someone’s advice and found some stuff at Wal-Mart called “hard as hoof”.  Smells like cherries. It’s really gunky and greasy, but I think my nails are doing better for it.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m massaging them so much.  I did find a problem with one of my cuticles. I’m fortunate that my cuticles do what they’re supposed to do, but on my left hand ring finger, part of the cuticle was growing up onto the nailbed.  I used some lotion last night and gently pushed it back.  Man, it really hurts right now.  It looks a lot better, but it hurts like hell.

A sad thing happened this morning.  I caught Sammy with a baby bird.  It was still alive and I checked out websites on what to do and they said put it back where the parents will find it.  Not possible in our yard.  It also looked like it had a broken wing.  Well, I’ve not had luck with raising baby birds and I just couldn’t see letting it die a slow death here.  So, Brian took care of it.  I said I didn’t want to know what he did, I didn’t want to see what he did, I just wanted the little one put out of its misery.  He did.  I’m curious how Sammy got the bird.  It’s obvious he didn’t climb a tree, since the access to the nests is blocked.  I’m thinking either mom or dad bird pushed it out or one of those nasty huge black birds raided a nest. There are quite a few of those birds hanging around the past few weeks.  Must be a lot of baby birds.

Guess I should go do the laundry and clean the litter boxes.  And go stare at the weeds I have to pull soon.

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