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      Thursday, September 29, 2016

10:35 AM - 09/29/2016

The topic: Now that we all know that Bernie eats


Let's take a look at how well she's doing. I think you'll agree, she's looking much better. The first picture was taken August 13, 2016. Clicking on a picture will take you to a bigger photo in my family album; clicking on that picture will open a larger photo.

      Wednesday, September 28, 2016

the morning walk
09:10 AM - 09/28/2016

The topic: For the first time in two and a half weeks


We went for our morning walk. I had a problem with my bunion foot.

I hate shoes so I wear them as little as possible. But there's some sort of support issue with barefeet and the tile floor or something and I walk weird and I pull muscles or tendons or something on the top of the foot and it hurts like crazy, I can't put any weight on it at all.

Yesterday was the first day in almost three weeks that I actually left the house. Brian has been doing all of the shopping (I love not leaving the house). We hit Walmart yesterday and I walked okay.

So, this morning we were on the road again.

And we found forty-seven cents!  Four times, one nickle and two pennies.

Well worth the time. And I feel a lot better for having gone on the walk.

      Monday, September 26, 2016

07:59 AM - 09/26/2016

The topic: Cats…whaddya gonna do?


We're in a middle of a heat wave. Today is supposed to be the peak. Brian has the sprinklers on.

Bernadette doesn't spend much time in the crate anymore, but she does have her morning meal in it. We have this thing, the bottom gate is always open, there's a litter box in the bottom that she uses. I have water and kibble on the top and that's where she gets her morning Fancy Feast. She waits on the bottom shelf, I place the food in the top, close the gate (don't lock it, she could easily push it open) and she jumps up to the top to eat. Closing the gate is her notice that the food is there. She doesn't always finish, because she does eat kibble out of the feeders, but this is her special treat.

Brian was in his chair and I said "I have to let Bernie out" (because she doesn't push the gate open) and he said he'd already had.  I wondered where she was. He told me he'd seen her out by the shop before he turned the sprinklers on. I do NOT want her in that shop with no way out.  Yeah, the doors were open, but I didn't want her feeling trapped and getting herself in a situation that she would have a hard time getting out of. Remember, she's deaf.

So, I run through the sprinklers to the shop, I'm in the shop looking for her, he turns off the sprinklers and yells at me that he sees her. She's outside of the shop. She's eating something.

A gopher! Bernadette had herself a huge, fresh gopher! I pointed out a hole in front of the door to the shop. He said "that's where she was when I turned on the sprinklers".  So, she caught a gopher this morning. I wonder if her deafness helps her be more sensitive to the movement of the gopher under the ground. Whatever it was, she was busy macking out on this rodent. I got video.

Warning, it's pretty graphic.


      Sunday, September 18, 2016

02:25 PM - 09/18/2016

The topic: It’s hot again today


Is this summer ever going to end?  I want to do things that need me to get up and do and the heat just sucks all of the wanna out of me.

So, today I washed my wash towels/rags so they'll be clean for when the wanna comes back, probably tomorrow.  I want to wash the windows and screens. I want to wash the floors, even under and behind the sofas. And in the garage. I want to wash the floor in the garage. I want to wipe the fuzz off of the walls. I started working on the fuzz a little bit today. I want to dust up high, which means hauling in a ladder.

Today, I did some more rearranging in the garage. Now, the heat press is readily accessible. I realized that I really did need to have a cover over the storage containers, because there are ink pads and acrylic paints and marking pens and other things that wouldn't do well with light hitting them. I used the bungee cord that held the navy blue blanket which previously protected the containers. Now I just have a towel, but it should do the trick.

And I played with the new Cameo and software. It took me a while. I tossed the test papers on the floor and I pointed them out to Brian; he asked if they'd blown off of my, I threw them down there....his eyes got big, "that's a lot of paper" to which I replied "learning curve". He nodded his head. Anyway, after rebooting the computer, I was able to get the software working the way it was supposed to be working. Now I'll be able to cut the same design on two machines at the same time (great for repetitive things, such as greeting cards or, as I like to do, when I change out paper colors for the projects I make). Or cut two different designs at the same time; this will cut down prep time for projects. I'm really stoked about this. It feels great to be excited about something again.

The electricity still works in the living room.  I can't even begin to explain how good it feels to finally be working as it should be. And today I put a night light in the outlet in the office that's by the door.  Since I shut down the catcam, it's dark down there at night and kitties have been nudged with a foot a time or two. But now that that outlet is live again, this littel LED light should help.

Right now, at this moment, life is good.


08:02 AM - 09/18/2016

The topic: Storage and organization


I got it!

So, I have the totally awesome Kobalt storage cabinet for my paper and stuff. In the last photo on that entry, you can see the other side, where I have more containers.

One of the problems with this has been getting to the container I need. Pulling these off of the top of that one, you know? And I had to reach over the vinyl storage. I'd been after Brian to make me some shelves, but he's just too darned busy. Frustrated, I started looking online

I found something over on the Lowe's website that I thought would work. Brian wasn't really sure of what I wanted to do, for some reason he was thinking I wanted this for under my work table. Nope, I want it right there! And he said to go ahead and get three. I ordered them Friday and he picked them up yesterday morning. They weren't expensive, the shelves are adjustable and they each hold up to 160 pounds. Which is more than enough. I took some pichers....

Here we have the before. Brian suggested I move the vinyl storage away from the table where I'd be putting the shelves. This blocks my heat press, but it's not that big of a deal to push the vinyl holder back when I need to access the press. And it has the added benefit that now the cats won't be able to spray the little containers and I won't have to cover the shelves for pee safety. (That's what I'm hoping, anyway.) That blue blanket to the top left of the picture is what I used to protect from cat marking. BTW, that table is six feet long and two feet deep. The height is adjustable. It will hold 3000 pounds. I got it on Amazon a while back. I have some stuff under it, now I can put more stuff there since I can access it!  More stuff! Always an awesome thing!

The shelves out of the box (I got three sets). See my two Cameos under the table? Gonna try to use them at the same time today. 141031018


All done!

With the vinyl storage pulled out, I won't have to stretch to find what I need, it's all right there. I think this will be much nicer to work with. The only thing is now we have to come up with something to keep the cats out of the rafters. They're not young and spry anymore and I don't want them up there. I think we'll probably lay lattice over the openings. So, they see it and they see that they can't get up there. Fingers crossed that they stay down until it goes up.

I have to say this past week turned out to be a huge Yay! for me.

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