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      Sunday, November 01, 2020

06:05 AM - 11/01/2020

The topic: Update for last week

On Friday, October 23, Lorelei was having problems. She cried when she peed. So, problem. I watched as she went from litter box to litter box, squatting and trying to go. At one point, there was blood. Not good.

I gave her fluids (which has helped in the past) and started her on antibiotics. Kept an eye on her through the weekend.

Since she was due for a retest on her thyroid, and get her prescription refilled, I figured we should get her in and also have her kidney values tested. I called Monday morning. Our regular vet has Mondays off, but the other vet had an opening available. It was Monday afternoon, we took it.

Well, the values weren't good. Her thyroid was in range, almost perfect. But her kidneys?  Not so good. Pretty bad, actually. She also had a high white blood cell count. I was surprised when the vet came up with a plan. Well, no plan on Monday, they couldn't draw urine from her, to test that. We had to go back Tuesday morning. And they got urine. They didn't get her blood pressure because she wouldn't hold still. I don't blame her.

So I was called inside (Covid, wait in the car) and spoke with him, at which time he showed me the printouts of her values. They were so bad I was surprised there was a plan other than saying goodbye. Anyway, she was sent home with a prescription for mirtazapine, an appetite stimulant. She gets a very tiny dose (.09 ml) every other day. 120cc of subQ fluids every other day. Until her appetite picks up. A half of a fish oil caplet every day. They also sent home some samples of K/D (kidney diet).

Well, on the way home, I realize there is no thyroid med. I call from the car.  Since the invoice I got had a previous balance (from Monday that we hadn't paid, they said wait until tomorrow), I wasn't sure what it included. Did we pay for the thyroid med (I ordered it when I made the appointment Monday morning). Nope that was for the exam and tests. Okay, well, we need it, so could you please get it ready? I had enough for a couple of more days, but not much more. Okay, sorry, we'll get it ready.

Lorelei seemed to like the A/D, I called and ordered more. Thursday morning I noticed that Lorelei was having a hard time eating, so I called to find out if there was anything to help the sores in her mouth (kidney related). Yes, there's a dental rinse and an anti-nausea med. We'll get that ready for you. As luck would have it, I found a full bottle of the dental rinse from Bobby's trip to in June. (We never used it on him.)  I called to ask if this is what the vet was sending home, because we didn't need anymore. It was. So, just the anti-nausea med, the thyroid med and the food. Got that?

I about had a fit because Brian had planned on going over to pick this stuff up at lunchtime, but got busy, so it was a little before five. He left, said he had to go to the bank and get money, then he'd get her foods and meds. I was worried he was cutting it damned close because they leave at six. He left, then came back inside about fifteen minutes later. I asked him had he been to the bank? No, he hadn't even left yet! He was out yammering with the UPS guy. So, time's wasting and he stands there staring at me, because I was pissed off at this point. "Just go!" I yelled. Thinking he had to get to the bank, then the vet's office.

Well, he didn't go to the bank, he used the debit card to get the stuff. He walks in the door asking about this balance due. I think about it. I look in the bag that he's carrying. It's 5:30. No thyroid med. No food. And that's what the balance was for. The anti-nausea med? Famotidine. Code name "Pepcid". We have Pepcid. Over $18. Damn it. Anyway, he had to go back and pick up the stuff they didn't send. I called and told them he was on his way.

While he was gone, the receptionist called and was all apologetic. She took complete and full responsibility, she said she dropped the ball and on and on. I told her it wasn't a big deal. I said "do you want to speak to Brian?" because he was just walking in the door (the vet's office isn't even a mile from our house). "No, no! Don't tell him I called!"  Let's get real, I'm on the phone, he's looking at me....Anyway, no harm, no foul. It's okay.

So, now, we wait and see. Keep up with the plan and hope it works. She's not eating well just yet, she does eat, but not much at a time. I found that wiping baby food on her paws works up to a point, it's easy for her to clean off. She'll eat more that way than if I put the baby food in a saucer. I'm pretty sure part of that problem is her mouth.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, and Mario was up in the window last week! He hasn't done that since the tumor removal. I helped him down, he hasn't gotten back up since, but it was pretty sweet to see he was up there.

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      Sunday, November 15, 2020

12:16 PM - 11/15/2020

The topic: Lorelei didn’t make it

The vet's plan didn't work. We said goodbye to her on Friday.

We thought it was working. Wednesday, she ate two and a half servings of Sheba pate. She ate roast beef from our dinner.

Thursday, she wasn't interested in anything. The fluids, that had been helping her, didn't. I called the vet and made the appointment.

We spent the last hours of her life trying to make her as comfortable as possible.

It hit me this morning that she was gone and the tears flowed.. The past two and a half weeks were hours of trying different foods that she's like (that she didn't like the next day). Administering the subQ fluids. Making sure she got her meds.

And she just kept getting weaker.

Nothing was helping. She tried. But she could barely stand. It was her time.

She'll be cremated and we'll bring her home one last time.

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