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      Wednesday, July 30, 2014

mrs. crabbypants
12:01 PM - 07/30/2014

The topic: I hate telemarketers


Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure they need the job, but when the company they work for does not respect the do-not-call registry, I really don't have sympathy for them.

I usually don't have to listen to their spiels because I don't say "hello" twice.  That second hello usually alerts the computer that "hey, we have a live one!" at which time a live human being comes on the line.

Well, over on Facebook there's a link to a Huffpost YouTube video of every time Samuel L. Jackson says "motherf*cker" in a movie.

I told Brian 'I'm bookmarking this" and he asked me why.

And I said "when that phone rings" and I nod my head in the direction of the lisaviolet designs phone,  "I'm gonna answer it and while the computer connects me to a live person, I'm gonna put the phone up to the computer speaker and start that video".

He laughed.

But wait! I'm not done yet!
Watch the video

      Tuesday, July 29, 2014

09:24 AM - 07/29/2014

The topic: It pays to do the right thing


We don't use landlines for our home and business phones. We use Magic Jacks. lisaviolet designs uses a Magic Jack connected to the computer, the other two are Magic Jack Plus, that run from the router and a electric connection. The adapters for the MJ+s, because they get so warm/hot, die on a fairly regular basis. MJ (the company) does not sell these adapters. You get one replacement and that's it. 

I found that the adapter for my Kindle works. I found these on eBay a few years ago and bought five. We've used those. Last month, I bought some adapters on eBay that said they work with iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and various other products, one of which is the MJ+. They were about a dollar each and came in quantities of ten. Free shipping. I bit.

Horrible. They do NOT work with the MJ+, there is a horrendous buzzing noise on the phone. I contacted the seller, he said to mail them back. I was going to until I realized I'd be out the shipping and the cost of a mailer. Why bother, right?

So, I bought adapters from a different seller. Same problem. She refunded my entire payment and said to just keep the adapters. Nice.

Then I bought official Kindle adapters from a seller from Pennsylvania. They were over twice the cost of the adapters that didn't work, but we need these. No phone, no business.

Then last week I scored that iPad mini in that Fukubukuro box. I can use those other adapters now. I contacted the seller who had refunded my money and told her that I would be sending her payment. And I did.

She was confused and I explained the situation to her and told her that since I could use them now, it was only right that I pay for them. 

She's sending me a case for my iPad. No charge. Because I was so honest.

I told you she was nice.

      Monday, July 28, 2014

04:52 PM - 07/28/2014

The topic: Today was a good day


Because the doctor renewed our Xanax prescriptions. He only prescribes twenty pills at a time and we were able to stretch them out to over a year. They're only  .5mg.  I always quartered mine because I didn't want to feel as if I was in a different dimension, I just wanted to not feel like I wanted to punch someone in the nose for talking or breathing. (Yeah, I have those days.)  There hasn't even been a handful of days where .125 wasn't enough and most of those were on trips to Disneyland when we started early in the day and stayed late (you know, when we had hotel reservations). 

This morning I woke up in a bad mood. I hate this stinking weather, I don't really mind it when it's hot, but I hate hate hate it when it's muggy and we've had nothing but muggy for a couple of weeks (it came with the sprinkles we got). When I got out of bed, it was muggy and my day went right into the crapper. I took my last quarter pill before we left for our walk.  I made up my mind I'd call the doc today and make appointments for us. Because my doctor will not refill a prescription for something like this without seeing us.  I know. I've tried it twice. I think I called back in May when my supply was getting low.  Now it's gone. 

Yeah, I said "for us".  Brian thinks it will be swell if we go together.  rotfl The first time they had two appointments together first thing in the day is at the end of next month. No problem. We'll not eat the night before, get to the clinic early and have blood taken, then take our turns. I'm going first! I take dibs!

I called the pharmacy a little bit ago, Brian's prescription is in, but not mine, so I called the clinic and said we'd like to not to have to make two trips. They'll be calling it in by the end of today. 

Xanax. Better living through chemistry.  


      Sunday, July 27, 2014

10:57 AM - 07/27/2014

The topic: Bags of Crap


I may have mentioned those here a time or two.  Won from a website by the name of Woot.com, a bag of crap was just that. But sometimes it wasn't. 

When I got my first BOC, it was chock full of Sansa players, the old ones. And other stuff, but the MP3 players were the best. I gave some away and others I still have and use. Then Woot sold out to Amazon and the BOCs became crappier and crappier. And not as much fun to get. I still tried, though. The last Woot! BOC I got had some really fun stuff in it, I think it was because I was the first sucker to get one. And it had one of my all time favorite things in it, an electronic fly swatter. This thing was great and it really packed a punch (not that you want to find out, just take my word for it....). Unfortunately, I dropped it when trying to put a string through the handle so I could hang it and I broke it. I got another one on Amazon, but it's bigger and I can't put a string through the handle and it pops even when there's no fly on it.

