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      Tuesday, February 16, 2010

12:49 PM - 02/16/2010

The topic: Today’s vet visit


The one I almost cancelled. I’m glad we went, me and Ollie.

He was a very good boy. He hasn’t been in since summer of 08, so, it’s good that we went.  He got a nice checkup (he’s nineteen, that always surprises me). His teeth have a little bit of tartar on them, but other than that, they look good.

Back in 08, he had bloodwork done and he had bloodwork done today.  His creatinine values dropped over a point!  They were 3.5, today they were 2.3! Yay!

He’s also gained weight, the vet said he has no problem with a CRF cat gaining weight.  He’s gained close to two pounds in a year’s time.

The x-rays weren’t so wonderful.  The disk where his tail bone connects to his backbone is compressed. Almost no room between the two bones.  Not good. The vet said it’s been like this for a while and something must have happened to aggravate it so that Ollie is in pain (I heard him screaming when they took the x-ray).  Ollie also has some arthritis in his front knees, but it’s not bad.

So, Ollie is on prednisilone, which isn’t bad for the kidneys like prednisone for two weeks. If that doesn’t work, there’s another med that Ollie can get.

Basically, a good news day. 

When I paid the bill I said I might as well just sign the bank account over to the vet clinic, with as much as I’ve spent there the past month.  *laughing*

But I’ll take good news.

You know, I never have resented veterinary bills.  Keeping our little furballs happy and healthy is high priority with us, just as it is with you and Brian.  We’ve always felt that the little crumb-munchers give back much more than they receive.  I’m sending warm thoughts Ollie’s way.  I hope that the meds work wonders for him!

Posted by Trudy @ Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - 1:40:00 PM

Wonderful News!

Having had a kitty with CRF, I became used to the infusions and pills and tests… and would go though it all again in a second…. weight gain and good levels ... well done all round!

One of my rescues has cardiomyopathy and was given about 3 months - about 3 years ago….. and another of my ‘outside’ strays got so ill, he had to be brought inside.. and now he acts more smoochy than I can believe… he launches out of his igloo at a fast pace whenever he see me… for a big smooch and kisses and belly rubs… in the 5 years he has been one of my feeding station visitors - I have had to grab him for nuetering and other vet visits against his will and he was never happy ... always gentle… but didn’t want petting… and now… well… now he wants to sit in my lap and purr with squeezy eyes….

Trudy is so right… tehy are so very much worth the effort…

Good on Ollie and Good on you too!

Cheers, Kerry

Posted by Kerry @ Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 4:35:23 AM

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