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      Tuesday, March 19, 2019

06:50 AM - 03/19/2019

The topic: So, here’s what’s been going on


I'm alive and kicking. The new hip is settling in nicely. I'm at the point now where I'm taking short walks up the street with the help of a walker. Well, the rollater that we borrowed from Brian's brother since the road is asphalt and works better with four wheels than the regular walker.

My regular walker has a bicycle bell and a basket. That basket has come in mighty handy for moving stuff around the house.

The roughest part for me is the inactivity. I'm so used to going and grabbing this, then sitting down. Oh, I forgot that, and getting up to get that. Or having to pee every ten minutes (that's an exaggeration, but it sure feels like that at times) and standing up to head to the bathroom, without the walker. Yeah, not a good idea. And I can't cross my legs. Even at the ankles.

The bandage came off last Friday, a week after surgery. Saturday, I took my first shower since the morning of the surgery. It was nice. I had to take it in Brian's shower, since it's easier to get in and out of that shower and the chair I had to sit in fit. We got a storage post for the corner and all of my bath stuff is there. The shower was nice. I'd gotten a little lounging dress on Amazon and since Brian had done all of the laundry, it was clean and fresh. I had been wearing a little duster thingy one of my friends sent to me, but it was getting pretty ripe after a week of wearing it non-stop. Even in bed.  lol

Another thing is I'm not supposed to sit with my feet on the floor for longer than fifteen minutes at a time. Because of the possibility of leg swelling, so I have to be careful there. I admit I've pushed that envelope a couple of times, with no bad results.

Yes, there's pain, but the pills help. So far the oxycodone isn't making me loopy like what happened with the sciatica. And I finally found a combination to help me sleep. I let air out of my side of the bed, then take an oxy with the other before bed meds and I'm sleeping like four hours at a shot. That's nice. Sleep is always good. The first week home, I spent a lot of time sleeping, but not so much anymore.

I'm worried about Mario. He's really having a hard time. Brian took him to the vet last week and she sent him home with gabapentin for his back and doxycycline for his congestion. I didn't like how he reacted to the gabapentin, so I quit giving him so much. And every couple of hours, I bring him some watered down A/D. Not real watered down, just a little to make lapping easier. The first time I brought it to him, he pulled his head away. But the next day he ate a little. The next time a little more and now he's eating at least a can a day. And he's standing better. (Remember, he was diagnosed with stenosis a few years back and time is taking its toll on him.)  This morning, he actually sat up waiting for me to bring him food (he hangs out on the bed). (Did I mention the basket on my walker is a lifesaver?) I hope we can bring him through this. I know it might take time, but time is something I have plenty of right now.

Brian has really stepped up to the plate with my surgery. He keeps track of my pills (I made an Excel spread sheet), feeds me, brings me water, just absolutely amazing how much he's doing, with no complaints at all. He never makes me feel like this is a chore he'd rather not be doing. I haven't been able to take a Zip Fizz for three weeks because it has vitamin E in it, something about blood clotting, so this vitamin is something I had to avoid for ten days before surgery and ten days after. This morning was day twenty-two and I was ready for my Zip Fizz. When I was feeding Mario in the bedroom, Brian filled my water bottle, added the Zip Fizz, shook it up and brought it to me.

What a guy!

Oh, Nooby is still around! He's a little more visible during the day and in the evening, when Brian feeds the cats, Noobs waits patiently for his meal. We can see him laying by the feeding station. He moves when Brian shows up, but it doesn't take long for him to make his way to the bowl with the warm wet food once Brian walks away. I watched on the roof cam yesterday and watched Spotty walk up there and sit next to Nooby while he was eating. I'd love to be outside watching, but the walkers aren't conducive to yard travel.

So, that's about it for now. Just wanted to give a quick update.

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      Wednesday, March 06, 2019

02:00 PM - 03/06/2019

The topic: Things are plugging along


It might get even slower here on the blog. My surgery is Friday, which is one of the reasons I haven't been adding entries, getting as much out of the way as possible.

Lots of phone calls, forms, things like that.

Cats seem to be doing fine, Pancho has a cold, Nooby is still here, he always has access to dry food and Brian takes warmed up soft food at night. He still stays out of sight.

So, we just got the sheets on the bed changed (one of the things in my booklet) and put the clean bedspread and comforter back on the bed.

I'm trying to get used to the walker so I won't be lost when I get home. I wanted to decorate it, but just don't have the energy right now.

Brian got a cheap lawn chair at Walmart to use as a shower chair in his shower. We ordered a corner thingy for me to put my shampoo and stuff in his shower, since the tub won't be an option. He's supposed to pick that up this afternoon.

All that's left is I need to vacuum and take three showers. My skin is gonna be so dried out.

Anyway, with any luck, next time I post here, I'll have a new, working, hip.


      Sunday, February 24, 2019

06:22 AM - 02/24/2019

The topic: The day after we said goodbye to Rocky


There was a new kitty in the yard.

I've seen him around out front a few times and he always ran. I suspect he liked to hang out under the bird feeder. We do find feathers on occasion.

I don't believe he has a home. He's not fixed, at least that's what the shape of his face indicates (huge jowls). He's not a very big cat, a tabby with white paws.

We've been leaving food out for him and it's getting eaten. We don't know where he hides, but it's a good hiding place. My money is on the overgrown weeds by the pool. But there are the cathouses and a doghouse on the bank, with big pillows.

