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      Sunday, March 20, 2011

07:50 AM - 03/20/2011

The topic: Brian spent the night at Ranchita


So, I had the bed to myself. I slept really good.  Not because he wasn’t here, but because the cats had more room and I wasn’t crowded.

Anyway, early this morning, but after I’d gotten up around four to open the sliding door off the living room (since cats are nocturnal by nature, I like them to get a little dark time outside… biggrin ), I heard growling. Like “you wanna make something of it?” growling. One of the cats came running into the bedroom and up into the window.  The growling was coming from outfront. Odd. I’ve not seen enough cats out there to get into a fight in a long time.

So, I got up, threw on my robe, grabbed a flashlight and went outside.  A cat who, in the dark anyway, looked like Bobby, went running from under the cars and trucks. But there was not another cat in sight.  I went back inside, went into the family room and noticed that the cats in there were looking towards the garage.  Okay, now it makes sense.

There’s a vent to the outside at one of the far walls.  It’s got a big screen in front of it, it’s built into the wall, so it’s not like it can be pulled out. And then there’s the actual vent, with slats too small for a cat to squeeze through. I’ve noticed some mornings the cats all sniffing around the area and when I went outside to see what they were smelling, there was cat spray around it and probably on it.

So, I think we had a little aggression from a free range cat smelling a caged cat (yeah, it’s a big cage, a yard sized cage, but it’s still a cage) and they started posturing. 

No harm, no foul. Back to bed.

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