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      Wednesday, August 21, 2019

05:36 PM - 08/21/2019

The topic: I was going to update on Ronnie


But things just didn't work out. I got a crappy night's sleep last night, it's hot, I'm tired and worried about the appointment we had for Sammy at 4:15 this afternoon. About his eye (remember this entry?).

Well, we thought the eye was getting better, the drainage of the puss had lessened over the months and the eye was starting to open. But in the past week and a half, it started to bleed. Nasty looking and scary AF.

So, into the vet's we went. And even though he's eighteen, the vet feels that he's healthy enough for surgery to remove the eye. This will make him feel better, but there's no guarantee it won't happen to the other eye, because it's most likely viral (herpes).

So, that's how this day went.

I took this picture at the vet's office.

The vet was actually booked up until September, but they worked him in so that he will have surgery next Tuesday. Anesthesia is the scariest part.

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      Tuesday, August 06, 2019

07:15 AM - 08/06/2019

The topic: Cross your fingers!


Ronnie got his first dose of Mometamax this morning. (I linked it so you can see what how this medicine helps.)

I've been sleeping on the sofa since he's gotten so bad, since I'm up and down during the night and didn't want to disturb Brian or the bed cats. You know, Sammy and Mario. Two other cats on medication. smirk

He's taking the Clavamox okay. I wrap it in deli meat. The only problem is when he picks it up, sometimes the meat slice unrolls and there goes the pill. I take an extra piece of meat, just in case, so I have that covered. But his ears really bother him.

Last night I looked up Benadryl dosage for a cat. I asked an online friend who is incredibly knowledgeable about this stuff and she gave me a dosage that should work, but said that I really should do what I can to get the ear meds in him. She gave me some tips on what I could try. I said I'd do that this morning.

And I did. I'd come up with a plan to carry him into the bathroom. Yes, I know I tried this last week, but I wasn't really prepared, it was a spur of the moment thing. But this morning, I was prepared. Which means I already had the medicine in my bathroom so I had both hands and arms free to carry him into said bathroom.

During the night, I get up to check on him. I found him on one of the chairs on the patio (after walking through the yard, with a flashlight, barefoot, underwear and teeshirt on).  I opened a can of Fancy Feast and fluffed it up with a fork, took it to him on the chair. He ate the whole thing. (When he was having problems getting what was in the can, I scooped the food out and put it on the chair). That was around eleven last night. Then again, at 3:15, I gave him another can. He ate that.

So, this morning, his tummy is pretty full. He's moving faster as well. He was sitting under one of the tractor implements in the yard and I was able to pick him up, hold him close, give him head kisses, making sure I missed his ears, and slowly walked into the house, into my bathroom. I shut the door behind me and let him down.

Yanno, if he could have done the Elastigirl thing, he would have gone out under the door. He was laying on his side, nose to the the space at the bottom, paws out, trying to make room to crawl under. I filled the syringes with the proper dosage and got down on my knees. I pulled him towards me, sliding him between my legs, then I lowered myself so he couldn't back out.

He was flat on the floor and I got the meds in his right ear, rubbed the ear base, then did the left ear. I think the left ear went in deeper into the canal than the right, you just know. I rubbed both bases and then got to my feet and opened the door. He was more than happy to leave the room.

I found him five minutes later in the garage, eating breakfast. He hasn't done that in weeks.

So, the first dose is done, thirteen more to go. It wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be. And he didn't seem to be bothered once it was over. When you experience the problems we had with Rocky, it's understandable to be hesitant to start it again. But maybe, just maybe, we'll have a chance with Ronnie.


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      Monday, August 05, 2019

10:09 AM - 08/05/2019

The topic: Why is it the hard to medicate cats are the ones who get sick?


Ronnie's having problems. Some sort of ear thing, I'm sure. He does have a cancer on one of his ears (he's a mostly white kitty), but it doesn't seem to be getting any worse.

But this is a thing with the inner ear. We have had an ongoing problem with bacteria in cats' ears, I have medication on hand. But Ronnie has NEVER liked his head touched. He freaks out when I apply flea stuff on the back of his neck. I can't touch his face. Oh, sure, he'll rub my hands, but God forbid I have a finger in that general direction. I'd love to pick him up and put him in a carrier and haul him off to the vet, but that's not going to happen. If I could even get him into a carrier, he'd have to be sedated (gassed) in the carrier before the vet could even look at him. He would go wild.

So, his ears are a mess, his eyes have gotten really weepy and red (allergies?). And I can't do a damned thing about it.

I did some research on oral meds for ear bacteria and the vet prescribed (without seeing Ronnie) Clavamox, with the warning it most likely won't help. But I need to do something, he's miserable. I tried carrying him into the bathroom last week, I'd planned on covering him with a towel and kneeling with him between my legs, but he squirmed out of my arms and into the door sill. Scary. He was okay, but he did a nice job of scratching both of my arms when he was trying to get loose.

Fortunately, he's not so bad that he turns his nose up at treats. He can eat a watered down jar of baby food at one sitting. And he likes the sliced deli meat. That's a good thing because I can wrap the pill up in a small slice and he'll eat it right down. First I have to get him where he knows I have something yummy. Following him around the yard with med in had. Ronnie. Ronnie. Ronnie. Ronnie. Stop, Ronnie. You'll like this, Ronnie, it's yummy.

