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      Saturday, February 06, 2010

02:05 PM - 02/06/2010

The topic: Good news for Miss E!


At least, it’s looking like good news.  She’s not lost any weight since her last checkup, so that’s good.  And even though I haven’t given her fluids since Wednesday, her hydration was excellent.

I brought up my concern about her mouth, once again saying she still does the thing that she was doing when I thought her problem was her teeth (and the pre-surgical blood testing showed the renal problem).  That it was the right side of her mouth, she’d paw at it and couldn’t eat dry food and had a problem with the flaked or grilled type of soft food, that it was like it was caught in her teeth.  And how she did this weird chewing thing, almost like she was chewing on a rubberband.  He looked in her mouth and said “yep, there it is” and she’s got a very bad molar and behind it is some tissue, he explained what it was, I just don’t know how to repeat what he told me. But end result was she’s got a polyp growing behind the bad tooth.  It’s very red and very angry looking.  And that’s what she’s probably chewing on. He said it’s definitely causing problems.  He’s still concerned about her kidney values but said one way or the other, we’ll get the tooth problem taken care of.  If her creatinine is below three (it was 3.3 last test and he remarked about how much better she’s looking now than she was then), she’ll get a dental. If it’s not, they’ll do a thing where he’ll just extract that one tooth, masking her down for the time it takes to remove it. 

She’s very laid back and after taking the blood sample for the renal value recheck, when he brought her back in to the examining room, he said “she’d have taken her own blood if we’d let her”. 

She was very glad to be home.

Yeah Miss E! Sorry her mouth is bothering her, fingers crossed all goes well with treatment and she’s on her way to feeling great!

Posted by Melanee @ Sunday, February 07, 2010 - 8:18:26 AM

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