Well, earlier this summer I was reading through a thread on Woot's Facebook page about the BOCs just given out and someone said that the original owner of Woot was starting up another website with a similar feel to the original Woot, before Amazon took over. (Remembering back, the first deal after the official takeover was a Kindle with keypad for a very good price $149.00; it has whispernet technology so you can connect to the internet without Wi-Fi or cellular. I still have mine and it still works great.) And it was mentioned that there was a Kickstarter campaign and for ten bucks you could get a fukubukuro. A mystery box. Like a BOC. The name of the new site is meh.com.

I bit. I sent my ten bucks. Then I signed Brian up and sent his ten bucks. And the boxes got here the same day. Last Tuesday. The 22nd.

Both boxes had the Meh.com cartoon, the make your own paperbag puppet kit (bags, two crayons each and cut out faces for the bags), five pairs of reading glasses and a little stretchy camera bag.

Mine (well, let's be honest here, they were BOTH mine, but the one addressed to Dianne) had a Mystixx vampire doll and a Hannah Montana outfit to put on her (complete with blonde wig). And some die cut jungle critters that will work fine as craft embellishments.

The one addressed to Brian was a little different. That box had a waterproof case for a iPad tablet. A googly eye. Docking speakers for an iPad mini. And this little baby! There was no power cable, but the docking speakers would take care of that, for sure.  I (I mean Brian) hit the jackpot!

I turned on the iPad and there was nothing on it, besides what it came with. I had a problem registering it, because it was a "used" product, but I think someone got it and only registered it, going no further than that, they just commandeered the power cord. I contacted meh support and was given instructions on how to contact Apple and get it registered in my name. It was originally purchased back in May, so there are still over two hundred days of warranty available.

Of  course I needed a power cord, so I bought one on Amazon. And I got a case for it, too. I spent about twenty dollars there. And I did buy navigation software from the iTunes store. It was on sale, 40% off so I got it. Everything is installed, cable and case are here and I'm a happy camper.

I really like taking photos and having them sent to my facebook page and unlike my dumb phone, I can add text to these. I contacted my cell provider and I can add this to our account for ten bucks a month and use the existing data plan. I'm not going to do that unless business really takes off, but since there's no need for a contract on the addition, if we're going any place for any length of time, I can add it then and remove it when I no longer need internet access via cellular.

It was a pretty good week. New toys and saving money (moving catcam). That's always nice.

10:36 AM - 07/27/2014

The topic: Advance screening: Let’s Be Cops


This movie was a very, very fun movie. Just light entertainment. It kept my interest and it made me laugh. A lot. Brian was kind of disappointed that it wasn't funny all the way through. And for the same reason he was disappointed, I was pleasantly surprised. Two guys move to Los Angeles from Ohio, trying to find their way. Growing up didn't seem all that important. Justin (Damon Wayans, Jr) was on track as a game developer, but Ryan (Jake Johnson) was having a really hard time with the whole concept of growing up. 

There was a story, it wasn't just two guys dressed as cops getting into crazy situations. It wasn't a deep story, but it was an entertaining story, which is how I like my movies to be. Call me shallow, that's okay. I'm not really into finding deep meaning in books or movies. Too much work, I have enough of that in real life, I don't need to go searching it out, if you know what I mean. 

Anyway, if you like fun, you should like this movie. There are a lot of expletives and because there are so many of them, you just become immune (or if you're like me, you don't really care). 

Lighthearted summer fare at its best.


09:52 AM - 07/27/2014

The topic: Catcam.us has been moved


And that saves about fifty dollars a year. But I don't pay by the year, to get that great rate ($3.95 a month) I had to pay for three years at a time, so it was about a hundred and fifty dollars. Now, I don't pay anything since it's on an enterprise plan (that they no longer have, it's pretty cool that I got in on that when I did, back when I had to do something for Brian's new company). I can have twenty addon domains, I had two, his old company and his brother's windmill company, but his brother never pursued the windmill work and the old company is kaput. It started out as Ranchita.com, but Brian liked Mountain View Ranch better and they were able to change the name of the domain on that server and keep everything.

At one time there were four working domains there, then I dumped Mark's and just added two of mine, one that I hadn't done anything with since I got it (2004) and then the cam pages. Now there are five. The disk space is limited to twenty gig, but that's more than enough. Catcam.us doesn't use much space which is why I decided to move it. 

Last year I moved some domains to the  website lisaviolet designs. I got that from a California company years and years ago and I'd been paying about thirteen dollars a month. Well, last year they moved me to an upgraded server and coming to find out, for the price I was paying I was able to do the put domains on it for free. So, I added a couple that I used to have websites for, but just let them lapse.  And I may or may not do anything with them, one of them is the Pinwheel Moment domain. That's the one I plan on putting up the Disney movies I made after our meets. I can't put those on YouTube because they'd slap me big time for digital rights and remove the movies. But these will be for just the people who were there and they've already seen the movies anyway. I just thought it would be fun to have them online, so if someone's having a bad day at work, or feeling nostalgic, they'll be right there.

Anyway, moving catcam was pretty painless until I found my counters weren't working. I spent some back and forth with tech support and finally just found replacement software. It works, but it's not ideal.

But the catcams are running and headed up to the world wide web and I saved some money so that's a good thing.

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