I cooked him a chicken breast yesterday. This has his approval. Once he realizes that it's not going to kill him, he'll eat with gusto.

So, today is day number three of the Clavamox. I hope to see some improvement soon.

I just wish I could get those drops in his ears.


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      Thursday, July 25, 2019

07:21 AM - 07/25/2019

The topic: We said goodbye to Ross


He'd had that checkup back in June, on the 24th. The blood values weren't good, the vet was leaning towards cancer.

The next week, his tummy started to balloon. Like Jackie. Like Mystie. Like Monica. And it kept getting bigger. Since we had a good idea how this was going to go (quickly), I watched him carefully over the next couple of weeks.

He could no longer jump up onto one of his favorite condos in the garage. He was able to pull himself up using the crocheted blanket that's over the vinyl storage bin. And I told Brian "when he can no longer do that, it's time".

His final few weeks were full of treats and cuddles and lots of love. He spent the afternoons stretched out on the ground outside of the garage.

When we took him in, even though he wasn't eating much, he'd put on over a pound.

His passing was peaceful.

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      Tuesday, July 09, 2019

07:14 AM - 07/09/2019

The topic: So, yesterday was the four month anniversary of my surgery


The doctor had told us that my energy level would most likely pick up after three months and boy, howdy, has it.

In this past month I've cooked up a bunch of meals for the hot weather (which hasn't hit yet), did an awesome job of cleaning the kitchen counters (which are in need of another cleaning), set up Google Assistant speakers throughout the house (four in the family room, one in each corner, I had to stand on a step stool to do this and Brian had to pull the entertainment center from the wall so I could pull the plug through the back to an outlet). I finally found a use for some little cell phone stands I'd gotten on Meh a while back.

Two weeks ago, Brian reminded me that there was a recycling thing going on at the local supermarket, so I went into the garage and started pulling out old floor cleaners. Carpet cleaners from thirty years ago! Back when we had carpet. Floormate cleaners that I kept meaning to take in for warranty work, just never got around to it. Little Green clean machines - one that I rarely used because it was hard to get to, so I bought another one. (Back when money wasn't so tight and I had more dollars than sense - those days are long gone.)  The back of the pickup was full. Brian drove down to the recycling program and was told "we don't take that for free, that's five bucks for each item".  So, the stuff is still in the back of the truck and he'll take it to a permanent recycling center, just to get rid of it.

And once that got started, that organizing that one corner of the garage, well, it kind of led to cleaning the rest as much as I could. The shelves still need to be done, but I can do a little at a time. Lots more to get rid of. Old skis (from before I was married), old Bell helmet (from the time when Brian hoped I'd come to love the dirt, loudness, three wheeling terror and work of desert trips), old Christmas lights, old aquarium equipment (there's still a huge container of fish flakes)....you know, just more stuff to get rid of. 14110407

So, garage done for the time being, my mind went to the painting of the aluminum blanks. I've had a really hard time getting it right. Trying to do it before it was so warm outside, thinking the cooler temperatures and no breeze in the early morning would be a plus. Yesterday I figured what the hell and started working on painting when it was sunny and breezy. Guess what? The warmer the paint was, the better it mixed and the smoother it went on.

Yeah, there are some lumpy parts, but I figured they could go on the inside of the blank. After the blanks are etched and bent, the small areas won't even be noticeable. So, I'm stoked about that. I can finally start making some fun (and rude) things with my Curio.

This past weekend, Brian did work on the patio. Pulled out an old dead bush, got rid of old bark ground cover in areas which the cats had been using for a litter box. Years and years of dried poop, gone. He put down new bark and hosed off the cat tree (it's an old one, actually made with wood, not cardboard!) and did a really good job cleaning the grill. Yesterday, between coats of paint, I finished cleaning the patio. I pulled out the cat bed and hosed both sides of that, an old plastic tv shaped cat house, hosed that out, hosed the patio itself. Then I noticed when walking barefoot into the house, the mats in front of the doors had lots of little pieces of stuff that stuck to my feet and I carried into the house. So, I hosed those as well. They were very dirty. The little pieces of stuff were from the asphalt roof tiles that flaked off during the years. So, the patio is nice and clean.

Even nicer with the additional energy, I've been keeping on top of paperwork. It's some sort of miracle, I tell ya. I did the bank reconciliation yesterday and it took less than ten minutes. Nice. Customers are getting their invoices and tracking numbers before UPS has even picked up the shipments (I'm suppose to invoice when shipped). Before, I just put it off until tomorrow. Until a month or so later and I had a pile to do.

So, today, I'm going to not do stuff so physical. I think I might work with the Curio, if the paint is dry enough. It says "24 hours", so maybe not today. But I can design something.

The amazing thing about this is I'm actually DOING things, not shopping on Amazon, thinking "oh, I want this, I want that"...I'm using what I've got. The spending thing just kind of slid into my life and now, I want it to slide its nasty ass out. I'd rather be doing, creating, cleaning, than adding things to a wishlist.

And it feels damned good.

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