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      Saturday, April 17, 2010

08:43 AM - 04/17/2010

The topic: Insurance (feh) update


Well, Brian went around and around with them this week.  They’re playing games now.

Per the conversation yesterday afternoon, around five o’clock, there are red flags.  Because it was a non-contact accident.

WTF?  They’re thinking fraud?  They’re thinking it was a set up?  WTF?

Yeah, that’s it.  I had it all planned out.  And to make it look good I made reservations at the Paradise Pier Hotel over a month in advance.  Jolene made reservations at the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland for Monday.  I shopped for food the week before.  I made special shirts with the date on them for both Jolene and me. All of this was done to make the “story” more believable. 

And then I planned it just right on the freeway so that I’d go sliding sideways off of the road and have the car positioned perfectly so that it went between a huge cement pole and a guardrail.  And then have it roll perfectly over and hit the fence so that it went over a part of the fence and missed the fenceposts, which could have killed me if I’d hit it differently.  There were so many opportunities for me to end up much worse than I did, but I’m just such a great stunt driver that it all worked out as planned. 

Of course, we all know that I’ve taken many stunt driving courses in my life, just waiting for this opportunity. 

And all of this because I want a new car. 

Once again.


Oh, and Brian was told yesterday that they’re waiting on the official accident report from the California Highway Patrol. Brian was all over that. He told the agent “it’s been out over a month, I know because I have a copy”.  And the agent told Brian we’d be better off if there had been contact!  Both of us going around 65 miles per hour?  That it would have been better?  For who?

Yeah, the driver of the other vehicle, someone I’ve never met before in my life, is in on it with me.  The highway patrolman is in on it with me. 

I’m ready for a lawyer.  I’m ready right now. Brian wants to give the insurance company another week.  After this last conversation, I have no idea why. 


Oh, I’d be all over a lawyer by now & any troubleshooter news people too! This is what we pay insurance for, your company is suppose to be taking care of you, not trying to screw you. They should be on the phone negotiating with the guys insurance and money should have changed hands by now. This is unacceptable. When my DH was hit by a lady while on his motorcycle that he only had 3 days, we had everything reimbursed right down to the hiking boots he was wearing within 3 weeks by USAA. They sound like they bully people until they just give up and take what they can.

Posted by Melanee Moore @ Sunday, April 18, 2010 - 12:31:52 PM

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