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      Wednesday, July 20, 2016

11:54 AM - 07/20/2016

The topic: Do you ever wonder


If your mind started wandering and didn't come back? Or even let you know it was going?

I'm having a bear of a time keeping focused. I'm sure the heat doesn't help.

The loss of Miss E has left me with more spare time than I even imagined. My body is finally starting to feel right again after the seven months of Lexapro. I've been off of it since the last week of May, so seven weeks? Crazy. I think the pain I was in kept me from moving much and my muscles forgot what they were supposed to do. We've been doing our short morning walk all along, but I think if we were able to get out of the house before 6:30 in the morning, I'm good enough to start on the hill. The two mile walk. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it's a steep incline, it's a long hill. It's a work out.

I'm just tired of being tired. I think that's why my mind wanders. I want to catch up with it. *lol*

So, with this free time I have now, this time that I'm no longer in pain, I'm bored with television and I want to do stuff. There's always paperwork, but I can't concentrate with this heat. (Yeah, that's it...yes, it's the heat.)

And speaking of heat, in the past few months I've purchased some patterns online for quick little shirts and dresses. And after turning off the television this morning and putting down the tablet since the most recent level of Candy Crush has me so frustrated I don't even want to try, and not wanting to start any new paper craft until I find out what to do with the ones I've already made, I thought to myself "I know! I'll sew!"

So, I go through the patterns and think "I'll make one of these and one of these and oh, one of those, and one each of a short and long of that...."  I head over to my cedar chest. The one in the dining room. The one under the window.


I have it so stuffed, the back is coming off!  Wow, when did that happen? I start pulling fabric out.  "Ohh, I like that, I forgot about that one!" which went on for about a half hour. I pulled out enough lightweight cottons to make all of the things I wanted to make. It looks like I bought ten yards of each at a time. I bought a LOT! It must have been on sale. I don't care that I have so much of the same. I cut out the lengths I needed and they just got done in the washing machine, now I have to dry them (I always wash the fabric before I work with it because it smells weird and shrinkage). When I was cutting the lengths, with two different pieces I found that I'd already cut from them. Hmm...I never made anything. So, this puts me in search of the pieces cut out. I found them! Cute! Unfortunately, I'd cut them out about twenty or thirty pounds ago. It's been a while. I might try to add a panel to each side, they're just little tank top type things. Just to keep my mind from going off on its own again. Keep it busy.

Anyway, I showed Brian the back of the cedar chest (the dining room table and kitchen counter are piled high right now). I also found my other patterns, bugs have been at them, but it looks like they mostly got the envelopes the patterns are in. I put all of those in a plastic storage container. I don't think I'll be buying anymore for a while, there are a lot there. Geez...

So, Brian was kind of disgusted with the state of the lid and back. The hinge is ruined, he says it will need a new one. "And I just don't have the time to do this right now!"  That's okay, it's not going anywhere, I sweetly reply. And I look at the piles of colorful fabric....

My mind is happy.


      Wednesday, July 13, 2016

what's cookin'?
07:15 PM - 07/13/2016

The topic: Did you ever plan on something for dinner


And then find out after the meat is ready for the sauce, that you don't have any of the sauce?

And then you think about how you could make your own sauce using ingredients you do have?

And then you start making your own sauce, but you can tell after you add the second ingredient that it's going to be a bust?

But you don't want it to be a complete loss so you add a little of this, a lot of that and let it simmer?

And it still doesn't taste, well, I guess the word would be "edible"?

So, you add some more of this, try a spoonful of that and taste it? And kinda, sorta, think it will be alright?

Then you call in the other family member because dinner is ready?

And you serve it with a warning: "this is pretty shitty"?

And he tries to eat it? And you try to eat it? And he says "you don't have to finish, you know"?

So, you don't?

You put your almost full plate on the floor, because there's all these yummy things that cats like on their own?  And the cats sniff it, try a lick or two and walk away?

