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      Wednesday, June 30, 2021

05:58 AM - 06/30/2021

The topic: It’s been over a month…


For the past three or so years, I've just had a hard time posting here. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm used to short posts on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe because I'm just worn out. Or depressed. Or something.

It started before I had the hip surgery, when it was hard to walk and I spent most of the time on the sofa staring at the television (my leg would go out just walking to the bathroom, it would take me minutes to even get in the passenger seat of the car). The first part of the year was the pain stopping me, then when we got an actual diagnosis, Brian didn't want me moving too much because he'd heard stories of bad hips or bad knees getting so much worse from activity that surgery was no longer an option.

So, sitting and staring at the television was what I did. I lost the ability to focus. Most of my online time was playing Candy Crush Saga on my little Amazon Fire tablet. And I guess my mind started to rot or something.

Anyway, it feels like I'm slowly coming out of the fog. I have things I want to do. I want to start taking pictures again (looking back through my photos, there are months with nothing and I love taking pictures). I want to listen to music again. MY music, not Pandora's music. (Which is the latest thing I've been working on, NAS box, little mini-tower computer to run Plex and I'll be able to listen to MY music on the google speakers throughout the house...yay! Lots of CDs to rip.)

The point is it's something I'm excited about.

I got on the scales earlier this month and it wasn't good. I was heavy before but this past year added about ten pounds. Damn. We cut way back on our snacking junk food and I made doctor appointments for the both of us. Soonest was next month.

Cutting out the sugar and ice cream sure helped the reflux I've had for the past years. Even though I take omeprazole each morning, there was still some breakthrough. If you aren't familiar with it (and I hope you never are), acid comes up from the stomach and through the esophagus. It actually burns the throat. It would bring up out of a sound sleep. It hurt. At times, I swear I could taste blood from the burn. Brian brought home root beer floats from Arby's the other night (I don't know why he insists on doing this, I should have just poured mine down the sink). And he never gets the small or medium, he goes large "it was twice as much for fifty cents more"...so what? And I foolishly eat the entire thing. And I pay for it. Later. Surely not worth it.

Anyway...I'm hoping this reawakening is a real thing. Not just a temporary deal.


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