The rain the past week was a concern, but there are plenty of places to stay dry.

Along with this, a possum has decided he/she likes the garage. It comes in through the cat door and spends the day sleeping in one of the condos by a vent to outside, It knows we know it's there, but we don't bother it, the cats aren't bothered by it, so it's okay with us. As long as it stays in the garage.

So, the food that's being put out is getting eaten. But who's eating it? Kitty or possum? For a few days, we hadn't seen the kitty, so kind of figured maybe it got out the same way it got in. Okay. But, just in case, the food bowl is getting filled.

But we really wanted to tame him down and keep him here, because it's safer here. Soon it will be coyote pupping season and coyotes want to eat and feed their young. A small cat would fit the bill.  Our intentions are to get him fixed and vetted and keep him here. But if he made it out of the yard, that's not going to happen.

In the evenings, we've heard a cat crying outside but have never been able to figure out if it's one of ours. Last night, I ended up sleeping on the sofa because Mario makes sleeping in bed miserable. (He sleeps between me and the edge of the bed, snuggled close to my legs...I can't move my legs and my hip and leg just start screaming.)  I kept hearing a cat cry. I'd get up and look out the window. Where's Lorelei, is it her? Or Charlie? Who is out there crying? Spotty?

After getting up every hour on the hour last night and early today, I finally saw who was crying this morning at five. A kitty on the patio. I turned on the light. It was the visitor. So, he's still here.

I'm thinking his situation is a cat who had a home, then his owners moved or he was just dumped. The crying indicates he's been acclimated to humans at some point. Ferals cry when they're fighting or looking for love. But I think he's been on his own for a while now.

Wish us luck.


      Wednesday, February 20, 2019

05:59 AM - 02/20/2019

The topic: We said goodbye to Rocky


The past few weeks with him have been one step forward, two steps back. Yesterday morning, he made it to the litter box, peed, then came back into the living room. He hissed at the cats along the way, as if he didn't know who they were.

He stumbled. He walked like he was drunk. His eyes weren't focusing. His pupils were slow to respond to light. He wouldn't purr.

I had called the vet earlier to see if we could get him in today, and we had a three o'clock appointment. "If he gets any worse, call us."  I did.

He cried on the way to the vet's office, but ignored my fingers in the carrier. He just "wasn't there", if you know what I mean.

I have believed for a few weeks now that the crypto had finally traveled to his brain. The vet who originally diagnosed him warned us of this. My mind keeps running back to the "if he'd only taken his meds". But he didn't. We stopped pushing them on him, making him fear us, knowing full well the most likely outcome.

We were taken to a room and he was sedated. This is where it got rough. Unlike past cats, who relaxed almost immediately, Rocky did not. He didn't understand, he just knew that this wasn't normal. He kept trying to get up. Brian had been holding him on the table, then I took over. I put my arm under his head and let him rest his face on it. He kept opening his mouth, his tongue coming out, trying to swallow. His paws, front and back, kept moving like he was trying to push himself up. I stood with him, stroking his soft fur, rubbing his head, reminding him of all the good things he'd been to us, the fun times we'd had together. I told him what a beautiful and strong cat he was. And that all this scary stuff would soon be over.

He slowly relaxed and his paws were still. The second time the tech knocked on the door to see if we (Rocky) were ready, I said "yes".  She took him into the back, put the catheter in his leg, and brought him back in and gently laid him back on the table. Then the vet came in and asked if we needed any more time with him. No. She euthanized him. It took him a little longer than the other cats, but his heart finally stopped.

If there is a rainbow bridge, I wonder who he'll visit first. His first owner? His second owner? Will he come to us at the end?

I don't know. I do know that we will miss the hell out of him. Every time I see one of the cats go out at night, I'll think of Rocky. I'll remember him pulling away a forty pound container of litter, in front of a baby gate and somehow pulling the cat door out of the door to go out at night. He was a big cat. A mighty cat.

Goodbye, Rocky.

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      Thursday, February 14, 2019

06:16 AM - 02/14/2019

The topic: So….Rocky…


So, on Monday I wasn't very optimistic. Because he wasn't feeling good, he didn't fight me much when I gave him his fluids (amazingly, there's very little push back on this) and I was able to get the doxy into his mouth, if I was quick about it. I only got bit once and that was more of a scrape.

He would visit the litter box (fluids will do that) and peed, but it never looked like he was pushing out any solids. Until Tuesday afternoon. A very small diameter, very short, very hard stool was found in the litter box after he'd left (I'd found one the day before, I thought it was his, but it wasn't, it was warm because he'd peed on the spot were it was). And he was showing more interest in food. He nibbled on his kibble. He ate some Temptations cat treats.

Alrighty then. Yesterday, he was actually eating. Not just nibbling. Yesterday night, I found a turd outside of the litter box, the one he uses. It was about two inches long and as big as my finger. And it was as hard as a rock. It was his.

And good news, the transdermal meds showed up yesterday, only two days after being ordered. He only gets one dose a day and this will be much easier for the both of us.

When we went to bed last night, I stopped to speak to Rocky and I asked him why didn't he come get in bed? Lay on daddy since it had been so long.

Within ten minutes, Rocky was in bed. On Brian. Brian told me later that it had been at least three weeks since Rocky had come in at night. He left and Brian saw him at the water bowl, so that's good.

And right now, Rocky is on the bed, back on Brian. As was his routine.

So, yay Rocky!


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