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      Monday, February 20, 2017

09:14 AM - 02/20/2017

The topic: So, I want to make something


With paper. I want to make something with paper. I want to make this.

I've pulled the paper, ordered some sequins from Amazon (actually, I ordered this bundle; there is over sixteen feet of each color, this should last for a while, I love having choices). I already had the supplies I need for the ladder. I got this file when it was free. I had every intention of making it, just never did.

So, you may know by now how I like to emboss when I make buildings. I like the siding or roof to look three dimentional. Today, I am going to see if I can use my Curio to emboss on a larger scale than my Big Shot works. With the Big Shot, I'm limited in the size by the embossing folder. (Since I got mine, they've put out a larger hand crank machine.) I'd gotten the larger base for the Curio and it should take care of most of the sizes I'd need.

I had to find some sort of stone wall image to try out. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: 12:00 noon

My honest opinion? Using textured cardstock is 141031004

The Big Shot does a much better job.

      Saturday, February 18, 2017

03:01 PM - 02/18/2017

The topic: We’ve had the movie


Suicide Squad here for a week or so. Brian didn't want to work this morning. He said "let's watch that movie".

Because it's on the cooler side today, we have the heater on. When the furnace kicks in and the air starts to blow, it's loud. We can't hear speech on television.

Since Brian is in charge of the remote (I'd rather he did it, my choice), he turns the sound up on the television When the furnace is running. Then he doesn't turn it down when the furnace stops. This makes me nuts. I fixed it by getting a cheap bluetooth transmitter on Amazon and two bluetooth headsets (not earbuds). It's working out nicely.

Towards the end of this movie, the sound was really loud. Lots of explosions and music. To hear the dialog, the sound had to be turned up. That also turned up the music and explosions. I had such a headache.

Next movie needs to be a more quiet one.

It was an okay movie, I was glad we didn't see it in a theater.

      Friday, February 17, 2017

04:27 PM - 02/17/2017

The topic: Brian just took off


He left to do the banking, get dinner and get cat meds. Meds needed for DaNiece's thyroid (that thing on her neck is so big now) and Pete's refills.

The clinic called a couple of days ago and asked how he was doing. Still noisy, I said. So, he's going to be on prednisolone for a month and we'll see how it's going at that point.

This is a steroid that's supposed to help the inflammation in his lungs.

Since he's been feeling better, I've had to fight him to get meds into him. But I realized he'll take it if I mask it with something kitty awesome to eat.  Like raw hamburger. But I didn't want to keep giving him raw hamburger because the amount he got was so darned small, that it would end up going bad. I tried baby food yesterday and we have a winner.

His poop is so much better than it had been. I used to dread getting up in the morning, because I knew there would be splatty poop all over. Not just the floor, but the sofa. He'd just lay there and let gas out, but it wasn't always just gas.

The meds and probiotics have done their jobs. One papertowel will clean up each little pile. And even Mystie's poop is better.

I think Pete is actually feeling better about himself, too, because I catch him grooming more often. He's still got a lot of little mats, I work on those when he lets me, which isn't very often. But, slowly, he gives me hope he'll be around for a while.

mrs. crankypants
04:25 PM - 02/17/2017

The topic: You know what’s annoying?


I'll tell you what's annoying.

When you've found a cool new fun crafting tool but don't dare share it because it would make an awesome birthday present for someone and you know if you talked about it beforehand, she'd buy it for herself.

Just sayin'.


      Wednesday, February 08, 2017

04:10 PM - 02/08/2017

The topic: Back from the vet


Yeah, I took Pete back in.

A week ago Monday I called them and asked for more meds since his poop wasn't getting much better and his breathing was still a little wheezy and labored.

I got most of the antibiotic into him, it was only .2ml per serving, but forget the metronidazole for the poop. It's nasty tasting and he got .5ml and he started running from me.

Le sigh.

This week his poo has actually started looking nicer, no really runny stuff, more of a set pudding type of consistency. But his breathing still isn't right. At night, he stretches his neck, trying to breathe and you can see his chest working.

Yesterday morning, I called and made a recheck appointment. He seemed to be doing much better, but Brian said "take him in, you'll feel better about it if you know for sure if he's making progress or not". So, off to the vet we went.

He peed in the carrier on the way over, which really wasn't a problem, there was a thick soft towel in there with a pee pad over it. When I'd gotten him out and over to the table to be weighed, he stood on the table and took the poop position. And what followed was some of his best poop in months. Yay!

The vet came in, asked me some questions and said she wanted to take x-rays to see if the pneumonia had been masking any other problems. And she'd go ahead and give him some fluids. He wasn't really dehydrated, but she felt he could probably use them.

I wait and she finally comes back in. He's doing much better, the pneumonia is gone, but it was masking another problem. Allergies. Which would be why he's still breathing hard and wheezing.

More meds. But this time they're both .2 ml, which is a very small amount.

And his heart still is sound.

Yay, Petey Pie!

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