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      Friday, August 25, 2006

07:26 AM - 08/25/2006

The topic: Natives are restless this morning


Well, they’re probably more hungry than restless.

We pulled the food up last night because Potter is going in this morning to get a haircut.  I just can’t get the mats out of him.  In previous summers, I was able to, but this year, for some reason, they’re really bad and he just doesn’t like being combed out. 

It’s gotta be bothersome, I’ve had my hair in clips and it yanked on my scalp whenever I moved and I imagine that might be kinda sorta how he feels.

So, even though it’s late in the season, he’s getting snipped today. And that means they might have to mask him (which I’m sure they’ll have to do) and he can’t have any food in his tummy.  So, when one kitty can’t eat, no kitty can eat.

Rachel knows where the food is, though.  She’s been sitting outside of the exercise room, crying.  She knows.   Thirty more minutes until the vet’s office opens.

I do Lion Cuts on my two long hairs.  And, I ask for it “not too close to the skin.”  The cats don’t complain at all.  And, the “tuff” of fur at the tails are adorable.  They also keep their leg fur.  And, around the neck, too. PLUS, absolutely NO MATTED FUR.  Yes, one of my long hairs used to get all matted up; but since I discovered this haircut, there are wonderful benefits.  Less shedding.  And, best of all, my son who tends to sneeze a lot, doesn’t sneeze after the cats come back from the groomers.  Why a vet’s office?  Haircuts are done at a place that specializes in grooming cats.

Posted by Carol Herman @ Friday, August 25, 2006 - 8:44:37 PM

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We take our cats who get lion cuts to the vet’s because they need to be sedated.  If they didn’t need to be put under, I could do it.

Benny has been getting his cut for close to ten years now and he loves it. The first year we had it done, Benny insisted on being outside. He’s got a heavy coat, it was hot and I’d find him outside panting.  I’d bring him in, moisten his coat and he’d lay on the tile floor, then go outside and get all hot again.  I mentioned this at the vet’s office and they told me I could bring him in.  The first year, he was okay without being masked, but the second time, he had to get a little gas to make him manageable. Now, it’s standard operating procedure.

I’ll have pictures of Potter up tomorrow.

Posted by lisaviolet @ Friday, August 25, 2006 - 9:25:48 PM

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