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      Saturday, November 22, 2014

03:38 PM - 11/22/2014

The topic: Been a busy week


We had a representative from our local utility company come to the house yesterday and I had to do some basic cleaning, like clean the floors and wash the sofa covers, getting rid of the recent cat messes. Not that it's really bad, I just don't want to take any chances. The reason he was coming was to check out our appliances and maybe we'd get some free upgrades on them. Like washer/dryer, frig, microwave, a/c, furnace, water heater, windows...but the washer/dryer are brand new, don't need replacing, the frig was made in 2000 so it's an "energy saver" and we're okay with the microwave. Brian installed the best windows that were available when he redid ours (back when he was in the glass business), and the water heater was replaced earlier this year when the old one sprung a leak. A new dishwasher would have been nice, but that's not considered a necessity. *lol* 


Since the water heater is in the garage (where there are litter boxes) I did some cleaning out there. He never left the dining room. But the garage is clean! Kinda!

So, we got some new light bulbs. And a new aerator for the faucet in the kitchen. A contractor will be contacting us in a couple of weeks to make arrangements to come put a blanket on the water heater. Oh, and he gave us three night lights. Running them 24/7 will cost about five cents a year in energy. 

Yeah, okay. We had to do this, though, because we get a break on our energy bill.




      Tuesday, November 18, 2014

05:08 PM - 11/18/2014

The topic: I worked on cards today


Well, the last three days. I'm going to do them in batches so I'm not working on them from sun up to sun down. It will give me time to do housework and paperwork and stuff.

I've got all the paper sorted for each batch and Sunday I cut out the paper, yesterday I organized the cardstock for each card, then I glittered the pieces that needed to be glittered. Because I wanted to make sure the glitter was completely dry, after the paper was glittered (and there's lot of glitter) I put the pieces in the extra room to dry overnight. 

Today I assembled as far as I could. And I'm really pleased with how they look. So sparkly and glittery and shiny!

I figure I'll be done in plenty of time to get them out for the holidays.


      Monday, November 17, 2014

08:32 AM - 11/17/2014

The topic: Cats. Gotta love ‘em.


Yesterday morning I saw Pancho running across the yard with something in his mouth. I go out and see what he has (a gopher or a rat he can keep). It was a bird.

I give chase, Brian's like "why bother" (well deserving of a quick kick to the butt) and Pancho runs in to the house. Crap. I don't want a bird flying around the house, it will be nuts with the cats and me trying to catch it. I get inside, see a little action in the dining room window. But I don't see any cats besides Rory over there. I check it out, no bird. Then I looked behind one of the little condos on the floor. There's the little fella. I pick it up and take it out front, my hand cupped over it until I'm out of the entry way (don't want it flying up and hitting the skylight). Once it realizes it's free, it flies off.

Later in the day, heading into early evening, I turn on the lamp on my desk. I get a shock. Some cat peed on the on/off switch. It's done. Lots of wetness at that part of my desk. There were expletives. Many of them. I asked Brian if it would work if it was dried out. He reminded me that cat pee doesn't dry. I has a sad. I really liked that little lamp. 

Next lamp will attach to the shelf over my desk and I can aim it down. Not what I want to do, but it's the more practical option.

Cats. Gotta love 'em.


08:26 AM - 11/17/2014

The topic: Once again, it would appear


That the occasional cam is crashing my computer.

We got back from our walk and the computer had "recovered from a really nasty error" and rebooted. I got the camera running and within ten minutes, another BSOD (blue screen of death). So, I rebooted and this time, didn't turn on the camera and have disconnected it from the system.

I need to check the cables and the camera and the software. I won't be doing that this week, I don't think. The cameras don't get nearly the traffic they used to, so I'm not real worried about it.


      Sunday, November 16, 2014

01:48 PM - 11/16/2014

The topic: I made some more GIFs!


Drinking bird


Handsome (wants that turkey)


Handsome (got that turkey)


Katie and the sprinkler


Pete after a catnip party




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