And your husband hands you his plate because he can't eat anymore?

And you take up the plates and get a gallon freezer bag and start pouring all of the dinner makings into it so it will be easier to put in the trash?

And the bag is almost full of a cream colored vomit type substance with peas in it? And you take it out to the dumpster to throw it away?

Me, neither.


      Tuesday, July 12, 2016

mrs. crankypants
12:37 PM - 07/12/2016

The topic: Crabby day


It started this morning, when I was making breakfast and it's just gotten worse. I have no patience with anything.

For instance, we don't have smartphones. We can't justify the cost for how little we'd use them. Well, he has a catalog that is in Italian. His brother told him that you can get an app for a smartphone that will read the page and translate it. I told him that smartphones aren't cheap and we'd have to pay more for data (and if there was a smartphone, I'd be the one using it). He said, irritated with me "just forget it".

So, I remembered my iPad. Maybe there's a translation app for that. And there was, After me coming close to hitting him in the ear, on purpose because he was being a jackass, I get the book from him and do the scan. It's not Italian. At all. I think French is one of the languages and German was one that I was sure of. I didn't pay attention, but after I scanned it, I took a closer look at the page.

WFT? You'd have to be a moron not to understand what was there. I mean, how many ways can you spell "spool"? I look at the other column. Type H.  Type G. Pretty self explanatory, no translation needed. The only foreign language is at the top of the page. Shaking my head, I take it out to him. "What don't you understand?" He mumbles something and I point to the word "spool". 

Me: Is it a spool type? 

Him: Yeah.

Me: And look here, where it says "type" followed by a letter.  I don't know what it is you don't understand. This page doesn't need translating.

Him: I can't deal with this right now.

I walked off. Back in the house. Put the catalog back on his desk. Just little things like this are pissing me off today.


      Friday, July 08, 2016

08:53 AM - 07/08/2016

The topic: Aftermath


Brian fell asleep early last night on the loveseat. I watched some "Alien Shit" as we call them (shows about extraterrestrial beings), volume low, and played a little Candy Crush, surfed a little internet on my tiny Kindle Fire.

About 8:55, I came back to the office and buzzed over to, where I was hoping to score a Fukobukuro (it's their second birthday today). Refresh, refresh, refresh, new product comes up, it's a Fuko, I nabbed one. Turned off the computer and went back into the family room.

I went to bed around 9:30, leaving Brian fast asleep. He slept out there all night. He's feeling much better today, all of the sleep he got yesterday helped.

We even had a laugh at breakfast. Yesterday afternoon, while he was sleeping, the company phone line rang and he woke up from a deep sleep to answer it. He was clearly not thinking straight (or talking straight) to the guy on the other end of the line. This morning we were wondering if the man thought there was something wrong with Brian, because of his confusion. Drunk or drugs?  "Gee, do I want to do business with this company?" Yeah, we laughed.

I spent the twenty-five bucks that's been in my wallet for months on delivery pizza. Brian didn't like the way it sounded at first, but I said "I bet if I order it, you'll eat it". About a half hour later he said "yeah, go ahead". We ate around three, no dinner. He did some stuff out in the shop, then shut down early, turned off his computer and that was pretty much it for him for the night.

I have some card pictures I want to post, cards I made last month. Now that they've been delivered, I can do that.

I really need to take a shower. My bathroom is mine again, the food bowl has been picked up, the same with the water bowl. No more pee pads in the corner, pads we changed out a couple of times a day. Not that they always worked, if she got too close to the wall or tub, the urine ran down the wall and under the pad. Always fun to clean up.

But no clean up in over twenty four hours now.

Brian is concerned that Sammy misses the steps in the bedroom. "He doesn't like the step stool. I'll leave it for a couple of days, then maybe bring in the steps we used in the other room and just put them alongside the bed. They won't bother me."

Brian loves his kitties.

Right now, he's doing quotes. I think he'll be okay.

Sleep helps the healing process.

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