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      Tuesday, July 09, 2019

07:14 AM - 07/09/2019

The topic: So, yesterday was the four month anniversary of my surgery


The doctor had told us that my energy level would most likely pick up after three months and boy, howdy, has it.

In this past month I've cooked up a bunch of meals for the hot weather (which hasn't hit yet), did an awesome job of cleaning the kitchen counters (which are in need of another cleaning), set up Google Assistant speakers throughout the house (four in the family room, one in each corner, I had to stand on a step stool to do this and Brian had to pull the entertainment center from the wall so I could pull the plug through the back to an outlet). I finally found a use for some little cell phone stands I'd gotten on Meh a while back.

Two weeks ago, Brian reminded me that there was a recycling thing going on at the local supermarket, so I went into the garage and started pulling out old floor cleaners. Carpet cleaners from thirty years ago! Back when we had carpet. Floormate cleaners that I kept meaning to take in for warranty work, just never got around to it. Little Green clean machines - one that I rarely used because it was hard to get to, so I bought another one. (Back when money wasn't so tight and I had more dollars than sense - those days are long gone.)  The back of the pickup was full. Brian drove down to the recycling program and was told "we don't take that for free, that's five bucks for each item".  So, the stuff is still in the back of the truck and he'll take it to a permanent recycling center, just to get rid of it.

And once that got started, that organizing that one corner of the garage, well, it kind of led to cleaning the rest as much as I could. The shelves still need to be done, but I can do a little at a time. Lots more to get rid of. Old skis (from before I was married), old Bell helmet (from the time when Brian hoped I'd come to love the dirt, loudness, three wheeling terror and work of desert trips), old Christmas lights, old aquarium equipment (there's still a huge container of fish flakes)....you know, just more stuff to get rid of. 14110407

So, garage done for the time being, my mind went to the painting of the aluminum blanks. I've had a really hard time getting it right. Trying to do it before it was so warm outside, thinking the cooler temperatures and no breeze in the early morning would be a plus. Yesterday I figured what the hell and started working on painting when it was sunny and breezy. Guess what? The warmer the paint was, the better it mixed and the smoother it went on.

Yeah, there are some lumpy parts, but I figured they could go on the inside of the blank. After the blanks are etched and bent, the small areas won't even be noticeable. So, I'm stoked about that. I can finally start making some fun (and rude) things with my Curio.

This past weekend, Brian did work on the patio. Pulled out an old dead bush, got rid of old bark ground cover in areas which the cats had been using for a litter box. Years and years of dried poop, gone. He put down new bark and hosed off the cat tree (it's an old one, actually made with wood, not cardboard!) and did a really good job cleaning the grill. Yesterday, between coats of paint, I finished cleaning the patio. I pulled out the cat bed and hosed both sides of that, an old plastic tv shaped cat house, hosed that out, hosed the patio itself. Then I noticed when walking barefoot into the house, the mats in front of the doors had lots of little pieces of stuff that stuck to my feet and I carried into the house. So, I hosed those as well. They were very dirty. The little pieces of stuff were from the asphalt roof tiles that flaked off during the years. So, the patio is nice and clean.

Even nicer with the additional energy, I've been keeping on top of paperwork. It's some sort of miracle, I tell ya. I did the bank reconciliation yesterday and it took less than ten minutes. Nice. Customers are getting their invoices and tracking numbers before UPS has even picked up the shipments (I'm suppose to invoice when shipped). Before, I just put it off until tomorrow. Until a month or so later and I had a pile to do.

So, today, I'm going to not do stuff so physical. I think I might work with the Curio, if the paint is dry enough. It says "24 hours", so maybe not today. But I can design something.

The amazing thing about this is I'm actually DOING things, not shopping on Amazon, thinking "oh, I want this, I want that"...I'm using what I've got. The spending thing just kind of slid into my life and now, I want it to slide its nasty ass out. I'd rather be doing, creating, cleaning, than adding things to a wishlist.

And it feels damned good.

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      Monday, July 08, 2019

11:01 AM - 07/08/2019

The topic: It’s possible we’ll be saying goodbye to Ross this week


It's been two weeks since we took him in and his blood values showed a higher than normal wbc and some anemia. The vet told us then that there was the possibility of cancer and sent us home with some meds to give him and see if that helped.

He fought the meds, especially the stuff for his teeth and he got a shot of Covenia (in place of the clindamycin that Ross just drooled out what little I could get into his mouth),  which is a nasty, last resort drug, that doesn't do much for teeth problems, but it was better than nothing.

Then, last week, I noticed his belly getting bigger. I hoped against hope it was just because he was eating, but it didn't get smaller with time of day. And I realized he's having a harder time jumping, not getting on things he was getting on a month ago.

And flashback to Jackie. And Mystie. And Monica. All of them had the same symptoms. All had masses in their abdomens. There was nothing that could be done that would have helped. And I'm pretty sure we're dealing with something similar with Ross. I spoke with the vet's office about bringing him in when he could no longer walk and they said that wouldn't be a problem.

I hope we have more time with him, but from my experience, I know it isn't going to be long.

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      Saturday, June 29, 2019

11:37 AM - 06/29/2019

The topic: Another one of those days


Brian made breakfast, I washed the pans while he cleaned off the table, I threw in a load of laundry (light fleece blankets), got the cats medicated and since then, nothing.

I kind of wanted to try painting the aluminum blanks again (Brian got the test paint jobs stripped from them), but I just didn't feel like it. I wish I'd made myself do it because I really want to do some more etching with the Curio. But it's hot outside. Yeah, that's my excuse, I'll go with that.

