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      Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10:15 AM - 12/16/2014

The topic: We have a ceiling fan in the kitchen


A nice, small white fan with lights. And a couple of months ago, the light switch in the fan started to die. I think it's done now, the death throes have finished. It's bitten the giant schnitzel. No matter how many times you pull the chain, the lights do not come on. It needs a new switch.

So, last night we're watching tv, Brian walks into the kitchen. Pulls the chain. Pulls the chain. Pulls the chain. Pulls the chain...keeps pulling the chain. I finally yelled out "INSANITY!" He started laughing and stopped pulling the chain. 

Because we all know what the definition of insanity is, right?

06:47 AM - 12/16/2014

The topic: The cards went out yesterday


And I've got three packages going out in an exchange on a forum where I play. Two are ready, just have to have them taped well and labeled. I'm waiting on a delivery from the post office so I can get the third package out. It's not an actual Christmas exchange, but along the lines of foisting stuff you already have onto someone else. I have so much stuff I bought years ago to sell in my store and never did. I relish the opportunity to get rid of some of it. All of it's useful and if the recipients don't need it, they can regift it. I'm sure someone out there can use it.

And if you'd like, you can still donate to Judith's fund. One of the cats who was saved, didn't make it. The smoke inhalation was too bad. So, right now, only three of her cats are still alive. They're at her vet's for constant observation.

Remember, this woman lost EVERYTHING she owned, except what was in her car. She worked from home, all of her work product was on her computer, her clothes, her furniture, her home....it will take her time and money to rebuild. She's still in the hospital, the breathing tube was removed yesterday. She doesn't know the extent of the damage right now because the doctors want her to heal. She's going to need all of the help she can get. I know I don't have a big following here, but if you could find it in your heart to share this with your friends and acquaintances, and be thankful for what you have and help out someone who's lost everything, every dollar counts, I sure would appreciate it.

Judith's Fund


      Saturday, December 13, 2014

12:10 PM - 12/13/2014

The topic: Sad news this morning (not here)


An online acquaintance's house burned to the ground yesterday. She has done much for cats and people since I've known her. She had a feral colony and eventually moved them into her home. She's taken great care of them over the years, some were just starting to get comfortable out of their little cubbies. 

As far as has been determined, four lived. She had many more than that. She's in the hospital. She went inside twice to save the kitties. A Gofundme account has been set up for her. Please help out if you can.

The news reports have the wrong address. She's donated through Benny's Fund in the past and her address is listed there. It's not the one in the news reports and at first I had hope that more of the cats survived. But a friend drove over to her home and found that it IS her house that's gone.

The cause of the fire is still being determined.

Click here for the story and photos. And please, donate if you can.

Fire is the scariest thing I can imagine for the cats. It used to scare me that my mother drank and smoked. We don't burn candles here. We're very careful about leaving burners on (and I'm glad we switched to the electric igniters, so there's not a constant pilot light going). We do what we can to keep ourselves safe from fire but still....there's that fear....

Godspeed kitties. And healing prayers for Judith. Both emotional and physical. 

I just can't even imagine a tragedy like this. My mind just can't think about it....


      Thursday, December 11, 2014

12:57 PM - 12/11/2014

The topic: It’s official!


We now have Blue Shield as insurance provides. Got a robo call about making payment, said to press zero, pressed zero, got a dial tone. Found their phone number on the internet and called back, got everything set up. Yay!

In other news, we got a thing yesterday from HealthNet informing us that they weren't going to pay for the labwork after my colonoscopy (two benign polyps). Wouldn't that be part of cancer screening? $490.00. And our benefit booklet states that we pay 30% for in network tests, 50% for out of network tests. I don't think we should have to pay the full amount. Something to look forward to.


08:39 AM - 12/11/2014

The topic: I got my cards finished!


I got the envelopes and sentiments done yesterday. One envelope was messed up (if the blade is at all dull, there's a definite problem during cutting), but it's for the card for my mother-in-law and I can redo that at anytime. The rest I want to get out into the mail. 

I'm very happy with how they turned out, I'll share photos after I get these sent out.

But it's sure nice to have them all done.

08:23 AM - 12/11/2014

The topic: We had over an inch of rain last weekend


And we're in for more! It's supposed to start tonight. I wonder if Rocky will come in. I'm not worried about him, he navigates the cat doors whether or not they're locked. And he likes the cathouses. Brian put some rubber mats on top of the one under the office window to help it from getting so wet. And that's the house he likes most. Miss Elizabeth has been going outside during the day and laying in the sun, but she didn't even try last week when it was raining. She stayed inside. She'll probably do the same tomorrow and Saturday. 

I'm really looking forward to this. It's part of what is called the "Pineapple Express" since it's bringing up the warm air from Hawaii. I had to laugh, over on Facebook, one of the local news outlets posted about this big storm and a couple of people said it wasn't that big, they remember a really big one. El Nino!  Like that was the name of the storm. Trying to show off how smart they all were. Morons. I posted a link to information about El Nino. Maybe they'll learn something.

I'm looking forward to using an umbrella!

08:18 AM - 12/11/2014

The topic: Spot peed in the bathroom sink last night


And it's looking way better. Hardly any pink at all. Yay! 

I know these infections have to really hurt for these guys. I guess it had been coming on for a few weeks because he's been particularly needy. Wanting to be petted and held, talking to us, staying close to us. 

Funny how they do that. You always hear that cats go off to die. I've never believed that. Since cats instinctually hide their pain, often it's not until it's too late to do anything about it before we notice it. Cats don't go off to die, they're too sick to come home.

Anyway, Spot is on the road to recovery. 

      Wednesday, December 10, 2014

03:42 PM - 12/10/2014

The topic: “Chef”


We got this from Netflix a couple of days ago and finally watched it last night. Great movie! 

I love it when someone is able to live their joy. 

If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. There is a lot of adult language, but no violence or nekkid sex or anything along those lines. 

03:10 PM - 12/10/2014

The topic: Spotty was spotting


Sunday night he squatted in front of me and it was pink. A few drops. Damn it.

So, I started him on Clavamox Monday morning. I had four pills from a previous prescription, but it wouldn't be enough for a full treatment. I called the vet and placed an order for more, as well as some Cerenia. I also got more fluids for Miss Elizabeth. All of this was less than twenty seven dollars! I had a credit from the last time we got meds. We were in a hurry and I paid cash and told them to put change onto the account. And the new girl overcharged me for fluids, so I got a credit on that, too.

So, I open the Clavamox this morning, there are only six pills. What? I don't think that will be nearly enough to kick this infection. Spotty did pee this morning, the volume is way better, but there's a lot of blood in the urine. He will need the full week's worth. I called them and I asked about it and she laughed. She said "we can't count" and told me the rest of the pills would be waiting for me when I came in next time. 

Poor Spotty.


02:59 PM - 12/10/2014

The topic: The doc called with the results


There were some atypical cells, so it was a good thing we had it removed. The margins were clean so there's nothing to worry about. As soon as this one is healed up, he wants to remove the other one.


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