Last night we both fell asleep on the sofa pretty early and at 8:30 went to bed. At around 9:10, sleep eluding me, I got up. Brian was awake as well and he followed me out of the bedroom. I told him I was going to watch some tv, a movie. Chinatown. He went into the kitchen to set the dishwasher to run since we only had on fork left and I asked if he wanted to watch with me. Sure, why not.

I tossed him a blanket and I put a blanket over my legs. Pancho curled up next to me and Ross (who isn't showing much progress) curled up next to him. And we watched the movie. Brian had never seen it and it grabbed his attention pretty quickly. Last week we watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind and he wasn't all that impressed.

I was hoping staying up later would help us both sleep better. Movie over, we went to bed at 11:30 and this morning, he said he had had a better night's sleep than he had been having. I slept through for four hours, so that was good. Damned bladder.

Now, the house sort of closed up to keep the cooler air in and the hot breezes out, I'm about ready to go lay on the sofa with my feet up and watch some more old movies.

I wish I felt like doing something more constructive.

      Tuesday, June 25, 2019

10:20 AM - 06/25/2019

The topic: To the vet yesterday afternoon


A week ago today, I didn't like the way Sammy's eye was looking. Puffier than it had been. So, I called the vet and the earliest appointment they had was yesterday afternoon at 4:45. Or, I could do a drop off. Since Potter, we don't like drop offs. He spent his last day in a cage with all these other animals and strange people, only to be diagnosed with kidney failure. Like I said, we won't do that again. His last twenty-four hours were terrifying for him.

Well, I started Sammy back on his meds, both the antibiotic and the herpes med. I faithfully cleaned the gunk from his eyelid every couple of hours, using a warm, damp washcloth.

And it worked. Last Friday, a scab opened and I was able to gently squeeze it and got a lot of pus out. I did this several times over the weekend and by Monday, it was much better. The meds and the draining helped him a lot. I called the vet's office to see if we could switch out Sammy for one of the other cats and also bring Lorelei in for a thyroid recheck, as well as having her kidney values done. We'll not forget what happened with Sagwa, how the thyroid problems masked kidney problems that just got worse over time. If we'd have known sooner, we could have treated and saved him.

The other kitty we brought in was Ross. His first visit since his neuter, back in 2004. He's been losing weight and I was pretty sure his teeth were in bad shape.

Lorelei's values were awesome, she's doing nicely. No kidney problems and her thyroid values are perfect.

But poor little Ross. His teeth are a mess, but the vet didn't want to advise surgery just yet. He's on a course of clindamycin. Which is really nasty. He was also anemic and the vet wasn't sure why, the other blood values didn't show problems like kidneys (those values were good). He had a higher than normal white blood cell count, but the teeth problem could be the cause of that. But the anemia.....

So, he's on short course of prednisolone to see if that helps. If it doesn't (recheck in two weeks), the vet will look deeper for the cause, cancer could be the answer. He also has some pretty bad ear infections and he's getting medicated for those as well.

And he was really dehydrated, so he got fluids while at the vet's. I had to do all the other stuff, now I'm a bad guy.

I discussed some of the Sammy stuff with the vet, told her I'd restarted him on the herpes med. I recounted how after the two weeks was up and I quit giving them, he started sneezing again and the bloody nose came back. She said it's most likely he'll have to stay on them. Just to make his life better. He's eighteen now and quality of life is what matters.

And that was our yesterday. Hoping for good news in two weeks.


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      Sunday, June 23, 2019

09:24 AM - 06/23/2019

The topic: Doing housework stuff


My leg is still sore, we've come a long way, but still have a way to go. Time should take care of it.

I did four loads of laundry yesterday, I'm on my second today. This load takes about three times as long as a normal load because I'm washing my cleaning towels and they get really nasty. I got a new laundry basket on Amazon last week, it flattens so it doesn't take up much room and that will make carrying the clean stuff to the bedroom much easier. In other words "hey, Brian, this is too heavy for me, could you take it into the bedroom for me?" But as my strength comes back, I'm sure that won't be an issue.

Still working on freezing meals for the hot weather that's sure to come. Last week I made a meatloaf (OMG, it tastes so good, I took a small piece from the edge when I split it up). There was enough for three meals. With the lasagna, spaghetti and enchiladas, that makes eleven meals.

Today, I'm making this recipe. The "enchilada" in the name of the recipe kind of threw me since the recipe doesn't call for enchilada sauce at all. No biggie, I'll add some to the soup mixture. I should be able to get four meals out of this like I did the lasagna.

Still keeping on top of paperwork, which is good. I have to remind myself that it's better in the long run to do it right now (like generating invoices at the time we ship or setting up new accounts as the payments are received; trying so hard to break the bad habit of "oh, I'll do it tomorrow" and then it just piles up).

All the cats that need meds stay in the bedroom now. I don't know why this is. Sammy (herpes) and Mario (blind, blood pressure) have stayed in there for months (Mario since he went blind), but this past few weeks, Lorelei (thyroid) has also been staying in there. It sure makes it easier for me to give them the meds they need when I'm not chasing them down.

Nooby is getting more used to us. He's no longer fed at the doghouse on the bank, he has to come in and eat like the other cats do. We started this after I watched him go into the office one evening and eat from the night meal for the cats. He also eats dry food in there, so, it was time. This morning I went outside to check on Pancho and Nooby walked from the pool pump and just sat there and looked at me, not even ten feet away. I was bent over petting Pancho and Ronnie at the time and when I stood up, Nooby just looked at me, then walked off behind the shop.

He was in the house early, early this morning, talking his head off. I finally said "hush" and he got quiet. But he's becoming more and more acclimated. I hope it's not too long until he's wanting to be petted. Then we'll get him fixed. Nice humans.

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